H C Singh

Guru Nanak – The True Apostle

If you need a Guru to guide you through
He should be like Nanak Guru
Who used to mind buffaloes in childhood
Worked as honest retailer during his boyhood
Thereafter he walked thousands of miles
With Bala and Mardana on both sides
To preach oneness of God
He walked upto Kashi, Tibet and Mecca
When Babar invaded Hindustan,
Killing and torturing all who did not embrace Islam
Even saints like Baba Nanak were not spared
Guru Nanak too was imprisoned
He complained to the God
The protecter of all
Why the almighty allowed Babar to torture us all
Put children and their mother to sword
Who dishonoured and enslaved thousands of women
Sent many to Gazni for auction
Though Baba despised Babar
For acting as Barbarian
He considered Hindus and Muslims alike
Those who did good deeds were divine

Guru Nanak was worshiped by all as a saint
As he had seen the light divine
He would not say his word of God
Instead Nanak called himself servant of God—-
Nanak Das or Nanak Gharib
Not wearing silk clothes that sparkle

To such a Guru ‘Chan’ bows with humility
Applies on his forehead sacred dust of his feet
So as to try to lead life of piety

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Adieu Mr. Harcharan Singh, Rest in Peace

With profound regret we have to inform the visitors to this blog that Mr. H.C.Singh passed away on 30th December 2011 after a brief illness.

While we will miss his frank and incisive analysis backed by several decades of keen observation of national and international affairs, this blog will continue to grow for a long time. Mr. Singh has left behind a trove of written text in the form of his diaries which he wrote over last seven decades. We will strive to digitize most of his work which is in longhand over several months. While we say goodbye Mr. Harcharan Singh, his presence would continue in the form of this blog. So, welcome Mr. Singh, may we request you to take a fresh guard. God bless us all.

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