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Wither Pakistan- Two Assassinations of Notable Politicians in two months of 2011? – Implications

Though Pakistan, India’s neighbor, has been in turmoil for almost a decade, worst seems to be happening or might happen in 2011 onward. Two high profile politicians have been murdered within a short span of two months. First tragic happening was the killing on 4 January, 2011 of Salman Tasear Governor of Punjab in Lahore by the killer bodyguards. It is evident that they had been influenced by Taliban or other jehadi outfits of Pakistan. On 2 March 2011, the only Christian cabinet minister of Pakistan was assassinated obviously by Islamist or Talibans of Punjab. Yet another tragic attempt on 6 March was on –provincial minister of Sindh. Though there was close firing but miraculously M&M minister Zubaia Khan escaped and did not die. M QM Chief, Altaf Hussain condemned the second attempt on MQM provincial assembly adding that last year MQM member Rana Haider was shot dead and there was large scale violence in Karachi. There has been large scale killing in NWFP since long both by Taliban’s and Pakistan Army. Now the remaining two provinces of Pakistan are facing violence and death at the hands of local as well as Talibans from NWFP.

Assassination of two high profile politicians and another from MQM in Sindh, as outlined above, has caused more worries to India particularly because of killing of moderate Governor of Punjab in Lahore which is 100 km or so from Indian border with Pakistan. Pakistan has been financing, arming and sending terrorist and Talibans from NWFP to create unrest in Kashmir since Kashmir’s accession to India. The worst ISI backed terrorist attack on India’s Taj Hotel was in 2008 in which more than 200, including some American and some foreigners perished.

Relations between Pakistan and USA have been strained since the arrest of US National Raymond David for killing two Pakistanis on January 27 2011. Though Davis is in jail despite US insisting earlier that he is a s diplomat and has diplomatic immunity but on protest from Pakistan that he has never been associated with US embassy or otherwise referred to as diplomat; USA changed its stand. It has sent special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan to negotiate with Pakistan at highest level to get David’s release. The special envoy Grossman met Pakistan Prime Minister Gilani on 7 March 2011 in Islamabad. He is now carrying on negotiation with Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir. Pakistan fears that Davis might be killed by the guards, so he is rather protected by unarmed guards because if Davis is killed it will create more bitterness in USA which will not be in the interest of either Pakistan or USA or even Afghanistan.

Pakistan should learn lesson from violent protest in Egypt and Libya, besides other Arab countries in North Africa and Middle East. Autocratic dictator of Egypt has been ousted after three weeks of violent protest causing death of more than 600 Egyptian citizens. Libya’s dictator for 41 years even after four weeks violent protest and killing of more than 6000 Libyan citizens and now by adding fuel to fire as Libyan rebels, in retaliation on 9 March, 2011 attacked oil facilities in oil rich area of east Libya causing huge explosions. Gaddafi has to go dead or alive. Pakistan has had dictatorship and knows well the evils of dictatorship. The Pakistan should endeavor to curb rise of Talibans and Islamists of various categories. Once Talibans come into power as Islamist dictator, Pakistan’s condition may be worse than that of Afghanistan.

It is in Pakistan own interest that Pakistan becomes a democracy like Turkey, a Muslim country which has been liberal democrat since Kamaal Ataturk realized its benefits in comparison to fundamentalist Islam. As in Turkey so in Pakistan, under democracy people will rise, will have more education, even women will taste equality with men. It will also enhance good neighborly relations with India and certainly will get more financial aid from USA even after 2012 when either Obama gets a second term or another US President of Democratic Party comes to power.

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Kirgizstan after Ethnic Riots of June 2010 – Timely evacuation of Indian Students

Millions of Indians had not heard the name of a former USSR state, now independent country, after dismemberment of USSR. Kirgizstan is a mountainous country, on its north is Russia and on its South is Afghanistan. Indians came to know of Kirgizstan because there were Indian students when ethnic riots broke out and they were confined to their houses, witness to large scale burning of houses of ethnic minority, Uzbeks and their continuous massacre. Indian Ambassador in panic immediately got in touch and informed the Indian government in consultation with Kirgiz government so that Indians are evacuated as early as possible without being victims of riots. Luckily Government of India woke up in time and got the Indian students, without any of being physically harmed, rescued to the joy of students, their families and even whole of India. It was commendable effort by government of India to airlift them. But for their being Indian students trapped there India would have ignored the ethnic rioting there and Indians would not have bothered about ethnic riots.

