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Old Demand for Creation of Three New States-Positions Today

Demand and periodic agitation for creation of three new states viz, Gorkhaland, Talengana and Vidharba has been three or more decades old. While during last decade or so new states of Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Uttaranchal Pradesh have been carved out though there was no upsurge matching the demand for creation of, particularly, Gorkhaland and Telangana.

Demand for separate of Gorkhaland has been the oldest, since the demand for separation of Gujarat from Maharashtra and creation of Punjabi speaking state of Punjab and separate Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Though States Reorganization Commission had erred in clubbing Maharashtra and Gujarat as well as in keeping Haryana and Himachal with Punjab. The mistake of SRC was rectified after prolonged agitation in Punjab and Gujarat-Maharashtra.

There has been right from beginning resistance to conceding state of Gorkhaland though linguistically there is nothing in common between Gorkhas and Bengalis, though Gorkha dominated areas have been part of Bengal during British times. So many agitations and after many meetings, it now seems that there is imminent possibility of compromise and conceding of Gorkha interim authority as proposed by the Central government and West Bengal government. It is reported that on July 24, 2010 Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) agreed to the proposal of Centre. Negotiations on the jurisdiction of proposed Gorkha interim authority will commence on August 17. It is hoped that the proposed tripartite meeting between representatives of Central government, West Bengal government and GJM will be fruitful and useful. It will make Darjeeling once again a great tourist centre for both Indian and Foreign tourists.

Demand for separate Telengana state, too, is very old. Though because of fast unto death by Telangana’s present day leader, K Chandrashekhra Rao, to break his fast and avoid unrest as after the first Telengana leader Sriramalu’s fast unto death and his ultimate death, government virtually agreed to concede to creation of Telengana. But because of Andhra Pradesh capital going to Telengana there were second thoughts. B N Srikrishna committee was appointed to consider the feasibility of separate Telengana state. The committee is to submit its report on 31 December 2010. If this Committee does not recommend separate Telengana state, Rao threatens to launch massive agitation. There are by-polls on July 27 on 12 Assembly seats which became vacant as TRs supporters had resigned. The results of these by-polls will show whether people of Telengana area are for the creation of separate state of Telengana. However if Telengana state is not conceded the issue will remain alive as it has been for last more than 30 years.

Demand for separate state of Vidharba out of Maharashtra is also very old but there has not been much agitation. Because of INC leader and central cabinet minister Chavan, the demand remains latent. But a time may come when Chavan, who founded INC to oppose the Congress, particularly in Maharashtra wants, the demand for vidharba will once again become strong. Will the central government wait for agitation to concede to their decades old demand?

Finally, still it is pertinent that centre should intervene and have tripartite meetings for Telengana and Vidharba also just as for Gorkhaland, so that these 30 years old problems are solved once for all.

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Train Disasters and Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee

Throughout her tenure as Railway Minister in UPA government, Mamata Banerjee, leader of Trinamool Congress of West Bengal has done nothing to streamline Railways functioning and prevent the possibility of accidents. All these years she has been busy with West Bengal policies to become ultimately the Chief Minister. She has many times skipped attending crucial cabinet meetings even when in Delhi.

In the latest train disaster in Sainthia that occurred at 1:50 AM on July 19, 2010 in which 66 unfortunate passengers lost their lives and more than 100 got injured, many seriously. But Railway Minister reached after 7 hours at 9 AM. Had Mamata given instructions to send rescue teams and relief trains promptly many lives could have been saved as many seriously injured could be sent to nearby hospitals for emergency treatment. But Mamata Banerjee simply and spontaneously blamed CPI and CPM for conspiracy. It is apparent that both time and money, as a cabinet minister of government of India she used for her personal benefit. Instead of serving efficiently as a railway minister, Mamata from day one indulged in West Bengal politics, first to win corporation elections, which she won. Thereafter she has been busy in wooing public for forthcoming state assembly elections so as to realize her ambition of becoming CM of West Bengal. Central Government kept quiet because support of Trinamool MP’s was essential for UPA Government to survive. So Mamata had her way.

Now about a number of train disasters, and mishaps during Mamata’s Mamata’s tenure as Railway Minister. There have been two horrible accidents in two months of June and July 2010 besides seven other comparatively minor accidents, a total of nine accidents during the span of one year between 2009 and 2010. Yet there have been two more instances on July 20 when prestigious Rajdhani Express was about to meet twice serious accidents when like Sanitha train tragedy as the coupling connecting the engine to the train broke. Why? Where were the technicians and engineers to check whether coupling was strong enough or well connected? Though the coupling was attached to the train in 3 hours by the engineers, the Rajdhani train had hardly covered 25 Km that the coupling again gave way and the engine decoupled again. Ultimately another engine was brought from Mughalsarai, Rajdhani to resume journey. Passengers were lucky that there was no train coming from one side or the other to hit their Rajdhani. But what can be said about Railways efficiency or carelessness?

