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Fear Of Terrorist Attack Repetition – In USA of 9/11 and India on Delhi High Court on 9/7

For almost a week, all Newspapers and Media carried the news of possibility of terrorist attack in USA and India. Both the countries took serious steps to tighten their security. USA cannot forgive and forget the terrorist attack on twin tower that resulted in the destruction of tower and death of many hundred innocent citizens. Reason for terrorist attack in USA is because of American intervention in Afghanistan with Army, tanks and plane to kill the Taliban of Afghanistan. Immediately American army started bombing some known and other unknown hide-outs of Taliban, particularly in the tribal area of Afghanistan. This infuriated Osama Bin Laden the so called apostle of Taliban and his followers who made up the mind to hit back by master minding attack on twin tower in New York and they succeeded and many American citizens persisted thus US President determined to take revenge by virtually occupying Afghanistan and after couple of years George Washington for no reason attacked Iraq thinking that Iraq was preparing and manufacturing nuclear bombs; which was not a fact American intervention and attack with bombs and missiles by US Army has continued since then. It is worthwhile to mention that Taliban was American creation so as to end Russian occupation of Afghanistan. But when US mission to expel Russia from Afghanistan ended America tried finishing militant Talibans and establishing pro-American rule in Afghanistan.

Why there have been repeated terrorist attacks in India particularly outside High Court of Delhi, besides terrible attacks in Maharastra on train killing hundred of innocent passengers? There are so many types of Jehadis in India, originally sponsored by Osama Bin Laden, who has been killed by Americans in his hideouts close to Islamabad in Pakistan. Pakistan had been sponsoring, arming and sending Talibans originally Pathans of NWFP across Kashmir to capture it and thereafter crossing the ceasefire line of Kashmir Valley and Jammu with India from remaining part of Kashmir with Pakistan (POK). Though present Chief Minister of Kashmir, Omar Abdullah his father and grand father have always been supporting India’s central government getting financial and military assistance to fight intruder Taliban and other terrorist from Pakistan.

Pakistan has been in turmoil since its independence and has been raising Kashmir question with India and even in UN besides sending Jehadis to cross the ceasefire line and kill Kashmir’s who are pro-India. As these Jehadis could not succeed in Kashmir they have been financing, training and sending to Kashmir. Bombay and Delhi since then because India is a soft state and UPA government did not give capital punishment to any Jehadi even those caught and jailed. Even Afzal Guru who was duly sentenced to death since long by the Supreme Court has not been hanged till now though it is likely that Afzal Guru and a few more may be hanged in near future. If that is done, India Mujahdins will or likely to cease attacks in Delhi and in other parts of India.

Home Minister P. Chidambaram should have taken steps to update and strengthen security not only around Delhi High court but all over capital. Had he done so there would not been attack on High Court of Delhi on Sept 7 killing a dozen and injuring 80 and naturally there would have been no further threat of repetitive of terrorist attack on High court or anywhere. Manmohan Singh as PM should have personally seen that security has been tightened instead of just visiting the injured in hospital after the attack.

There would have been no fear of repetition of 9/11 attack on Twin Tower in New York had American forces been withdrawn from Afghanistan and no attack on Iraq. America would have saved tens of trillion dollars and there would not have been any recession or debt crisis in USA which has caused recession in Europe and Asia virtually whole world. It is high time that Obama learn lesson from the blunders of George Bush and withdraws US troops not only from Afghanistan but also from Iraq.

To sum it up during last 64 years of independence India has not systematically improved its intelligence and police services with latest equipment and
training of security personnel: That is why there had been attacks on Indian territory first by China in 1962 and later on to this day attacks by Pakistan Army, Intelligence services and Terrorists sponsored, armed and trained by Pakistan: That is why India is continuously getting terrorist attacks mainly because Indian governments have been weak and relying on vote bank politics and not hanging many terrorist like Afzal Guru.