The civil war in Kirgizstan in june 2010 resulted in large scale rioting and merciless killing in streets and in their houses which were set on fire and residents of ethnic minority Uzbeks were even burnt alive. It is reported that more than 400 Uzbeks were killed and 4,00,000 were forced to flee to save their lives. Russian government was called by Uzbeks and the government of Uzbekistan to intervene by sending its army to save the Uzbeks who, too, were citizens of erstwhile USSR. But Russia just looked across the border and did nothing to stop the rioting and killing. But after the restoration of peace in Kirgizstan, Russia attempted to set up a base in Oshi, close to Afghanistan with a view to halt drug trafficking from Afghanistan to Russia through Kirgizstan. Militarily also Russia is aware that USA has virtually lost war against Taliban in Afghanistan and American Army will have to quit by the end of 2010 or early 2011 as America has suffered heavy cost in men and money in this 10 year old futile war which has affected American economy and prestige all over the world. Though Russia did not intervene in civil war Russia is concerned with happenings there as both Kirgizstan and Uzbekistan, like Afghanistan are Muslim countries. Russia wants to keep as eye on developments there.

After the civil war which ended in July 2010 there had been overdue elections which were held on 10th of October. The very fact that election could be and were held and that too, successfully is significant. There are likely to be problems, on Kirgiz had two coups in the last five years. President Askar Akayer who was President for the last 15 years was forced to quit in 2005. His successor Bakiyer was ousted after June 2010 bloodshed. As in the first ever particularly elections no single political part Parliamentary was in a position to form stable government, it is a coalition government which includes nationalist party from Southern Kirgizstan which had been secure of ethnic violence. Even then it is hoped by all the Kirgizstan citizens, including the southern part divided from north with high mountains and that is close to Afghanistan that there would be in peace because the new interim President was proponent of parliamentary elections and is committed to peace and harmony in Kirgizstan for its economic development.

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Kashmir – Support by Deoband For Unity with India

It is a lesson for Geelani, his supporter colleagues and followers as well as even for Omar Abdulah that a massive conclave of Deoband clerics have snubbed the separatists in Kashmir. It is first time that on 10th October Darul Uloom Deoband spiritual leaders of Sunni Muslims of India have openly come in favour Kashmirs accession to India saying openly in a congregation that Kashmir is integral part of India, have openly condemned the Kashmiri separatists, who led the recent agitation for so called Azadi for 5 months that resulted in loss of about hundred lives of mostly innocent youth of Kashmir and even women for no fault of theirs. They were instigated and led by separatist time and again, even during curfew, to pelt stones on Security personnel. Latest and the worst was attack on school buses carrying school children to their schools or returning from schools after 5 months idleness at home. Thirteen children were hurt but parents insisted that buses should continue to run. Unfortunately Omar Abdullah the PM of Kashmir too lost temper recently and blamed Central Government as well as accession of Kashmir to India not realizing that it was his own failure during last six months in particular to build confidence in favour of Kashmir as part of India.

Views and comments of important Muslim leaders of India, for the first time since partition of India on religious ground and creation of Pakistan which after 63 years is in turmoil because of Taliban on one hand, their frequent suicide bombing right upto Islamabad and Lahore and Karachi. On the other hand frequent bombing by USA, on Pakistan in absolute violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and a threat to Pakistan’s government. Pakistan’s failure as a Muslim state has opened the eyes of Indian Muslim leaders who have come openly in support of India’s unity and Kashmir’s unity with India which is a secular state, caring for all religions equally.

Senior religious leader, Darul Theolegiun, Abul Rahim Bastawi description of India has far reaching significance, which has not been said so far by any Muslim leader of India. Bastawi, Darul theolegiun said “India is bouquet of all types of flowers. We cannot allow any of the flowers to be taken away.” The resolution passed by Darul conclave made it further clear though not in poetic words of Bastawi but equally significant. The resolution passed in the enclave on Sunday said: “the long pending demands of Kashmiri people must be addressed within the framework of the Constitution of India.”

Both Geelani and Omar Abdullah must go through the views expressed by Bastawi a noted theologian as well as the resolution passed by the most important conclave of Muslims and instantly change their views for the sake of Kashmir and Kashmiri people who have suffered a lot because of separatists like Geelani’s instigation and incapacity of Omar Abdulha, in handling the situation being head of Jammu and Kashmir. All Kashmiri leaders and people should not forget the criminal folly of Pakistan in 1947-48 of sending non – Kashmiri militants from NWFP trained and financed by Pakistan to enter Kashmir, kill and loot Kashmiris indiscriminately at a time when there was standstill agreement. Pakistan had sent its army in support of Jehadis to capture Kashmir’s capital Srinagar. It prompted Hari Singh to sign instrument of accession of J&K to India and on the plea of Sheikh Abdulah and Sardar Patel to send Indian Army to stop the aggression and save the lives and honour of many and save Kashmir. Rest is history well known, defeat of Pakistan’s Army and Jehadis and Cease Fire.