To recollect, long back when Lal Bahadur shastri was Railway Minister in Pandit Nehru’s Cabinet there occurred a Railway accident. Promptly, Shastri accepted moral responsibility for the mishap and resigned as Railway minister. Mamata should have realized that gravity of first major railway disaster on May 29,2010, when Maoists tempered with railway line killing 148 passengers. But our Railway Minister instead of taking prompt remedial action blamed the West Bengal DGP and Police. Similarly in the Saithia accident she promptly blamed CPI and CPM instead of initiating action to fill important crucial vacancies. It is reported that “there are around 98000 sanctioned posts for railway drivers who operate about 17000 trains daily on the Indian Railway network. There are 26000 vacancies out of then 14000 for assistant loco pilots alone”, said shiva Gopal Mishra general secretary of Northern Railway men’s Union.

In addition there are 85,100 safety related posts lying vacant as per CAG’s report. CAG castigated “railways had failed to show any improvement in signaling and telecommunication systems.” Had steps been taken to improve the vital safety measures, these disasters could be averted. Why lakhs of posts in railways are lying vacant when there is so much unemployment and so urgent a need for filling these parts?

It is reported that many files are piling up on Railway ministers table, some important files lying on her table for months because Mamata Banerjee is not available or attending office. Tenders beyond the value of Rs 100 crore even for the purchase of safety equipment cannot be issued without her approval and signatures. So there has been inordinate and unforgiveable delay in the purchase of safety equipment during Mamata Banerjee’s ministership.

Mamata did nothing to get at least crucial vacancies filled and essential equipment purchased since she became Railway Minister by her own choice. It is still high time that instead of being known as absentee railway minister Mamata gracefully quits or relinquishes railway portfolio, so that there are no further train disasters and loss of hundreds of lives.

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Kashmir Crisis and Solution

It is months that Kashmir Valley is passing through one of the worst prolonged crisis. The present crisis started with the death of one Kashmiri youth on June 11, when during an agitation in which he was ahead, a teargas shell hit his head and he died. Thereafter the disturbed conditions got worsened almost every day because of hard liner Huruyat’s instigation, pelting of stones on police and CRPF personnel started and went on for days. In self defence and to curb violent agitation police and CRPF had to fire which resulted in the killing of 13 persons including a nine year old boy and 25 year old woman. As the situation was getting out of control Chief Minister Omar in consultation with Central Government of India called the Army a fortnight back. Curfew had to be imposed a number of times so that there is no agitation and Army troops won’t be required to use force, leading to killing of anyone. The Army personnel maintained utmost control while marching through streets of Srinagar and other disturbed areas of valley like Avantnag and Baramulla. During the relaxation of curfew, which was essential, so that citizens could come out and purchase essential commodities like rice, wheat, pulses and vegetables etc. During relaxation of curfew there was no disturbance.

However on Sunday the July 18, a class XII student of Gurunanak School Baramulla, north of Srinagar got drowned, because it is said by the locals that Army cops chased him. So that once again situation does not get out of control in Baramulla, hundreds of troops started patrolling streets as a preventive measure in some areas of Srinagar.

Now question arises as to what is the root cause of sporadic crisis in Srinagar and in many parts of the valley though, Jammu area has been peaceful throughout the present crisis though, Jammu area is part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In brief it must be stated that Kashmir problem is as old as India’s Independence and creation of Pakistan. Even before the accession of Kashmir, newly created Muslim state of Pakistan equipped and transported from NWFP area militants to capture Srinagar. When these Pakistani militants captured Baramulla India had to airlift the Army troops to reach Srinagar in time before the intruders from Pakistan capture Srinagar airport. Thus Kashmir crisis for the last 62 years is Pakistan’s creation. Tension and sporadic crisis continue despite Indian Army’s heroic efforts to throw out the Pakistani Army and temporary settlement of LOC (Line of Control) and despite limited wars between Pakistan and India. This is in short the cause of Kashmir crisis, engineered financed for sending Pakistani citizens, now more from Pakistan occupied part of Kashmir.