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USA and India have become close friends in order to fight Terrorist Organisation of Pakistan like IM, LeT, JeM and HuJi

It is most significant and important that US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton on 15th Sept 2011 designated the Indian Mujahideen (IM) as a Foreign Terrorist organisation with links with Pakistan. Hillary Clinton designated the Indian Mujahideen as a Foreign Terrorist organisation (FTO) under section 219 of the immigration and nationality Act and a specially designated Global Terrorist under section 1(b) of Executive order 13224 US state department, clearly and definitely created terrorist group like IM, LeT, JeM and HuJi having significant links with Pakistan” IM in particular has been named as having close ties to other US designated terrorist organisation. States department also confirmed to the satisfaction of India that IM played a “facilitative role in 2008 Mumbai attack carried out by LeT that killed 163 people including six Americans.”

From the above serious and strong comments by US Secy of State and US State Deptt it becomes absolutely clear that US government and people are no longer indifferent to Jehadis attacks by IM and other terrorist organisation financed and supported by Pakistan, directly or indirectly by the Pakistan government which has caused havoc in India, latest being attack on Delhi High Court on 7th ­­­­­­­­September. Thus it is formal acknowledgement of US secretary of state and state Deptt that these designations (of terrorist organisation supported by Pakistan) highlight the threat of posed by Indian Mujahideen not only to western interest but to India, a close US partner”.

It is the first time in Indo-US history that India and USA have become “close partners” because Indian populace has borne the brunt of IM’S wanton violence and today actions illustrate our solidarity with the Indian government. This statement is heartening to Indian people and government was made by Daniel Benjamin, the Deptt of states coordinator for counter terrorism.

So for India has been suffering by terrorist supported by Pakistan. US has anti terrorist organisation to monitor and control and prevent terrorist activities in their country so that there is no repetition of 9/11 attack on twin towers in Washington or elsewhere in USA. Similarly India must have anti terrorist organisation with latest equipment and best intelligence, so that hereafter, there is no terrorist attack like that on Delhi High Court by IM or any other terrorist group financed by Pakistan with arms and intelligence. Thus anti terrorist organisation of India when it is farmed and headed by intelligence officers will even prevent any attack by Pakistan’s terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir, as has been going on since independence and no repetition of 26/11 attack on Mumbai.

For US-India friendship, some credit must go to PM Manmohan Singh who had visited USA and met President Obama many times and even US secretaries, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Foreign Minister Krishna or any other minister who visited USA had such a reception or such exchange of news. Though Manmohan Singh has been considered as weakest PM ever, but in this respect, for strengthening Indo-US relations, his contribution can not be ignored. In this respect Home Minister Chidambaram or Mukerjee or Antony had no contribution at all though they are quite close to Sonia Gandhi.

Latest news is that US President Obama has refused to meet Pakistan PM Yousuf Gilani. As a result Pakistan PM has called off his visit to attend UN General Assembly Session.

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Why should there be Debate in British House of Commons on Human Rights violation in Indian Kashmir?

What business or right Britain has to debate on human rights violation in British House of Commons on Indian Kashmir when the whole world knows that violation of human rights in Pakistan, which is epicentre of terror, at its height. There are daily suicides bombing attack on innocent in Pakistan and in relation Pakistan Army’s conflict or retaliation in which are almost daily. It seems that British conservative and indirectly British government which allows such a debate is guilty of violation of India’s sovereignty. Just to please Pakistan Muslims who are British citizens in great number and to get their votes. It is surprising that British Foreign and Commonwealth officials have commented that “British Parliament is entitled to debate”. Has Indian Parliament debated on Human rights violation in UK during the August 2011 riots in which many lost their lives and many houses, shops were burnt and looted? British Indian’s particularly British Sikhs prevented the riot from spreading and showed on video the happenings and atrocities, British public. Even the British PM Cameron praised the UK Indians for their efforts to maintain peace.

Whole of the world knows including USA and its President Obama that Pakistan is hub of terrorism that is why USA has been attacking Pakistan’s NWFP and Baluchistan with Drone attack for years. But British Parliament instead of debating human rights violence in Pakistan has chosen to debate on human rights violation in India’s Kashmir. Whenever there is intrusion of Pakistan terrorist in Kashmir, since Pakistan origin, India has to use its Armed forces to curb such aggression and luckily Indian Kashmir is comparatively free from terrorists today.