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Second Afghan War – India to be Alert

William Dalrymple, a renowned Writer has called the present American war in Afghanistan as 2nd Afghan war. First Afghan war was fought in 1842-1843 when England in its arrogance as a supreme power, attacked Afghanistan and suffered the most humiliating defeat when British East India Company lost 40,000 soldiers, only 40-50 were able to survive Afghan onslaught. As it was East India Company’s folly in 1840, so is the American folly under George Bush in the year 2000. In 19th Century England as biggest and strongest colonial power in which, as they said,’ Sun never set’, thought of conquering Afghanistan or at least subduing it, so that it does not, as it was feared, join the Russian czarists against British. Similarly USA considered itself, after the breakup of USSR, the only super power in the world. Accordingly USA thought that it can subdue Afghanistan, after dominating Latin America and whole of Europe as the founder and organizer of NATO and its dominant and supreme leader.

USA forgot about its virtual defeat in China, where after the war in 1945, it intervened on the side of Chiang Kai Shek against Mao communist movement and after a prolonged struggle lost whole of Chinese mainland and Chiang had to flee. America also failed to recall or learn lesson from its humiliating defeat in Vietnam where 80,000 American soldiers lost their lives and ultimately USA had to evacuate its diplomatic staff and some other military personnel, who survived, by helicopters from the roof of American Embassy building. Yet America unnecessarily intervened in Afghanistan a decade back to annihilate Talibans who were in fact American creation with the help of Pakistan to turn out Russian soldiers from Afghanistan and topple the communist government of Kabul in which they succeeded because of fight and sacrifice by Taliban of Afghanistan, though USA had provided them money, arms and equipment.

Afghanistan’s present puppet regime of Karzai which hardly controlled one third of Afghanistan and despite American bombing in the hideouts of Taliban for the last almost 10 years they could not defeat or ever demoralize Talibans. Taliban are resentful of USA because they feel that when they attacked Russian soldiers to turn them out of Afghanistan USA and Pakistan considered them as “freedom fighters” and now they consider Taliban as enemies and terrorists and have been killing them, their women and children in Afghanistan as well as in parts of Pakistan, NWFP and Baluchistan by incessant daily attacks by drones and other means.

Now Talibans instead of being defeated and accepting defeat are encircling Kabul and its adjoining territories with a view to over throw Karzai government and end American intervention. America has already lost thousands of American soldiers as well as NATO soldiers. It is reported on 5th Sept 2010 that America and NATO have lost 500 soldiers up to August, while during whole of 2009 only 500 were lost as per Reuters tally. After having ended US combat operation or war in Iraq. President Obama is now realizing the inability of USA to eliminate Talibans, so is preparing for withdrawal of US combat forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2010. Obama seems to be determined man and believing in peace and harmony is likely to succeed in ending war in Afghanistan as he has done in Iraq. Obama rightly thinks it is more important to devote time and money for development of US economy which has suffered a lot during 2008 and 2010. By the end of 2010, as Karzai has set up a committee to negotiate with Taliban America, NATO and in fact whole world will be relieved, thank him and appreciate his efforts. Obama has also called to USA Israeli PM and Palestinian President to discuss and agree for lasting peace. Another meeting has been called for Sept 14-15 to finalize the agreement. Obama is likely to succeed.

It is high time that India should realize the futility of helping Karzai government with construction of Infrastructure and sending to Afghanistan hundreds of Indian workers. Government of India have 3 months to steadily reduce the Indian Embassy staff and Indian workers, in view of hostility of Talibans towards India. Talibans believe that India has been serving American interests as American ally like other NATO countries without militarily supporting American war in Afghanistan. Talibans even consider Pakistan as their enemy and are attacking now and then with suicide bombing even places far off as Quetta and Lahore. In India, too, Taliban are helping Kashmiri dissidents with arms and men to create unrest, in a revengeful manner. Thus government of India should give first priority to end American sponsored assistance to Afghanistan and start recalling back Indian workers.

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Is Gujarat An Enemy State?

For months, CBI and indirectly central government have been targeting Amit Shah Minister of State for home in BJP’s Gujarat government and known to be close to the Chief Minister Narendra Modi. T.V and press have been highlighting Sohrabuddin case, so closely and consistently as there was nothing else in India and world to be reported. CBI had decided to put behind bars Amit Shah but CBI Court on August 4, 2010 rejected the plea of CBI for remand of 5 days saying that note submitted by CBI against Amit Shah “was not sufficient even to prime facie establish that he is an accused” on the basis of arguments by senior advocate and BJP MP Ram Jethmalani. This judgment of CBI court by additional Chief judicial magistrate A. Yadav is a set back to CBI and helpful to both Amit Shah and Gujarat CM Modi also indirectly it gives boost to BJP.