What is the solution? What is the way of ending Kashmir crisis once for all? Now that when Pakistan is in the words of US President Obama ‘cancer of terrorism.’ Because of upsurge of Taliban militants and terrorists in not only NWFP and Baluchistan but whole of Pakistan by suicide bombing upto Lahore, Pakistan cannot be expected to control the Taliban and other militants from entering Kashmir valley and cause unrest, agitations and instigation.

India has to show it determination as a strong country to prevent crossing of LOC from Pakistan. Station more Army units in areas like Baramulla and Srinagar. Curfew may have to be relaxed often for long, for the citizens of Kashmir, who are Indian citizens so that they can be engaged in useful activities like harvesting fruit particularly apples and transport to India and also the other activities like making wonderful shawls and handicrafts so that they are proud of their hard work and good earnings by their own labour.

At political level in Kashmir, Omar Abdulla should consult frequently and impress the opposition parties, which have to be there in a democracy and elected government. Kashmir has been integral part of India since times memorial, even during Muslim and Mughal rule, British rule and shall ever remain as paradise of India.

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Bharat Bandh And Implications of Bandh Politics

Because of increase in petroleum prices, there has been, perhaps for the first time a Bharat Bandh of such a magnitude, supported by all the 20 opposition parties led by BJP and left parties. Political parties like BJP and the leftist parties like CPI & CPM which have nothing in common and ideologically opposed to each other from inception joined together for the first time in Bharat Bandh. Even S.P of Mayawati has been hostile to both BJP and leftist parties joined the Bandh. UPA II of Sonia Gandhi, its Chairperson and Manmohan Singh its PM provided them the opportunity, as never before, to join a common national agitation ie, Bharat Bandh.

This Bharat Bandh resulted in complete shut down of India that is Bharat. There were no flight, incoming and outgoing, Trains did not start or were stopped by protestors on the way. Buses did not move out though in Mumbai 80 buses were badly damaged. More than 40,000 trucks did not move from anywhere. No taxis, no auto rikshaws, no hand pulled or cycle rikshaws were seen anywhere. Despite heavy rains in parts of India roads were full of protestors with flags of various opposition parties raising slogans against price rise of essential commodities like rice, wheat and Dal besides declared increase in petroleum prices. There were loud slogans against Congress and UPA. There was some violence here and there but mostly it was a peaceful agitation or Bharat Bandh.

Many opposition leaders were arrested or courted arrest like BJP President Nitin Godhkari, Arun Jaitly and Rajnath Singh, to name a few. However many Shiv Sena workers in Mumbai were arrested, though all were released after the Bandh ended.

But loss to the country of thousands of crores of rupees cannot be ignored. Worse than that is the loss of daily wages to lakhs of poor workers and farm laboures who work and earn a few rupees for their family’s daily food. Due to inflation of food articles, prices are high- price of 1kg of rice is now 35 to 50 rupees while a few years back it was only Rs 15 per Kg. Similarly price of Dal has skyrocketed from Rs 20 Kg to Rs 100 KG or even more: Rise in petroleum prices will further add to inflation of food articles, vegetables and even fruits because transportation cost will increase.

Inflation and Bandh politics hits the 30 to 40 percent poor the most and also further 20 to 30 percent of lower middle class. It is only upper middle class and rich and very rich classes whose food budget is 10 percent or less of their monthly income who are not affected by inflation and Bandhs.

There are no total strikes or shut downs in any other country, not to speak of Europe or USA Australia but any other country of Asia, Africa, or Latin America. Why Bandhs are in India alone? Why can’t India, which is rising in information technology and other spheres, do without Bandh politics? Government of India and all the opposition leaders should ponder over it and find the solution so that there is no Bharat Bandh again and no Bundhs or shut-downs in other states and India continues to rise in all spheres of economy.

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Indian American Governors in the USA

It is great tribute to intelligence and adjustment of Indians in a foreign country, USA, to rise to such a coveted positions as to be governors of American states. Bobby Jindal was the first to be elected to US house of Representatives and then to become Governor. Equally, rather much more, is the achievement of an Indian-American woman, Nikki Haley to be nominated by Republican Party to become Governor of another American state. It is noteworthy that there are immigrants in large numbers form other Asian countries like China and Japan but none from their communities has attained high positions in American politics, not to speak of a Chinese or Japanese origin American becoming governor of an American state, though there are so called China towns and big Japanese enclaves.

