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How India won Independence and How India became closer to USA

Without help in any form from USA or other countries India won Independence in 1947 after a struggle of 100 years from 1847 when British East India Company Conquered Ranjit Singh’s Sikh Empire mainly through British conspiracy with the clandestine assistance of Dogras Dhyan Singh who was Prime Minister and his brother Gulab Singh. From 1847 to 57 British rule was in turmoil and there was uprising of 1857 what British called revolt and India considered First war of Independence. British succeeded by employing the entire then Indian allied troop headed by British Army with latest weapons, canons and trained artillery. After prolonged struggle Muslim rule of almost a thousand years ended and the last Mughal King Bahadur Shah though nominal, confined to Red Fort, was taken prisoner and extradited from India.

Next most historic event was Jallianwala Bagh massacre by the British General O’Dyer killing more than a thousand unarmed citizens, men, women and children who had gathered to listen to Indian leaders. This cruelty of British was turning point in India’s fight for independence. Even Gandhi who was till then pro British joined and ultimately led the independence movement though through non-violent and peaceful means. Leaders like Subhash Chader Bose wanted Independence by all means. Bose was elected Congress President but as Gandhi opposed it he resigned. He went to Germany and then during 2nd world war beginning to fight for India’s Independence through Indian National Army.

Had Allies not been supported by USA, Britain would have been conquered by Germany as France and all the European countries. Thus, British after 1945 war losses in men and material realized that it would not be possible to rule such a vast country like India. So Indian independence movement both of Gandhi and Subhash Bose succeeded and in 1947 India won Independence. This is in brief how India won Independence despite Churchill’s opposition which resulted in partition of India and creation of Pakistan. Nehru became Prime Minister of India and Sardar Patel Home Minister. Gandhi who had become Mahatma opposed partition of India and in view of partition riots initiated by Pakistan under Jinnah right from August 47. Thus Mahatma Gandhi started fast on 15th August 1947 instead of celebrating independence of India, by prolonged struggle spread over 100 years. He was ready to go to Pakistan for which he paid with his life.

During Nehru era from 1947 to 1964 and for some years thereafter India had close relations with USSR and Nehru followed Socialist pattern of Society and controlled economy almost banning private enterprise. This policy became injurious to India’s growth and economy as it became more of inspector rule and hub of corruption all over. India’s GDP during this period of State control of economy remained static. It is India’s defeat in 1962 against Chinese aggression in North East of India that Nehru woke up to the horrors of following a communist USSR and approached USA for assistance, which reluctantly USA gave though with conditions. Here after era a mixed economy started. After Nehru’s demise in 1964 because of the shock of defeat of 1962. Hereafter relations with capitalist countries particularly USA started developing fast. This is how communist influence declined and American cooperation and influence increased since 1964 onward.

Earlier US President Clinton had visited India. It too, was a remarkable visit as he was very popular at home and abroad especially in India. But President Obama’s visit in November 2010 after commonwealth games was very significant as well as memorable. He promised, among other economic, social and agricultural cooperation that India deserves to be permanent member of UN Security Council, like USA. UK, France, Germany and China. For this announcement he got tremendous applause both from the government and people of India. Here are some extracts and valiant points from his speeches and agreements.

President Obama’s India’s visit along with his wife to India was historic in many respects. In one of his speeches he welcomed India’s rise in comity of nations as a great and fast growing democratic country. He said ‘ I believe that in one interconnected world increased commerce between the connected states and India can be and will be a win-win proposition for both nations ‘There was business and entrepreneurship conference between more than 100 US businessmen that accompanied Obama and India’s top businessmen in equal number to discuss and finalize trade agreements between two countries.

There was agreement between Reliance Power and US Exim Bank to provide about 5 billion US dollars in financial support for development of up to 8000 mw of gas powered electricity generating units and in addition up to 900 mw solar and wind renewable energy facilities. Spice jet of India and Boeing of USA concluded an agreement for the sale of 30 B 737-800 aircrafts for the commercial use by Spice jet. In the sphere of Railway improvement in India, there was agreement to manufacture and supply 1000 diesel locomotive in 10 years, about 100 such locomotives every year. This will make Indian Railways more efficient and modern. To help India provide houses for the poor, an agreement for production of equipment and manufacture of pre fabricated house has been reached. There are many other MOU’S and agreements, details of which cannot be given in this brief survey. Support of USA to India is vital as India is no more dependent on Russia or any other country for its development and rise as a big power in all spheres in another 10 to 20 years.