New revelations about Sohrabuddin’s past in terrorist activities have come to light. It is almost confirmed that this Sohrabuddin is not an ordinary criminal or a murderer but he has been having links with and had been associated with notorious terrorists, Chhota Dawood alias Sharif Khan who was a henchman of Dawood Ibrahim. Later Sohrabuddin joined the other notorious henchman of Dawood, Abdul Latif Sheikh, who was entrusted with spreading terror in Gujarat. Latif had entrusted with safeguarding weapons, sent by Dawood to spread violence in Gujarat in 1994 which included 24 AK-47 rifles, 100 grenades, many pistols and vast amount of ammunition, which was recovered by Gujarat police from a well, following his arrest under TADA. Sohrabuddin was arrested and remained in jail for five years. After release from Jail by Supreme Court order Sohrabuddin once again took to murders, extortion and all types of crimes.

What Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat meant by saying that centre treats Gujarat as an “enemy state”? As Gujarat is integral part of India like any other state it was not appropriate for Modi to use the word of “enemy state” because enemy state is an independent country which is waging war against India and spreading terrorism and is inimical to India, like Pakistan. Modi infact, it seems, meant that congress and central government are hostile to Gujarat because it is a BJP run state. Similarly Modi and BJP have no faith in CBI which they consider Central Bureau of Indira Congress. As BJP is the only major political party which had once formed central government and ruled India under prime ministership of Vajpayee, so congress has been fearing since 2000 that BJP may not overthrow Congress government of UPA II and once again come to power.

In contrast Congress government and CBI have done nothing during last 26 years to convict the criminals, including congress leaders congress workers and police offices and personnel who instigated and joined in anti Sikh riots and massacre of thousands of Sikhs in 1984- not a single congress politician or Congress worker or policeman has been convicted or jailed despite so many commissions. Even in Gujarat, Muslim criminals who burnt the train killing 76 Hindus, not a single criminal has been sentenced but Amit Shah home minister of Gujarat along with many Police officers including DG police have been arrested because of the so called fake encounter to kill hardened criminal and murderer, Soharabuddin.

To sum it up Gujarat is not an enemy state. It is one of the States of India which have non-congress governments like UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa. It does not seem proper to arrest and grill for a number of days Amit Shah, minister of State for home in Gujarat as per CBI Courts judgment. DG Vanzara was, it has been reported in the press, one of the best police officers, famous for taking strong action against terrorists. It has been reported that DG Vanzara and his team of dedicated police officers and personnel were successful in getting 250 terrorists convicted, thus making Gujarat free from terrorists and terrorism. Congress and central government as well CBI should ponder over these aspects in view of their services to Gujarat and India for eliminating terrorism from Gujarat and making terrorists fear and therefore curb terrorism from whole of India.

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FIFA WORLD CUP- Happiness and Sorrow

FIFA World Cup was the happiest occasion for the whole world as it extended to almost 30 days. Televisions all over the world remained switched on for 12 to 18 hours every day. Even in a country like India T.V Channels of NDTV 24-7 and India News remained switched on in most of the homes and even in offices. If India had been one of the 32 countries in FIFA Indians would have watched T.V with greater enthusiasm and in greater numbers. It is a bit regrettable that from Asia only three small countries, Japan, North Korea and South Korea were amongst the 32 nations participating in FIFA while even China and Australia remained unrepresented.

FIFA world cup competition was mainly between four European countries viz. Spain, Germany, Netherland and Italy and four Latin American countries viz. Brazil, Argentina, Chili and Uruguay. Mexico, England, France and USA were there to play one or two matches each. There was a small country of Africa namely Ghana which played well and won a match like Japan and Korea. South Africa though not a prominent Soccer playing country organized the FIFA World Cup splendidly. Never before in 2004 or earlier World Cup became so interesting and charming because of dance and drama which was a daily feature to entertain the spectators in Johannesburg and on T.V the whole world.

When German team defeated Brazil in quarterfinal to reach semifinal the entire Germany celebrated it and on the other hand all the spectators of Brazil, which had been winning World Cup many a times, actually cried and their tears could not be wiped. Similarly when Spain triumphed in the final by defeating Netherland thousands of Spanish citizens who had specially come to South Africa celebrated the victory with such an enthusiasm that the whole world enjoyed their Jubilation in Spain and in the stadium of Johannesburg. In contrast the team of Netherland and the country were in sorrow because Netherland had lost the final by one goal and that, too, scored in extra time.

After jubilations and happiness, there was sorrow. It is unfortunate and regrettable that while the victory celebrations of Spain were going there was suicide bombing twice in Uganda killing 74 including an American on the spot and injuring many more including a dozen Americans. Here are some extracts from Wall Street Journal.

