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UPA II in Turmoil – Possibility of its Fall.

BJP and it allies have been gaining strength and correspondingly UPA II has been declining now UPA’S long standing ally was openly opposing UPA because Karunanidhi’s daughter Karimazhi continued to be in jail. But with the release on bail of Karimazhi and four others, UPA II has pacified its ally Karunanidhi. But crisis of UPA II remains as BJP and its allies are determined to challenge UPA in Parliament and if possible to bring it down, if there is voting.

BJP and its allies are determined to carry on their agitation and protest both inside and out of Parliament. Thus they have not allowed Parliament to function for lost so many days. UPA is helpless because if there is voting UPA is likely to be defeated and thus may be ousted.

On the other hand Anna Hazare is also determined to bring down UPA as it is not conceding all the demands of Lok Pal bill proposed by Anna since long. Anna, too, is determined to continue his agitation with tens of thousands of followers, till his demands are accepted in to to. UPA is unable to accept all demands of Anna Hazare because that will mean not only decline of UPA II but its end or fall of UPA government. It could lead to ­­­­­­fresh elections in which BJP and its allies with the support of Anna Hazare are likely to come in power even before 2004 elections.

Parliament has not been functioning for more than a week. It is has never happened before in India and nowhere in the world where there are functioning democracies. Coming few days are crucial, particularly the next week. If there is no agreement between opposition led by BJP and UPA in the next week. If there is no agreement between opposition led by BJP and UPA in the next few days, there is likelihood either through voting or even otherwise because of none functioning of Parliament, there are two possibilities, either likely voting out of UPA or even its own decision to quit world is watching the unusual happenings in Indian Parliament. It is already a blanish on world’s quatest democracy which India has been credited for long.

Because of crisis in Parliament, economic growth has come down to 6.9 percent which is lowest in two years while care sector is down as never before to 0.1% which is atleast considered lowest during last 5 years. Opposition questions as to why CBI should be under government and as so for CBI has been and even today functioning as a department of government, it has no value or importance.

Opposition is opposed to FDI and wants it roll back immediately while UPA is adamant that it will not roll back FDI Anna Hazare has also opposed Foreign Direct Investment which will lead to ownership of importance industries into foreign hands. Lokpal has demand that to end corruption at the lowest level all the 57 lakh class IV employees should came under Lokpal. It means that not only middle and upper class bureaucracy but even the lowest level government workers should be under the ambit of Lokpal bill. Infact opposition demands through Lokpal bill that entire bureaucracy without any exception should be under Lokpal bill. To this UPA can never agree. Thus fight between opposition and government will continue.

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