Both Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley were brought up by Indian-American parents as Hindu and Sikh respectively. Both got converted to Christianity of their own as they grew up. Bobby Jindal embraced Christianity when he was too young and studying in High school while Nikki Randhawa became Christian at the age of 24 when she had experienced racial discriminated by white American against non-white Americans belonging to other religions than Christianity.

Bobby Jindal married an Indian-American girl. Priya Jolly when he was 24. Nikki married an American Christian Micheal Haley, after a Republican had called her ‘rag-headed’. Thus Amarita Nikki Randhava thereafter became Nikki Haley though she was daughter of Dr. Ajit and Raj Randhawa, hailing from Amritsar, the holy city of Sikhs like Vatican for Christians. But Nikki and Micheal Haley were married twice, once under Sikh rites in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib and again under Christian rites performed by a bishop.

Nikki Haley though has been nominated by Republican Party to be Governor of South-Carolina state will be actually sworn in November 2010. There are bound to be jubilations amongst American Indians, particularly amongst. American Sikhs, besides her relations in USA and India.

Governor Bobby Jindal is now 39 years old, while Nikki Haley is only 38 years old. To be Governors of American states in their thirties is really a big achievement. To be Governor of American state has the status and powers of an Indian states Governor as well as Chief Minister, as Governor of an American state appoints his own Cabinet and other officials, they don’t have to be elected or nominated while in India Governor is mostly figure-head and is to act on the direction of President or Central Government while all power rests with the Chief Minister who is a political party’s nominee and has to follow the instructions and guidance of the Party.

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Caste-ridden India – That is Bharat

After 60 years of 1950 constitution which abolished untouchability and ordained that reservations for SC and STs’ would be for only 15 years; it was felt that India would make progress in all fields – social, economic and political and India that is our Bharat will become a casteless society. Sardar Patel who was India’s first and best Home Minister had, besides supporting wholeheartedly India becoming a casteless society was opposed to reservations for so-called minorities. When some Muslim leaders had raised the question of reservation for Muslims in parliament Sardar rebuked them that India is a secular country and “those Muslims who want reservations can go to Pakistan”. It was then felt that in 15 years time there will be marked improvement in the living standards, education and employment of SC and STs’. But unfortunately our politicians and political parties did not pay any attention to these fundamental issues and were concerned with being in power or retaining power in politics. In 1964 India’s first PM Nehru died and thereafter there was struggle for Prime Ministership.

Thus in 1965 no politician bothered to think of or do anything for SC and STs’ so that there is marked improvement in their condition in society. It is unfortunate that politicians and political parties who have ruled India for the last 60 years, for political reasons and for political power more and more castes were being included for reservation, in particular the OBC’s. Thus instead of India becoming casteless society, today India is a caste-ridden society, a democracy in name only because democracy’s main features are equality of all citizens, no discrimination of any sort of Caste or Status.

How and why there has been deterioration in social, political and economic spheres during last 60 years? Why India, our Bharat, instead of going forward is going backward? Who are responsible for this reversal?

There are about 2000 castes of OBC’s in central list, though each State has a list of its OBC’s. There are some professions like that of Dhobi (washer man) which are SC’s in States of West Bengal, Bihar, UP and Rajasthan but are included in the list of OBC’s in Maharashtra. How can SC’s and OBC’s be considered one. There can be some other castes, particularly in Tamilnadu which may be SC’s there but OBC’s in other southern States or vice versa. How can OBC’s of all 2000 castes be considered backward when some are big landlords and prosperous businessmen or professionals. For example Badal of Punjab who is Chief Minister and his son Dy.Chief Minister can be OBC’s entitled to concessions. Similarly Hooda and Chautala of Haryana present and former Chief Ministers can come under reserved categories. The case of both Yadavas is similar. They have been ruling one State or other. There are many so-called other backward class (OBC’s) cabinet Ministers and Ministers in many States. There are Jats who are holding high position in Civil services, information technology, professors and principals as well as vice chancellors.

There have been occasionally murders, killing because of ‘Khap’ Panchayet’s objection to marriages in same gotra though same gotra marriages were declared legal in 1945 by Bombay High Court. This judgement is of great significance which has since been ignored though it was much before the codification of Hindu Code Bill. It is unfortunate that to gain political support former Chief Minister of Hariyana, Om Prakash Chautala and Congress MP Jindal are supporting the ‘Khap’ Panchayet’s ideology and actions and even want legal support. If somehow ‘Khap’ Panchayet’s get legal support this will mean, that our judicial system of justice will have no jurisdiction in ‘Khap’ Panchayet’s and thereafter in all Panchayets all over India though gotra politics is medieval : that will take India much more backward.