 “The three prolonged attack unfolded around 10:30 PM local time said Ms Nicholas, as some fans watched the final World Cup match in South Africa between Spain and Netherlands on television. The blasts occurred at a Rugby club, an Ethopian restaurant and a bar popular with foreign tourists. The police suspected suicide bombers carried out the attacks because some body parts were charred beyond recognition but some investigation were continuing, she told reporters in Kampala. Meanwhile the Islamic militant group al Shahaab in Somalia claimed responsibility for the attack.”

 “We have reached our objective” said the senior al Shahaab militant, who declined to be named. “We killed many Christians in the enemy capital (Kampala)” he said in a telephone interview. The report mentions: Several Americans, part of a Church group from Pen Sylvania were wounded at the Ethopian restaurant where the second blast occurred. The blasts marked a violent end to what had been largely peaceful World Cup in South Africa.”

“American President Barack Obama is deeply saddened by the loss of life resulting from these deplorable and cowardly attacks and sends his condolences to the people of Uganda. The US President has pledged US assistance to Uganda following violence. British and French leaders also condemned the cowardly blasts.”

As the news reached USA in no time and as Americans were injured and some killed and the attack is said to be by Islamic militants on Christians there was spontaneous condemnation by world leaders the same day, the same time. Indians and Indian leaders, too, are shocked and condemn the cowardly attack on peaceful Ethopian and Americans watching the World Cup final on Television.

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The Difficulty of Being Good

Eminent Indian writer of English, author of ‘India Unbound’ has brought out in 2009 another masterpiece entitled ‘Difficulty of Being Good’, which is based on the philosophy of dharma as outlined in Mahabharata.

There is no doubt that it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to be good even in modern times because of competition in all spheres, injustice, corruption, favouritism, nepotism, particularly in countries like India where there is no compulsory education, no guarantee of employment, no doles for unemployed and no old age pension. Two basic ideas are ‘envy’ and ‘dharma’ as elucidated by Gurcharan Das after a thorough study of Mahabharata are given below from his book :-

“The Mahabharata tells the story of futile and terrible war of annihilation between the children of two brothers of the Bharata family. The rival cousins, Kauravas and Pandavas both lay claim to the throne. To reduce feud, Kingdom is divided but the jealous Kauravas are not content and plot to usurp the other half of the kingdom through a rigged game of dice. Yudhisthir, the older Pandavas loses everything in the game, the kingdom his brothers, his wife (Draupadi) and including himself to his rival Duryadhana. Yudhisthir’s wife queen Draupadi is dragged before Duryadhana in the assembly of nobles where his brother Duryadhana tries to strip her. After losing the game of dice and the kingdom and everything, Yudhisthir is exiled for 13 years, 12 years he is required to spend in forest and one year in the kingdom he lost, but in disguise so that no one can recognise him. During the exile Draupadi, presses Yudhisthir to raise an army and defeat Duryadhana and get back his kingdom and all the honour he lost by rigged game of dice. But Yudhisthira who believes in Dharma says that he had given the word he will honour it. Dharma is a ship that guides one to the farthest shore.”

Both the evils of envy and greed of following Dharma are relevant even today just as these have affected mankind for thousands of years. At the national and international level, envy and greed led to two great wars during 20th century. In 1st world war from 1914 to 1919 Germany tried to conquer the whole world and to become the only great power but was defeated causing death of millions and devastating almost all the European countries including Germany itself. But Germany did not learn lesson and under fascist Hitler once again embarked on the conquest of world, this time with the support of Japan, a rising Asian country. Hitler, too, met the fate of Kaiser William in the second world war 1939 to 1945. In addition Hitler’s fascist government had killed 6 million Jews in Gas Chambers. This time, even Germany was occupied by victorious Allies for a few years. There are the most horrible consequences of envy in 20the century. Had Germany followed Dharma which required the king or the ruler of a country to further interests of its subjects and those interests of the state or country? According to philosophy of Mahabharata if a king follows Dharma, there will be rule of law and justice and the king who follows Dharma is known as “Dharma raja.”

As there are enemies as neighbours as were the Kauravas in Kurukshetra war, it is difficult to practice ‘Dharma’. Practice of Dharma became difficult when there is war with an unjust neighbour like Durjyadhana. Accordingly India and Pakistan have been at war number of times because Pakistan never believed in ‘Dharma’ and does not believe even today because of its support to terrorism. That is why US President Obama has said that “Pakistan has cancer of terrorism” training and sending terrorists to USA to destroy Twin Towers and to India to attack Taj Hotel killing hundreds of innocent people, innocent men and women. So long as cancer of terrorism is there in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq there can not be lasting peace in the world. Thus Muslims and Christians should follow Dharma in their dealings with countries and individuals. Then alone there can be peace and harmony in the world. Dharma and it practice is essential between individuals, too. Brothers should not fight for patrimony leading to court cases or violent deaths, which is happening. There should be ban on gambling, too. Dharma is: Be intent with actions not on fruits of action. It is difficult be good by both, countries and individuals. But that is essential in the modern world to avoid envy as between two cousins in Mahabharata and a war of annihilation like Kurukshetra war.