As in India, in Indian Kashmir there is working democracy. In Kashmir, too, unlike in Pakistan, there has been never dictatorship from the day Kashmir acceded to India on the pleading of Sheikh Abdullah in 1947 when Pakistan sponsored, trained, armed and financed terrorist from NWFP were sent to Kashmir for illegal occupation and terrorist activities.

Even on 14th September 2011, American Ambassador in Afghanistan said that “Pakistan based Haggane’s network appeared to be responsible for an hour long assault against US embassy in Kabul and nearby Nato Bases” Even China has charged Pakistan for sponsoring and arming terrorist in the China border town of Kashgarh, Pakistan being the source of arms and training the terrorist to the terrorist operating in this region. To allay the security concerns in the area of China, Pakistan has sent six delegations including those led by President Zardari in the short span of a month three more Pakistani teams led by Bilal Bhutto, President Zardari’s son visited china during last few weeks to pacify Chinese government.

It should be clear to British Parliament which country is sponsoring terrorism. Pakistan as is well known has been sponsoring terrorism in India Kashmir and not India. British PM should ban the proposed discussion so as to be just and honest and also to have good relations with British Indians as well as government and India. India has already conveyed to the British government that the proposed debate “will not be helpful” India has rightly emphasized that “India is the world’s largest functional democracy”, Though British government information office has expressed the view that the deliberation in House of Commons will be an expression of the House” these would be “non binding on the British government. But that is not enough. If House of Commons wants to discuss it should have detailed deliberations on Pakistan as hub of terrorism.

While British conservatives are targeting India, US
Secy of states Hillary Clinton and US government have on 15-9-11 openly targeted Pakistan. A statement by state government in Washington said that Indian Mujahdins “maintain close links to Pakistan based Lakshar-e-Taiba (Let) Jaish e Mohammad JEM and Harkat-e-Jihad (HEJC)” British conservatives and British government should note that and take steps that such anti India discussions do not take place in British House of Commons, in future .

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His Majesty’s Opponent- Subhas Chandra Bose and India’s Struggle against Empire by Sugata Bose – Brief Book Review.

Netaji Bose’s fight and suffering for India’s independence, if not more, was no less than that of Mahatma Gandhi or any other leader who gave his everything, including life, for India’s Freedom from British rule. The Book under review gives minute details from his childhood, studies in Cambridge University, selection in ICS, the most coveted service in early 20th century, his resignation at the age of 24 only on and joining of independence movement his election as President of Indian National Congress and his resignation manipulated and forced by Mahatma Gandhi when he got elected second time in 1939 his imprisonment in India, his going abroad to Germany and then to Japan, to fight against British Empire for freedom of India through INA in Singapore and ultimate hidden cause of his demise and his rehabilitation.

India’s greatest freedom fighter – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose never supported the British whether in India, in Cambridge and London or in any other European country that he visited a number of times and delivered fiery speeches against British imperialism and British atrocities in India. Subhas was unlike Gandhi who had supported British till the end of 1st World War and even recruited soldiers for British imperialist and was called by Annie Besant, a true freedom fighter first in Britain then in India as British sergeant though for the sake of Indian’s independence she joined Independence movement led by the Mahatma Gandhi’s non violence struggle for independence of India. She was and remained true soldier of India’s Freedom struggle till 1939.

When Subhas Bose was elected president of Indian National Congress in 1938. His inaugural address was in the words of learned author of the Book, most important, “most detailed political speech that he would ever deliver in India”. In this speech Subhas Bose challenged the British imperialists to transfer­­­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ their Empire into “federation of nation” and that policy of divide and rule was by no means blessing for the ruling power.” ­­­­­Bose further mentioned about evil intentions of British that they would seek some other constitutional device for partitioning India and there by neutralising the transfer of power to Indian people” Subhas Bose’s inaugural address was supported by all Indians including Gandhiji, Nehru and Sardar Patel, the most prominent leaders of Indian independence struggle in 1938.