Latest unfortunate and ill-considered action of UPA-II government is inclusion of caste in 2011 census without bothering about its implications. Central leadership seems to have succumbed to pressure, particularly from two Yadavas, and allies. There are thousands of castes and tens of thousands sub castes. How these will be coordinated into four major castes? Moreover there are millions of citizens who don’t believe in caste system and do not and would not like to mention their caste for the census. There are 18,000 categories of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes listed in 2001 census.

 If India is to be a progressive and modern democracy it take steps, though 45 years late, to end caste system by 2025 so that India is determined to move forward and not backward. If a constitutional amendment is required, just as provision in 1950 Constitution that must be enacted. For this all parties must sink their differences and rise so that India advances like Christian dominated countries where there is no caste system at all. Even Muslim countries who have their problem of Burqa, have no caste system, thus no discrimination, all citizens being equal.

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Unprincipled Politics And Corruption

 Present day Congress and its allies making up the UPA are perhaps the most unprincipled politicians. UPA strives to remain in power with the help and association of its erstwhile enemies like Mayawati, UP Chief Minister; Shibu Soren, Jharkhand Chief Minister; Mulayam Singh Yadav, former CM of Uttar Pradesh; Lalu Prasad Yadav, former CM of Bihar; and Mamata Banerjee of Trinamul Congress to name the few who have been changing sides, joining or supporting one political party or the other as it suited them.

Latest instance is the coming of Cut Motion in Parliament and voting over it. Had the Cut Motion voting gone against UPA, the government would have been overthrown. Feeling this possibility Pranab Mukherjee approached Mayawati for support to UPA government as and when Cut Motion came for voting. It is the same Mayawati who had been criticised in and out of Parliament for wasting public money in hundreds of crore rupees on erection of statues including her own. As there was likely to be a probe by Income Tax and CBI authorities on Mayawati’s unaccounted wealth running into hundreds of crores, she readily agreed and came to Delhi to get the support of all her party’s MPs for UPA government. Before the voting, Mayawati went on record telling the public and press that she had been rendering ‘outside support to Congress for the last ten years’. It was clear to even the blind that quid pro quo for the support in Parliament was closure of CBI cases against her. This amply demonstrates the depths to which public morality has fallen all around and how a politician can escape CBI and Income Tax probe for amassing hundreds of crores and also misuse of public money for personal or party’s gains.

Both Yadavs have succeeded in getting caste being included in the current census which is negation of 1950 Constitution which sought to abolish caste system. Mulayam Singh Yadav, too, was vociferous but did not vote against UPA government. There are many cases of unbecoming compromise by Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh government for their survival. How long such undemocratic ways of getting such support will continue to tarnish the image of Indian democracy ?

Unless political corruption, if not completely eliminated, becomes much less, there can not be real progress in India and for it’s about 30 to 40 percent below poverty line citizens How can corruption end ? Politicians and political parties must determine not to favour corrupt and give them tickets for election as MPs or MLAs even for Councillors of Corporations. Unless politicians and bureaucrats are absolutely honest and clean in their dealings and do not accept lakhs and crores in bribes – corruption shall remain. In other democracies like that of USA and Europe there is negligent corruption and if it comes to light, the corrupt are instantly punished. Indian politicians and political parties should emulate their democracies and be honest and clean in their deeds.

The other factor that vitiates Indian politics and virtually all political parties is vote-bank politics. None of the major political parties of India are free from the stigma of vote-bank politics. Both Congress and Left parties have encouraged Muslim communalism to get their votes. Both the Yadavs have now demanded reservation for Muslims so that they get Muslim votes. They forget that after independence some Muslim Leaders of India, after partition, demanded reservation for Muslims. But Sardar Patel almost lost temper and told that those Muslims want reservation can go to Pakistan. For the sake of votes, they encourage communalism and partisanship and even those who have separatist tendencies. It is well known that Congress has been pampering Muslim votes and so is the case with leftist parties. While BJP has been pampering Hindu and Sikh communities to get their votes in areas where they are dominant.

It is suggested that an all party organisation be formed to save India, it’s democracy and its poor from the devastating effects of these two evils in Indian society and politics as outlined above. If they are honest some common solution can be found and honesty and transparency in political and bureaucratic circles can be ensured. Then alone India will be really great during next 20 years or so even ahead of USA and China and pride of all Indians as the biggest democracy and soon the biggest economy. Already in Information Technology India is virtually at the top. Wipro, Info Systems and HCL are the three world famous Indian Tech Firms with which foreign Tech Firms are keen to have greater collaboration. There are already thousands of Indian IIM & IIT educated teachers in USA other countries of the west who are pride of India.