Towards the end of Kurukshetra war when only Durjyadhana remains alive and is in hiding, Krishna considered a God allows Bhima to kill Durjyadhana by deceit. In Gurcharan Das’s words “Krishna justifies it as without Krishna’s intervention, to kill Durjyadhana without deceit would not have been possible as Kauravas were great warriors. Krishna’s defence is that once peace talks failed and Durjyadhana refused to part with five villages to the Pandavas, the only thing that mattered was victory for the just side. Krishna now becomes grave and tells the victors: “Kaurava were great warriors and you could not have defeated in fair fight, so I had to use deceit, treachery and magic on your behalf” (page XXII of book).

It is evident from the above that even god Krishna, for the sake of justice for saving Arjuna and Drana used deceit and trickery from the above mentioned facts as outlined by Gurcharan Das from Mahabharata, it is clear that so long envy and jealousy are there and terrorism and suicide bombing prevails, there can not be peace and harmony between nations even in 21st century. Difficulty of being good for the nations and citizens will be there.

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On April 6, 2010 it is confirmed that 76 security personnel almost all of them belonging to CRPF were killed by “Maoists” in Dantewada jungle area as the unfortunate victims were like sitting ducks as they were asleep at the time of their onslaught. They never dreamt that in this adivasi populated area of Chhattisgarh they would be killed without even firing or killing any of the attackers, whether Maoists or other enemies. No reinforcement was sent for their help and to repulse their attackers though it was the deadliest attack. Even after the attack Maoists blew up with the landmine a military truck that was sent to rescue the survivors and injured. After the Maoists had blown up Army rescue truck, they captured huge Cache of arms and ammunition from the dead soldiers which included 76 rifles, besides some number of machineguns and lot of ammunition. Air force planes were not sent to provide air cover because so far it was not permissible to use air force against Indian citizens even if they are insurgents or Maoists. Similarly, army was not sent.

Questions arise as to why the Maoists are so cruel as to kill unarmed civilians and encircle CRPF and police personnel with land mines hand grenades and automatic rifles and machineguns? The other question of relevance is how such a situation can be prevented in future on immediate and long term basis?

There has been heated debate in both Houses of Parliament when Home Minister PC Chidambran who had earlier submitted his resignation accepting the responsibility for Dantewada attack and killing by Maoists of 76 security personnel. However PM did not accept HM’s resignation. Thus on 15th April he read a statement which caused unrest because copies of his statement were not simultaneously made available to all the MP’s and also Hindi version. Infact, no MP particularly of the opposition bothered to listen as to what Chidambran was reading from a printed copy that, too, in English which almost half the MPs did not understand.

It must be said that since Independence no PM or the government had time to think of the problem of Adivasis living in jungles of Orissa, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Instead their ‘Roti and Rozi’ means of livelihood were snatched as many parts of their inhabited jungles and hills were acquired without giving them alternate means of livelihood, what to speak of compensation. Some areas of Adivasis were rich in minerals and these, too, were taken away. Rendering thousands of Adivasis families homeless and starving. That is how and why they became easy recruits or preys for so called Maoists leaders like Kishanji. There are number of Maoists with Kishanji alias. The original was Bose who is now above 80 years and the present Kishanji’s real name is Kateshwar Rao. These adivasi villagers took up arms without much bothering about consequences even to them and their families.

There was no insurgency (now known as Maoist Problem) in these adivasi areas prior to independence. Both the Muslims who ruled over India, Hindustan, for about 700 years and British who ruled for more than 200 years did not disturb or encroach upon their areas and as a result they lived peacefully in their own tribal ways without imitating or bothering about better way of living. Even people of North Eastern States were not disturbed, in the way they administered their areas. As such there was no problem of Nagaland etc prior to Independence.

Now about the solution of this acute national problem. Sometimes back it was decided by government of India to give employment to all those Maoists who laid down their arms. But this solution obviously did not work. The long term solution appears to be, to an extent, the solution of Maoist insurgency worked out in Nepal, where, too, the fight between Nepalese Army and Maoists had gone on for decades. Now there is peace and no fighting at all. India is a big country unlike Nepal and the area in contral of India’s Maoist is quite large. As the earlier solution did not work because there were no negotiations between Indian leaders and Maoist leaders.