Subhas Bose’s reelection as Congress President in 1939 defeating Gandhiji’s choice Sitaramya was considered by Gandhi as his personal defeat and Sadar Patel responded saying that Subhas “reelection is held to be harmful to country’s cause” but that great poet Tagore hereafter supported Bose, the “rebel” president of Congress. “In the words of learned author of the Book” for the next year and half Tagore would continue to be a rock of support during his travel” Subhas Bose who had resigned as Congress President in view of Gandhi – Patel and other Congressmen’s opposition so as to keep the congress independence movement under4 Gandhiji, in the words of author “enjoyed the brief respite from Congress politics in the idyllic setting of Tagore’s university” Tagore gave Subhas the title of “Deshnayak” leader of the country.

Subhas Bose resisted being expelled from Congress that he had served since 1921. Regarding disciplinary action against him by Congress High Commission Bose wrote on August 19, 1934 as a true congressman and freedom fighter that “shall cling to congress even with greater devotion than before and shall go on serving the congress and the country as a servant of the nation”. The learned author’s remark on this historic event is noteworthy though disciplinary action had been taken against him just over a month before. Subhas Chandra Bose was specially invited to attend congress working committee meeting at Wardha. He urged the Congress to launch a mass movement to wrest India’s freedom from Britain. But the congress leadership was not ready to do this” Such vast differences led Subhas Chandra Bose to fight foe Independence with help of Germany and Japan, then enemies of Britain. So Subhas Bose or Netaji went to Japan to fight for India’s independence with the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­armed struggle through Indian National Army INA. It must go to the credit of Subhas Bose that he forged absolute unity between Hindu Muslim and Sikh in his INA. With the defeat of Axis power – Germany and Japan in 1945, INA, too, got defeated and Subhas Bose, too. But while the Muslim soldier of INA who came to Pakistan were included in Pakistan army while Indian were made prisoners till India’s independence but were not included in the Indian Army as Nehru was “under the influence of Lord and Lady Mountbatten”.

It is said that had Subhas Bose been leader of India after independence there would not have been partition riots in which more than a million innocent Hindus and Sikhs and Muslims perished. Habibur Rahman who was Netaji’s companion in final plane journey from Taipei to Tokyo carrying Netaji’s ashes wrote in 1946, “How much we wish that he had come alive, in that case it is more than certain that he would have occupied a dominant position in India politics” and relation between India and Pakistan would have been “cordial rather than embittered”. ­ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

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Anarchy in UK and commendable Role of UK Indians

There have been large scale riots or anarchy in UK particularly in London in which, according to latest figure 30,000 people were involved. The rates continued unabated for four days. Metropolitan police figure have revealed on 22nd August that there were 3296 crimes committed during Mail indicating that average of 10 people were linked to committing each crime Scotland Yard (Public statement) on Monday.

Another significant report that is of pride for India community in London particularly the Sikh community channel, like BBC, CMM and Sky news, uninterrupted for five days of rioting from August 8 to 11. It is noteworthy that Indian community demonstrates courage with swords to prevent rioters coming near to their locality. 31 years old Upendra Randhawa was the hero. He and his crew performed the outstanding job of keeping the thousands of rioters away and being photographed as during all the few days. It is because of Sangat TV of Randhawa a 31 years old UK Sikh that police has been able to identify the criminals and take action against them. It is not only India but UK is also proud of Sangat TV and Sikh community. British PM has paid a high tribute to British Sikh.

Unprecedented and unthought of riots that started in London on 6th August. Spread to Manchester, Birmingham and to many other cities. British Police was unable to control the rioters by strict action as it happens in other countries. In no time the rioters torched cars and thereafter even buildings, putting to shame law abiding British citizens. Rioters even started looting shops. There were some riots in 1980’s but insignificant in comparison to riots of August 2011. There were racial clashes in 1980’s but in 2011 riots have been engineered by unemployed and spoilt British youth.