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Second Afghan War – India to be Alert

William Dalrymple, a renowned Writer has called the present American war in Afghanistan as 2nd Afghan war. First Afghan war was fought in 1842-1843 when England in its arrogance as a supreme power, attacked Afghanistan and suffered the most humiliating defeat when British East India Company lost 40,000 soldiers, only 40-50 were able to survive Afghan onslaught. As it was East India Company’s folly in 1840, so is the American folly under George Bush in the year 2000. In 19th Century England as biggest and strongest colonial power in which, as they said,’ Sun never set’, thought of conquering Afghanistan or at least subduing it, so that it does not, as it was feared, join the Russian czarists against British. Similarly USA considered itself, after the breakup of USSR, the only super power in the world. Accordingly USA thought that it can subdue Afghanistan, after dominating Latin America and whole of Europe as the founder and organizer of NATO and its dominant and supreme leader.

USA forgot about its virtual defeat in China, where after the war in 1945, it intervened on the side of Chiang Kai Shek against Mao communist movement and after a prolonged struggle lost whole of Chinese mainland and Chiang had to flee. America also failed to recall or learn lesson from its humiliating defeat in Vietnam where 80,000 American soldiers lost their lives and ultimately USA had to evacuate its diplomatic staff and some other military personnel, who survived, by helicopters from the roof of American Embassy building. Yet America unnecessarily intervened in Afghanistan a decade back to annihilate Talibans who were in fact American creation with the help of Pakistan to turn out Russian soldiers from Afghanistan and topple the communist government of Kabul in which they succeeded because of fight and sacrifice by Taliban of Afghanistan, though USA had provided them money, arms and equipment.

Afghanistan’s present puppet regime of Karzai which hardly controlled one third of Afghanistan and despite American bombing in the hideouts of Taliban for the last almost 10 years they could not defeat or ever demoralize Talibans. Taliban are resentful of USA because they feel that when they attacked Russian soldiers to turn them out of Afghanistan USA and Pakistan considered them as “freedom fighters” and now they consider Taliban as enemies and terrorists and have been killing them, their women and children in Afghanistan as well as in parts of Pakistan, NWFP and Baluchistan by incessant daily attacks by drones and other means.

Now Talibans instead of being defeated and accepting defeat are encircling Kabul and its adjoining territories with a view to over throw Karzai government and end American intervention. America has already lost thousands of American soldiers as well as NATO soldiers. It is reported on 5th Sept 2010 that America and NATO have lost 500 soldiers up to August, while during whole of 2009 only 500 were lost as per Reuters tally. After having ended US combat operation or war in Iraq. President Obama is now realizing the inability of USA to eliminate Talibans, so is preparing for withdrawal of US combat forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2010. Obama seems to be determined man and believing in peace and harmony is likely to succeed in ending war in Afghanistan as he has done in Iraq. Obama rightly thinks it is more important to devote time and money for development of US economy which has suffered a lot during 2008 and 2010. By the end of 2010, as Karzai has set up a committee to negotiate with Taliban America, NATO and in fact whole world will be relieved, thank him and appreciate his efforts. Obama has also called to USA Israeli PM and Palestinian President to discuss and agree for lasting peace. Another meeting has been called for Sept 14-15 to finalize the agreement. Obama is likely to succeed.

It is high time that India should realize the futility of helping Karzai government with construction of Infrastructure and sending to Afghanistan hundreds of Indian workers. Government of India have 3 months to steadily reduce the Indian Embassy staff and Indian workers, in view of hostility of Talibans towards India. Talibans believe that India has been serving American interests as American ally like other NATO countries without militarily supporting American war in Afghanistan. Talibans even consider Pakistan as their enemy and are attacking now and then with suicide bombing even places far off as Quetta and Lahore. In India, too, Taliban are helping Kashmiri dissidents with arms and men to create unrest, in a revengeful manner. Thus government of India should give first priority to end American sponsored assistance to Afghanistan and start recalling back Indian workers.

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Barack Obama- The Audacity of Hope: Brief Comments and Review

As the title of the Book signifies, President Obama has been exceptionally bold and fearless in writing this autobiography. This fearlessness, courage and determination has made a first non-white American President who was just an ordinary American citizen, though well educated in law and political science. After completing his education he taught in Chicago Law school. When Obama came to Chicago he lived and worked in what he called “low income neighbourhood”. He was a dedicated civil right worker when a seat in legislature fell vacant he decided to stand for it. When he was canvassing from house to house, shop to shop, street to street someone asked him “when you seem like a nice enough guy. Why do you want to go into something dirty and nasty like politics”. But young Obama was determined and with the consent of his wife decided to go ahead and he won. He worked hard as a legislature and earned a good name so he felt encouraged and more determined. In 2000, after six years, he stood for membership of American Senate which was most important and decidedly most difficult to win. Obama lost the election badly, felt humiliated but did not lose heart as he was ever a strong and determined man. As he says “a year and a half later the scars of that loss sufficiently healed”

Victory, defeat and again, with perseverance and determination, victory are part of political life and career, for anyone who joins politics despite it being considered dirty or as the saying goes ‘ last resort’ Similarly in any career there are bound to be setbacks one should not lose heart. If one follows Obama there is bound to be success in business or any other career, in due course.