For permanent peace and development, it seems essential that there should be unconditional negotiations between government of India’s representatives and Maoist leaders, offering all the adivasi full equality with Indian citizens, free education by establishing many schools in Adivasi area, their right to vote, their employment facilities by setting up small industries employing most of Advani’s, and providing them houses in their original areas as far as possible and elsewhere in the tribal land. It may be essential to create a separate state for Adivasis of Chhattisgarh, Orissa, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh with separate legislature separate high court. This will provide employment to many besides MLA’s and Ministers of their own to sort out their difficulties and grievances.

It is hoped that if such negotiations start with open mind and declared objective these will succeed and peace and harmony in Adivasi, as in Nepal and Nagaland, would be there for all times to come.

On part of Maoists, their leaders, too, must realize the futility of armed insurgencies by them on Indian Security Forces. Both Indian government representations and Maoist leaders, after successful negotiations should sign an agreement for peace and harmony just as it was signed with Naga leaders which ended prolonged hostilities. However until Maoist stop their insurgency, Indian Security Forces must be careful and really well equipped well trained to reply with more than equal force, so that there is not at all any repetition of Dantewada massacre.

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India Pakistan and USA

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s latest meeting with President Obama of USA seems to have been quite successful. On Manmohan Singh’s insistence Obama has promised to restrain Pakistan from sending terrorist of Al Qiada Taliban etc to India. PM has also got assurance of 9/11 bombing of Mumbai. Further, President Obama was serious in preventing Pakistan government’s access to nuclear missiles. Our Prime Minister has also suggested formation of a wider organization to control the spread of nuclear energy and weapons. There are few achievements of Manmohan Singh’s US visit on April 12 to 14, of this year.

USA is more concerned with its own problems in Iraq Afghanistan and even Talibans of Pakistan. USA and President Obama are rather worried because even after a decade, Afghanistan and Iraq problems do not appear to be over despite US and NATO allies armies using their best armies and weapons and in addition bombing by Drone planes. During last decade or so more than one lakh insurgents in Iraq Afghanistan and Pakistan have been killed besides many thousand civilians because of suicide bombing by insurgents, in addition to USA and NATO armies attacks on their hide outs in Afghanistan and tribal areas of Pakistan in NWFP and Baluchistan.

Recently Afghanistan President, Hamid Karzai criticized US military attacks on the hide outs of Taliban killing many civilians and Talibans. All this has led to intensive retaliation by Talibans even on the Afghan capital Kabul and embassies located close by even Indian embassy. USA is, since then more worried about Afghanistan.

President Obama is more worried about insurgencies continuing in Iraq and Afghanistan as America is not in any way near a victory or solution though the US President has virtually announced to withdraw US Army from Afghanistan and Iraq by the end of 2010. Because of thousands of Americans having been killed and wounded during a decade of fighting, Obama is losing his popularity which is on decline.

Thus it is evident that USA cares much more for Pakistan by giving billions of dollars as financial aid as well as latest arms so that Pakistan Army tackles Taliban particularly in the tribal areas of NWFP and Baluchistan, by following dictate of USA and attacking Taliban in their hide-outs, killing not only Talibans but the civilian population too, which is displaced. Because of all these attacks by USA and Pakistan Army, Pakistan Government is facing occasional suicide bombing in Lahore and Peshawar and areas adjoining the Pakistan Capital.

Thus, so far as India is concerned, despite half a dozen visits by Manmohan Singh and talks with President Obama and US officials, there can not be much support by USA to India. India unlike Pakistan, can not ne subservient to USA. India is the biggest democracy and second most highly populated state with diverse cultures and languages. No Prime Minister or Government of India can take a decision, unlike Pakistan, to support and help USA, as Pakistan has been doing for the last 50 years or so under different governments and dictatorships.

Even India-US nuclear deal is being reprocessed despite American pressure, sometime, for immediate approval or agreement by India. Manmohan Singh and Government of India can not approve this deal without approval of Parliament. There was heated debate in Parliament and lot of opposition by BJP and Communists in and outside Parliament. It is therefore not possible for Manmohan Singh to get Parliament’s approval to nuclear liability bill in the present form. Accordingly USA, too, has understood Manmohan Singh’s difficulties and has toned down its requirements. US Ambassador to India has said on March 29 that “arrangement and procedure” for reprocessing US origin spent fuel have been made. He further added “This instant step is part of the great win – win narrative of US India Global Partnership.

On relations with Pakistan and resumption of talks PM made it clear in his after Security Summit press conference “If Pakistan takes credible steps to bring perpetrators of horrible crimes of 26/11 bombing in Bombay, to book that is the minimum we expect. If Pakistan does that, we will be very happy to begin talks once again”. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh further said that he would not enter into argument with Pakistani PM Zardari on this subject as India had given all evidence against them and the LeT hand.