The riots commenced on 4th August when Police, intending to arrest a Youngman in Tottenham, instead shot him dead. This led to march to police station by the family of the dead Duggan along with 300 more. Police were overwhelmed and 26 police officers were injured in the spontaneous rioting and the rioters started burning cars and looting shops and burning houses. Even rioters lodged petrol bombs on the police but British police to save its prestige did not respond with more police firing to kill the rioters. So the riots spread and continued for few days.

When the riot were not subsiding but were going out of control, British PM David Cameron on August 9th wanted riots to stop immediately. He trebled the police force of London to 16,000 borrowing from other faces. But riots and killing of three Asian men in Birmingham were killed when a car went upto the pavement and crushed them.

The root cause of rioting was the frustration of the so called underclass of UK youth, who increasingly felt that they were ignored. This underclass could not study due to modern technology and so could not get jobs and attain much.

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Relation between Pakistan India and USA- Despite Taliban’s

Cordial relations between India and Pakistan as well as USA and Pakistan are quite difficult though both India and USA are trying their best ignoring Taliban’s daily attacks as ell as suicide bombing killing many innocent civilians besides Pakistan Army Soldier. Recently a dozen Pakistan’s military men were killed. Most of the attacks of Taliban’s are in NWEP and Baluchistan though there have been few fierce attacks in Karachi killing civilians men women and children besides Army men. Question arises, can Pakistan Army or even US Drone attacks end Taliban’s attacks? It does not seem possible till NWEP and Baluchistan get independence as Pashtu speaking Pathans of these two states having nothing in common with rest of Pakistan which is dominated by Punjabis who constitute about 80% of Pakistan’s Army and more than 75% of Pakistan’s civil service.

Pakistan dismemberment or break up started when East Pakistan declared itself independent state of Bangladesh on March 26, 1971. Pakistan sent Army to crush East Bengal citizens till then part of Pakistan. In the Civil war between West Pakistan Army and East Pakistan Bangladesh citizen more than a million people had died before East Bengal leader’s appeal to India send it’s Army which within 15 days defeated Pakistan, Army and India’s General Aurora accepted surrender from Pakistan’s general along with 1 Lakh Pakistani soldiers who were taken as prisoners and sent to India. Despite this humiliating defeat and surrender Pakistan mostly under military rulers continue to fight in Kashmir and even had fought and got defeated in a number of wars with India.

India has been facing and suffering from Taliban (originally Pathans of NWFP) since independence. In 1948 when Kashmir had signed instrument of Accession with India, Pathan Pakistani terrorists had reached near Srinagar after killing many on the way, Sheikh Abdullah leader of Kashmiris came running to Pandit Nehru, PM of India, demanding acceptance of instrument of accession and sending Indian Army units to prevent their reaching Srinagar. As Mountbatten Governor General of India favoured Pakistan, he put a clause “that will of the people” of Kashmir will be taken into account through refrendum. Nehru being PM but under influence of Mountbatten and his family did not delete this clause as PM or advised Governor General to delete it. This one ­mischief of Mountbatten who as British imperialist added this clause and blunder of Nehru has cost India and Kashmir thousands of lives during last 63 years. Accordingly India’s problem with Pakistan remains to this day and is likely to remain till dismemberment of Pakistan. In addition there has been attack on Mumbai in September 2011 killing more than 200 for which Pakistan has neither surrendered the criminals to India nor punished itself.

USA’s problem with Pakistan started with attack by suicide bombers though use of aeroplane on twin towers in New York destroying the towers and killing hundreds of innocent Americans. Pakistan needs billions of dollars from America to pay salaries to its Army and even to survive. While USA needs Pakistan help so that Pakistan Soldiers, as far as possible, control the Taliban which simultaneously USA is trying to eliminate with daily Drone attacks in NWFP and Baluchistan. As Obama is facing election in 2012, he is particular that so long as he is President of USA he keeps Pakistan as USA’S associate if not friend, so that Taliban are kept under dual attack by Pakistan Army and US Drone attack. It will be for the next President of USA Obama or someone else to either strengthen relation or ignore Pakistan leaving it to itself, because by the end of 2011 or in early 2012 America is committed to withdraw its own and NATO forces from Afghanistan after 10 years of intervention to finish or control Taliban. It has been USA’s absolute failure as Taliban remain violent killing or suicitor bombing both President Karzai’s Kabul and other areas as well as NATO faces in Afghanistan.