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The Difficulty of Being Good

Eminent Indian writer of English, author of ‘India Unbound’ has brought out in 2009 another masterpiece entitled ‘Difficulty of Being Good’, which is based on the philosophy of dharma as outlined in Mahabharata.

There is no doubt that it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to be good even in modern times because of competition in all spheres, injustice, corruption, favouritism, nepotism, particularly in countries like India where there is no compulsory education, no guarantee of employment, no doles for unemployed and no old age pension. Two basic ideas are ‘envy’ and ‘dharma’ as elucidated by Gurcharan Das after a thorough study of Mahabharata are given below from his book :-

“The Mahabharata tells the story of futile and terrible war of annihilation between the children of two brothers of the Bharata family. The rival cousins, Kauravas and Pandavas both lay claim to the throne. To reduce feud, Kingdom is divided but the jealous Kauravas are not content and plot to usurp the other half of the kingdom through a rigged game of dice. Yudhisthir, the older Pandavas loses everything in the game, the kingdom his brothers, his wife (Draupadi) and including himself to his rival Duryadhana. Yudhisthir’s wife queen Draupadi is dragged before Duryadhana in the assembly of nobles where his brother Duryadhana tries to strip her. After losing the game of dice and the kingdom and everything, Yudhisthir is exiled for 13 years, 12 years he is required to spend in forest and one year in the kingdom he lost, but in disguise so that no one can recognise him. During the exile Draupadi, presses Yudhisthir to raise an army and defeat Duryadhana and get back his kingdom and all the honour he lost by rigged game of dice. But Yudhisthira who believes in Dharma says that he had given the word he will honour it. Dharma is a ship that guides one to the farthest shore.”

Both the evils of envy and greed of following Dharma are relevant even today just as these have affected mankind for thousands of years. At the national and international level, envy and greed led to two great wars during 20th century. In 1st world war from 1914 to 1919 Germany tried to conquer the whole world and to become the only great power but was defeated causing death of millions and devastating almost all the European countries including Germany itself. But Germany did not learn lesson and under fascist Hitler once again embarked on the conquest of world, this time with the support of Japan, a rising Asian country. Hitler, too, met the fate of Kaiser William in the second world war 1939 to 1945. In addition Hitler’s fascist government had killed 6 million Jews in Gas Chambers. This time, even Germany was occupied by victorious Allies for a few years. There are the most horrible consequences of envy in 20the century. Had Germany followed Dharma which required the king or the ruler of a country to further interests of its subjects and those interests of the state or country? According to philosophy of Mahabharata if a king follows Dharma, there will be rule of law and justice and the king who follows Dharma is known as “Dharma raja.”

As there are enemies as neighbours as were the Kauravas in Kurukshetra war, it is difficult to practice ‘Dharma’. Practice of Dharma became difficult when there is war with an unjust neighbour like Durjyadhana. Accordingly India and Pakistan have been at war number of times because Pakistan never believed in ‘Dharma’ and does not believe even today because of its support to terrorism. That is why US President Obama has said that “Pakistan has cancer of terrorism” training and sending terrorists to USA to destroy Twin Towers and to India to attack Taj Hotel killing hundreds of innocent people, innocent men and women. So long as cancer of terrorism is there in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq there can not be lasting peace in the world. Thus Muslims and Christians should follow Dharma in their dealings with countries and individuals. Then alone there can be peace and harmony in the world. Dharma and it practice is essential between individuals, too. Brothers should not fight for patrimony leading to court cases or violent deaths, which is happening. There should be ban on gambling, too. Dharma is: Be intent with actions not on fruits of action. It is difficult be good by both, countries and individuals. But that is essential in the modern world to avoid envy as between two cousins in Mahabharata and a war of annihilation like Kurukshetra war.

Towards the end of Kurukshetra war when only Durjyadhana remains alive and is in hiding, Krishna considered a God allows Bhima to kill Durjyadhana by deceit. In Gurcharan Das’s words “Krishna justifies it as without Krishna’s intervention, to kill Durjyadhana without deceit would not have been possible as Kauravas were great warriors. Krishna’s defence is that once peace talks failed and Durjyadhana refused to part with five villages to the Pandavas, the only thing that mattered was victory for the just side. Krishna now becomes grave and tells the victors: “Kaurava were great warriors and you could not have defeated in fair fight, so I had to use deceit, treachery and magic on your behalf” (page XXII of book).