USA and Russia, biggest nuclear powers of the world, signed a protocol to get rid of 24 tons of plutonium each equivalent to 17000 weapons. The protocol was hailed as full success. This is the greatest achievement of the Nuclear Summit.

It is noteworthy that President Obama has expressed and even eulogized Indo-US friendship. He said after the conclusion of Nuclear Summit. “There is no country where opportunities for a strategic partnership are more important to me personally and to the US than are with India.” India hails this friendly gesture towards India by President Obama of USA.

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American Failure in Afghanistan and Iraq Imminent

It is not Obama alone the current President of USA, but chiefly his predecessors, particularly George Bush who is to be blamed for imminent failure of USA’s intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq. It seems to be writing on wall. America is almost committed to withdraw its and NATO troops fighting in Afghanistan and possibly in Iraq before the end of 2010. American intervention to finish violent Taliban had become necessary because the very Taliban who were creation of USA with the assistance of Pakistan, to push out Russian Communists who had converted Afghanistan into a communist state. Withdrawal and expulsion of Russian troops was mainly due to courage and fighting capacity of dedicated Talibans. Thereafter Taliban turned to capture power in Afghanistan and push out the Americans, too. With a view to establish pro-American and Anti Communist government in Kabul American intervention got intensified. Talibans did not and could not tolerate that in place of Russian dominance there should be American dominance in Afghanistan.

Talibans not only resisted American and so called NATO troops, they started killing all those Afghans who were pro-American or had become power hungry to rule Afghanistan with American support and without Taliban participation or help. Thus besides thousands of US and NATO troops having been killed, lakhs of Afghans, many women and children, have perished in this fratricidal war of Talibans against their own Afghans, through suicide bombing and other war like attacks.

Even when Americas war of intervention in Afghanistan was going on, George Bush, US President decided to intervene in Iraq on the plea that Iraq was preparing nuclear weapons. Though this view of George Bush had no validity. Even the UN sponsored team that was sent to Iraq did not support this view of George Bush. Yet George Bush in 2003 sent American Army to Iraq to destroy their military and nuclear capability. As a result in 2003 USA sent its troops to finish Iraqi President Sadan and establish a pro American Government in Baghdad. America succeeded in their aim but the war in Iraq has continued for seven years.

Consequences of both the interventions of USA under the aegis of NATO, earlier in Afghanistan and in 2003 in Iraq, seem to have been utter failures in achieving American purpose of establishing with American help so called democratic governments. Both the attempts have failed and so USA is facing imminent failure.

It is surprising that USA has not learnt lesson from its gigantic failures in China and thereafter in Vietnam. In China, against Mao Tse Tung’s communists, America supported Chiangkai Shek who ultimately ran out of mainland China and with American support became ruler of Chinese off-share island of Taiwan.

Similarly Americans refused to learn lesson from their utter or worst failure for intervention in Vietnam against Ho Chi Minh’s government. For quite a long time America used all types of weapons and scratched earth policy, and carpet-bombing but ultimately USA had to quit when eighty thousand American soldiers had died. The humiliating end was marked by America taking away its last soldiers and diplomats through Helicopters from the roof of American Embassy.

 The above review points out that though, as a last resort Americans are trying to integrate with Karzai Government in Kabul the so called, comparatively non-combatant Talibans. This policy of dividing Talibans is likely to meet with failure. Thus American intervention in both Afghanistan and Iraq faces imminent failure.

On January 30, 2010, Hillary Clinton US Sec of State gave a disappointing statement about possibility of good Taliban getting integrated. She said “we are not going to really (get) bad guys, because really bad guys are not going to renounce violence and agree to re-enter society.” Such a firm statement is likely to discourage even those who were expected to leave Taliban Al-Quaida and join Karzai.

 Washington Post and ABC News had asked a simple question as to how much confidence they had in President Obama for making right decisions for the American nation. ‘A majority 53% gave two dismal of the four responses. “None at all “had tripled in just one year from 9 percent to 27%”. In addition democrats had lost Kennedy’s seat in senate after almost 70 years. These were two bad omens for Obama and his Presidency, after one year.

Thus in Afghanistan America’s hope of dividing Talibans and getting a section integrated in Karzai’s government in Kabul has been falsified. In Iraq, too, there is no hope of America succeeding and firmly establishing pro-American democratic government in view of almost daily suicide bombing. Latest being in Karbla where a woman suicide bomber killed more than 50 and injured more than 150. Thus failure of American intervention both in Afghanistan and Iraq seems imminent.

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