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Undemocratic Arrest of Anna Hazare- its Repercussion.

Anna Hazare’s agitation is against Congress Version of Lokpal Bill which allows corruption by ministers and civil servants as they are not included in UPA’S Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare wants end of corruption by all ministers, civil servant and others while the Lokpal Bill as prepared after months of discussion and proposed by Lokpal constitutional authority, includes all and does not exclude any category from corruption, in particular. Thus Anna’s arrest was meant to allow corruption by politicians and civil servants. Hazare arrest, therefore, united all oppositions against the government as the opposition rightly considered government’s version of Lokpal Bill as attack on democracy, which means all pervasive and excludes none.

Just a day after Independence Day celebration, on 16th August, government imposed section 144 and other restrictions so as to prevent Anna Hazare from going on fast and arrested him, worst of all, Anna was soon lodged in Tihar Jail along with worst criminals like A Raja and Kalmadi, Anna had not indulged in violence or even propagated violence, instead he had advised his followers never never to be violent come what may because of Police atrocities. Not allowing or preventing Anna Hazare from fast instead arrested him, a 74 year old respected person with following of thousands all over India, was unfortunate and uncalled for. It is significant that Kiran Bedi first woman IPS officer and former DG Police were also arrested as she was against corruption and was staunch follower of Anna Hazare and his campaign against corruption. So many others staunch followers like Shanti Bhushan, too were arrested. Thereafter thousands of Anna’s follower’s courted arrest and many thousands went on protesting.

Anna Hazare’s along with his close associates arrest caused nationwide uprising from Gujarat to Kerala and from Maharashtra to West Bengal. By evening government realised its folly and withdrew section 144 and release Anna Hazare and his thousands of followers. But to the surprise of government Anna refused to leave Tihar Jail thus embarrassing government further. Anna’s one day arrest has united all the opposition against government. First government laid down conditions against Anna Hazare, now Anna has said that he would leave Tihar Jail only when government unconditionally allows him to go on fast.

Anna’s arrest in the morning and order for release in the evening and mass agitation all over the country in favour of Anna Hazare has been called August Kranti all over India, first time in India since Independence. This is in absolute contrast to emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi all over India and arresting thousands all over India including hundreds of political leaders of all non congress political parties like BJP and others, including BJP’s Vajpayee, even Jai Prakash Narayan.

79 years old Dr Manmohan Singh had been a top ranking economist in World Bank and then in India under the Narasimha Rao’s Government when he was made Finance Minister. He initiated free economy in place of so called socialist economy. As a result Indian businessmen and Indian’s business flourished as never before. Indian economy attained new heights. Thanks to Narasimha Rao and Dr Manmohan Singh the economist.

It was UPA which made him Prime Minister as a show piece while all decisions political or economic were taken by Sonia Gandhi with the advice of her coterie till couple of month’s back. As situation was going out of control, government and PM on the intervention of Rahul Gandhi decided to release Anna Hazare from Tihar Jail and withdraw section 144. Anna had refused to move out of the Tihar Jail till he was allowed to go on fast. Whatever the result UPA and congress have met the worst crisis then ever before.

Government realized its folly and has bowed and has accepted all conditions of Anna Hazare. Anna decided to go on fast for 15 days from Ramlila Maidan from afternoon of 19th August and has had heros welcome at Ramlila Maidan and will remain there along with his thousands of followers. Already 25,000 followers have gathered Hazare has gained and has become leader of whole India as he has united India.