It is evident from the above that even god Krishna, for the sake of justice for saving Arjuna and Drana used deceit and trickery from the above mentioned facts as outlined by Gurcharan Das from Mahabharata, it is clear that so long envy and jealousy are there and terrorism and suicide bombing prevails, there can not be peace and harmony between nations even in 21st century. Difficulty of being good for the nations and citizens will be there.

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On April 6, 2010 it is confirmed that 76 security personnel almost all of them belonging to CRPF were killed by “Maoists” in Dantewada jungle area as the unfortunate victims were like sitting ducks as they were asleep at the time of their onslaught. They never dreamt that in this adivasi populated area of Chhattisgarh they would be killed without even firing or killing any of the attackers, whether Maoists or other enemies. No reinforcement was sent for their help and to repulse their attackers though it was the deadliest attack. Even after the attack Maoists blew up with the landmine a military truck that was sent to rescue the survivors and injured. After the Maoists had blown up Army rescue truck, they captured huge Cache of arms and ammunition from the dead soldiers which included 76 rifles, besides some number of machineguns and lot of ammunition. Air force planes were not sent to provide air cover because so far it was not permissible to use air force against Indian citizens even if they are insurgents or Maoists. Similarly, army was not sent.

Questions arise as to why the Maoists are so cruel as to kill unarmed civilians and encircle CRPF and police personnel with land mines hand grenades and automatic rifles and machineguns? The other question of relevance is how such a situation can be prevented in future on immediate and long term basis?

There has been heated debate in both Houses of Parliament when Home Minister PC Chidambran who had earlier submitted his resignation accepting the responsibility for Dantewada attack and killing by Maoists of 76 security personnel. However PM did not accept HM’s resignation. Thus on 15th April he read a statement which caused unrest because copies of his statement were not simultaneously made available to all the MP’s and also Hindi version. Infact, no MP particularly of the opposition bothered to listen as to what Chidambran was reading from a printed copy that, too, in English which almost half the MPs did not understand.

It must be said that since Independence no PM or the government had time to think of the problem of Adivasis living in jungles of Orissa, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Instead their ‘Roti and Rozi’ means of livelihood were snatched as many parts of their inhabited jungles and hills were acquired without giving them alternate means of livelihood, what to speak of compensation. Some areas of Adivasis were rich in minerals and these, too, were taken away. Rendering thousands of Adivasis families homeless and starving. That is how and why they became easy recruits or preys for so called Maoists leaders like Kishanji. There are number of Maoists with Kishanji alias. The original was Bose who is now above 80 years and the present Kishanji’s real name is Kateshwar Rao. These adivasi villagers took up arms without much bothering about consequences even to them and their families.

There was no insurgency (now known as Maoist Problem) in these adivasi areas prior to independence. Both the Muslims who ruled over India, Hindustan, for about 700 years and British who ruled for more than 200 years did not disturb or encroach upon their areas and as a result they lived peacefully in their own tribal ways without imitating or bothering about better way of living. Even people of North Eastern States were not disturbed, in the way they administered their areas. As such there was no problem of Nagaland etc prior to Independence.

Now about the solution of this acute national problem. Sometimes back it was decided by government of India to give employment to all those Maoists who laid down their arms. But this solution obviously did not work. The long term solution appears to be, to an extent, the solution of Maoist insurgency worked out in Nepal, where, too, the fight between Nepalese Army and Maoists had gone on for decades. Now there is peace and no fighting at all. India is a big country unlike Nepal and the area in contral of India’s Maoist is quite large. As the earlier solution did not work because there were no negotiations between Indian leaders and Maoist leaders.

For permanent peace and development, it seems essential that there should be unconditional negotiations between government of India’s representatives and Maoist leaders, offering all the adivasi full equality with Indian citizens, free education by establishing many schools in Adivasi area, their right to vote, their employment facilities by setting up small industries employing most of Advani’s, and providing them houses in their original areas as far as possible and elsewhere in the tribal land. It may be essential to create a separate state for Adivasis of Chhattisgarh, Orissa, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh with separate legislature separate high court. This will provide employment to many besides MLA’s and Ministers of their own to sort out their difficulties and grievances.

It is hoped that if such negotiations start with open mind and declared objective these will succeed and peace and harmony in Adivasi, as in Nepal and Nagaland, would be there for all times to come.

