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Death trap – Vidharba India must wakeup

Every year about 600 or more poor farmers commit suicide or die because of starvation. It is strange rather shameful, not only for Maharashtra as well as for Pawar who has been minister since long and belongs to Vidharba and has just ignored so many deaths every year. Even government of India is answerable for so many Deaths every year in Vidharba as neither the state government, nor central government has taken appropriate steps, in time, to prevent repeated suicides and starvation deaths every year. Why? Is Vidharba not part of Maharashtra or even India? The criminal negligence every year can not be forgiven.

India must wake up so that India, which is considered greatest democracy in the world, does not get bad name as the worst democracy in the world because already Parliament of India has not functioned for almost 10 days. This is itself is disgraceful and can not be forgiven by Indian citizens of whom more that thirty percent are below poverty line and are continuously suffering for decades with no real and substantial efforts by the central government or state governments concerned to prevent starvation deaths.

Anna Hazare and his team have again challenged the government, emphasizing that protection given to bureaucrats is going to encourage corruption in India as bureaucrats protect all the employees under them to save their own skin. Team Anna has insisted that even group C employees should come under Lokpal Bill, through Lokpal Bill panel is yet to finalize its report which naturally will include all bureaucrats (babus) as well as all employees even class IV employees under the ambit of Lokpal bill. Team Anna has also invited politicians for thorough debate. If Anna’s demands are not accepted by central government Anna will undertake a fast in near future to get attention of the central government and senior bureaucrats, so that there are no further death traps in Vidharba and other parts of country.

There are deaths because of starvation in other parts of country in Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala and even in Uttar Pradesh, but not to that extent as in Vidharba. It will be proper to have thorough investigation by Supreme Court. But it will be important if investigation is time bound so that its recommendations are implemented forthwith. It seems apt to suggest that Sharad Pawaar should be forced to resign by people of Vidharba and even whole of Maharashtra.

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