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Delay in Conviction and Punishment of Assassins

Why there has been delay of more than 20 years in the conviction and award of capital punishment to those guilty of assassinating Rajiv Gandhi Prime Minister of India? Why Afzal Guru who was awarded death sentence by Supreme Court for attack on Parliament ten years back in 2001 was not executed when a group of Jehadis led by Afzal Guru tried to kill Indians almost all political leaders inside parliament. Why did those Pakistani intruders who attacked and killed three security guards at Red Fort in December 2000, led by Ashfaq were not convicted and executed? It is only on August 10 of 2011 that the Supreme Court and in some cases High Court passes the orders convicting them and awarding death sentence to the guilty assassins.

Oldest case of assassination is that of Rajiv Gandhi, President Patel turned down mercy petition of two accused Murugam Santhanand Ariva for killing Rajiv Gandhi, thus allowing their execution. Apparently Central Government and the courts that functioned till middle of 2011 as virtual departments of government wanted or directed are responsible for unpardonable and uncalled for delay of years and decades

It is noteworthy and heartening that Supreme Court of India, which has been independence for last 3-4 months and getting the guilty ministers and officials, convicted and put behind bars. So respected and independence SC on 10th July 2011 paised an historic judgement while upholding death penalty awarded to Pakistani Lakshar-e-Toiba militant Mohd Asif Aka Ashfaq. “The crime fell within the rarest of rare category” adding “This is a unique case where there is one most aggravating circumstances that it was a direct attack on the unity, integrity and sovereignty of India by foreigners. Thus it was attack on mother India” These Pakistan criminals had attacked Red Fort on December 22, 2010 and had killed 3 Army Jawans. After committing the crime they had fled but were caught after exchange of firing and also recovered AK47 and lot of ammunition six other charged by lower court indulging Ashfaq’s Indian wife were released.

Afzal Guru had masterminded attack on Parliament ten years back was given death sentence by Supreme Court but was not executed and his mercy petition was lying with President and the government took no action to pass execution order for almost 10 years because government feared that if Afzal guru a Kashmiri Muslim was executed it will lose Muslim vote bank because the UPA government had always been following vote bank politics. It is only after 8 years that because of strict order of Supreme Court that Home Ministry or Government of India have advised the President to reject Afzal guru’s mercy petition. Accordingly his execution is now imminent.

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How To Be Your Own Best Friend by MILDRED NEWMAN and Bernard Berkowitz – A brief review

Both the authors are top raking psychologists and are wife and husband. It has been written on the top of the cover of the book – “World’s best- Loved best seller”. By going through the book one feels it is true. Even introduction of the book is enlightening and helps modern man to overcome his depression and not to accept depression as something that can not be got rid of and replaced by happiness and adventurous life. “We take very seriously pursuit of happiness and believe that we describe better than we have got”.

The Book has been written for weltode educated people and not for poor, uneducated or with little education doing daily labour for their livelihood whether they are in advance prosperous countries like USA (which is in debt crisis these days) or Asia and African Countries where 30 percent or more are below poverty level. However for the educated Americans (for whom the book was meant) and educated Asians, Africans, it is much educative and enlightening as for Americans and Europeans.

Why so many educated people all over the world feel depressed and dissatisfied in many ways? Because many people have not that sense of zest in their daily lives. Too many have just not mastered the art of being happy. Self realization is very important. A man cannot be perfect in art, science, writing articles or being a top most speaker. Every person has one aspect of knowledge and zest for it. It is important to be successful and be happy if one taps his own potential.

Feelings are mysterious; they come and go and most of the time you don’t know why one has a right to his feelings as he wants and when he wants “To feel all that you can feel is to be truly human”. But one should not be all the time clinging to unpleasant feeling or even court them. That is wrong and unhealthy. You must be proud of what you have achieved howsoever little or insignificant it may be to you or others. To quote from the book “when you do something you are proud of, dwell on it a little, praise yourself for it, relish the experience, take it in. Don’t do things that make you feel bad instead do things that make you feel good about yourself, be incharge of yourself which is quite exhibrating”.