On part of Maoists, their leaders, too, must realize the futility of armed insurgencies by them on Indian Security Forces. Both Indian government representations and Maoist leaders, after successful negotiations should sign an agreement for peace and harmony just as it was signed with Naga leaders which ended prolonged hostilities. However until Maoist stop their insurgency, Indian Security Forces must be careful and really well equipped well trained to reply with more than equal force, so that there is not at all any repetition of Dantewada massacre.

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India Pakistan and USA

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s latest meeting with President Obama of USA seems to have been quite successful. On Manmohan Singh’s insistence Obama has promised to restrain Pakistan from sending terrorist of Al Qiada Taliban etc to India. PM has also got assurance of 9/11 bombing of Mumbai. Further, President Obama was serious in preventing Pakistan government’s access to nuclear missiles. Our Prime Minister has also suggested formation of a wider organization to control the spread of nuclear energy and weapons. There are few achievements of Manmohan Singh’s US visit on April 12 to 14, of this year.

USA is more concerned with its own problems in Iraq Afghanistan and even Talibans of Pakistan. USA and President Obama are rather worried because even after a decade, Afghanistan and Iraq problems do not appear to be over despite US and NATO allies armies using their best armies and weapons and in addition bombing by Drone planes. During last decade or so more than one lakh insurgents in Iraq Afghanistan and Pakistan have been killed besides many thousand civilians because of suicide bombing by insurgents, in addition to USA and NATO armies attacks on their hide outs in Afghanistan and tribal areas of Pakistan in NWFP and Baluchistan.

Recently Afghanistan President, Hamid Karzai criticized US military attacks on the hide outs of Taliban killing many civilians and Talibans. All this has led to intensive retaliation by Talibans even on the Afghan capital Kabul and embassies located close by even Indian embassy. USA is, since then more worried about Afghanistan.

President Obama is more worried about insurgencies continuing in Iraq and Afghanistan as America is not in any way near a victory or solution though the US President has virtually announced to withdraw US Army from Afghanistan and Iraq by the end of 2010. Because of thousands of Americans having been killed and wounded during a decade of fighting, Obama is losing his popularity which is on decline.

Thus it is evident that USA cares much more for Pakistan by giving billions of dollars as financial aid as well as latest arms so that Pakistan Army tackles Taliban particularly in the tribal areas of NWFP and Baluchistan, by following dictate of USA and attacking Taliban in their hide-outs, killing not only Talibans but the civilian population too, which is displaced. Because of all these attacks by USA and Pakistan Army, Pakistan Government is facing occasional suicide bombing in Lahore and Peshawar and areas adjoining the Pakistan Capital.

Thus, so far as India is concerned, despite half a dozen visits by Manmohan Singh and talks with President Obama and US officials, there can not be much support by USA to India. India unlike Pakistan, can not ne subservient to USA. India is the biggest democracy and second most highly populated state with diverse cultures and languages. No Prime Minister or Government of India can take a decision, unlike Pakistan, to support and help USA, as Pakistan has been doing for the last 50 years or so under different governments and dictatorships.

Even India-US nuclear deal is being reprocessed despite American pressure, sometime, for immediate approval or agreement by India. Manmohan Singh and Government of India can not approve this deal without approval of Parliament. There was heated debate in Parliament and lot of opposition by BJP and Communists in and outside Parliament. It is therefore not possible for Manmohan Singh to get Parliament’s approval to nuclear liability bill in the present form. Accordingly USA, too, has understood Manmohan Singh’s difficulties and has toned down its requirements. US Ambassador to India has said on March 29 that “arrangement and procedure” for reprocessing US origin spent fuel have been made. He further added “This instant step is part of the great win – win narrative of US India Global Partnership.

On relations with Pakistan and resumption of talks PM made it clear in his after Security Summit press conference “If Pakistan takes credible steps to bring perpetrators of horrible crimes of 26/11 bombing in Bombay, to book that is the minimum we expect. If Pakistan does that, we will be very happy to begin talks once again”. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh further said that he would not enter into argument with Pakistani PM Zardari on this subject as India had given all evidence against them and the LeT hand.

USA and Russia, biggest nuclear powers of the world, signed a protocol to get rid of 24 tons of plutonium each equivalent to 17000 weapons. The protocol was hailed as full success. This is the greatest achievement of the Nuclear Summit.

It is noteworthy that President Obama has expressed and even eulogized Indo-US friendship. He said after the conclusion of Nuclear Summit. “There is no country where opportunities for a strategic partnership are more important to me personally and to the US than are with India.” India hails this friendly gesture towards India by President Obama of USA.

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