Most important is to love thyself. If one cannot love himself, he cannot love his neighbours friends and family members as well as needy others. One should not dwell on defects or failure or bad days which are bound to be there but one should think about the time when one was wise and kind. One has to do things and make efforts about new things that one has never done before, even not fully successful like climbing Mount Everest. Something you never dreamt of doing before, like attempting to climb Mount Everest, that is what is growth that is courage to forget even defects and failures and aim at success in some new adventure. We can all do much more than we think but first we have to believe it.

If one wants to become all that is in him to become he has to use everything he has got- his feelings, intuition intelligence and willpower-the whole self. If one does all this “the payoff is enormous”. Rousseau had said Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains but the book contains golden rule. “Man is born in chains but each of us has the potential to be free” Man should work to overcome his difficulties and drawbacks “there is room for many marvelous people in the world”.

Brief review of the book “How to be your own best friend” will enlighten and encourage everyone with concluding para from the book “We can all help ourselves to change, to grow, to become the person it is in us to be we can learn to be our own best friend. We are our best source of encouragement and good advice. We are all accustomed to waiting for someone to give us a kind word, but we really have available to ourselves many kind words”.

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Is India a Scam Country or Scam is tan?

Large scale and nationwide corruption which is deep seated at every level in government at centre and states from cabinet ministers and secretaries down to Clarks and peons. It has led to scams staring with scam of A Raja of 2G from year 2002 when BJP was in power to UPA government particularly from 2007 onwards till he was put behind bars. Since then more and more scams have come to light. On July 25, A Raja was bold enough in the court of Judge OP Saini to name Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and senior cabinet minister P Chidambram. He said before judge Saini that whatever illegal and corrupt actions he committed, all were with knowledge of PM in particular. Most startling to press and people was A Raja’s statement in court that sale of spectrum in 2008 at the price of 2001 was with the knowledge of PM.

First letter by A Raja to PM was undated but letter from PM to A Raja was dated August 18, 2007. Since then 19 letters in all PM exchanged with A Raja on 2G during 4 years upto middle of 2011, when Raja was finally convicted and put behind bars- obviously it does not behove PM to be in correspondence with a known highly corrupt person like A Raja. As nationwide corruption was continued for years, Ram Jethmalani has said, “If the Sweedish Academy had a Nobel Prize for successful concealing of corruption and the corrupt, it would have gone without competition to our Prime Minister and his cabinet”. About corruption and scams in the country, Jethmalani said “Mired in corruption of all kinds; it was in no hurry to terminate it. The nation was helplessly watching shameful disclosure of scams including cabinet ministers and crucial leaders of ruling party. It is possible that other corrupt politicians and bureaucrats were involved. But the main responsibility can only be of the ruling government and the Prime Minister, an impeccable white knight of political integrity” as a result regime of scamsters protects the corrupts.

Cabinet Minister who knew about illegal actions of A Raja in the price of spectrum sale were P Chidambram, Parnab Mukherjee chairman of GOM on spectrum, Han Raj Bhardwaj the Law Minister, Montek Singh Ahluwalia Deputy chairman Planning Commission and Goolam Vahanvate Solicitor General during UPA I, Among the civil servants who had a say in scam are Sidharth Bphura Telecom secretary who has been charged with criminal conspiracy, forgery and using faged documents and cheating. He has been convicted and has spent more than 175 days in jail. Sanjay Chandra former MD Unitech Wireless has also been charged and has already spent more than 100 days in jail for the same crimes as of Sanjay Chandra.

It is unjust for Jethmalani to blame only PM who had, till recently, never taken any decision himself. He had always been guided even directed by Sonia Gandhi, UPA Chairperson, who was guided by a coterie of ministers. That is source of all corruption, particularly since 2007-2008 and all scams and even steep decline in popularity of UPA II Congress.
Latest scam which has come to light and has even rocked the Parliament on 8th and 9th August 2011 is about Sheila Dixit Chief Minister of Delhi. She played an imported role in CWG Scam along with Suresh Kalmadi. She was herself found guilty and corrupt by CAG. Thus there seems to be no end of scams in our Country.

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