Obama wrote this book when he was a member of US Senate, even after having got defeated badly once he triumphed next time. He had to care for his wife, his two little daughters though his wife reluctantly consented to his joining politics and continuing to strive for higher positions from membership of state legislature to senate twice and finally for fighting elections to be President of USA, despite being a non-white: Obama’s winning the election for Presidentship was unique.

Obama frankly said without fear: “I am angry about policies that consistently favour the wealthy and powerful over average Americans and insist that the government has an important role in opening up opportunity for all” He did not forget or was never ashamed of his heritage and the discrimination that black and coloured American had suffered for centuries. In his words: I can’t help but view the American experience through the lens of a black man of mixed heritage for ever mindful of how generations of people who looked like me were abjugated and stigmatized and the subtle and not subtle ways that race and class continue to shape our liver”. It is a great tribute to present day Americans that despite the views expressed by Barack Obama he was elected President. That shows USA has really become a classless society. Further proof is election of Boby Jindal, originally an Indian Hindu, now an American Christian, as senator and nomination of Nikky Haley, similarly an Indian Sikh by birth and now Christian politician who is likely to be in US Senate in November 2010.

About economic progress and social progress of USA during last 30 to 40 years Obama’s views are clear, leaving aside the economic and financial crises of 2009 and 2010. “Over the last 30 years average earning of American men have grown less than 1 percent after being adjusted to inflation. Meanwhile the cost of, from housing to health care to education has steadily risen. What has kept a large swath of American families from falling out of the middle class has been Mom’s pay check.”

In India too despite inflation the condition of middle class has improved as more and more women in India are getting employment in all spheres, making it possible for middle class families to have better standard of living, better housing and health and education. According to New York Times Obama’s ‘The Audacity of Hope’ has been ‘No 1 best selling’ in USA. As Obama had promised he has achieved by ending 7 year old war in Iraq. All credit must go to Obama. It is also hoped that soon or by the end of 2010 American 10 year old war in Afghanistan will also be over. As such Obama will be remembered in USA and all over the world as man of peace and determination.

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India and China Shine

According to International Monetary Fund (IMF) GDP growth of China and India is the highest in the entire world. India comes as number one because India is a democracy while, though China’s GDP, set to grow during 2010, is a little higher, China is a dictatorship with controlled economy, though with doses of liberalism. However it is heartening to note that whole of Europe America and even Japan are far behind in GDP growth. According to latest IMF figures of GDP growth during 2010 of selected important countries of the world is as under:

High growth countries of GDP

China – 10.5%

India – 9.5%

Brazil – 7.1%

Modest growth of GDP

Mexico – 4.5%

Russia – 4.1%

USA – 3.3%

Slow growth of GDP

Japan – 2.4%

France – 1.4%

Germany – 1.4%

UK – 1.3%

Negative growth of GDP

Spain (-) 0.4%

There are more than one hundred countries whose growth of GDP% has not been mentioned in the Newspapers. There are countries of Europe like Holland, Denmark, Italy and Portugal as well as Czechoslovakia and other countries of Eastern Europe. No country of Middle East and Africa has been mentioned. P-rosperous countries like Turkey, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand have been forgotten.

Just as Chinas high GDP is because of China’s dictatorship under Maoist communism but India’s highest GDP amongst Democracies of the world is despite India’s 30 per cent people living below poverty line and most of them not in regular organized or unorganized employment because they are either landless farmers or from so called SC and other backward classes. In addition India’s polities and political parties are not stable. Besides there are many corrupt leaders of political parties, other politician and even civil servants and some army officers.

In spite of all these shortcomings India is shining because of industrial growth which is highest, mainly due to cheap labour. A worker in American and European industry costs 50 times more than an Indian worker. Thus India’s achievement is remarkable in export of textiles, handicrafts etc. In addition India’s Technocrats of information technology, Business managers and doctors as well as world famous entrepreneur like Mittals amongst the Richest ten people of the world. They have done India proud and has contributed the most in India’s growth to make India shine, almost the most, in the comity of nations.

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Indian American Governors in the USA

It is great tribute to intelligence and adjustment of Indians in a foreign country, USA, to rise to such a coveted positions as to be governors of American states. Bobby Jindal was the first to be elected to US house of Representatives and then to become Governor. Equally, rather much more, is the achievement of an Indian-American woman, Nikki Haley to be nominated by Republican Party to become Governor of another American state. It is noteworthy that there are immigrants in large numbers form other Asian countries like China and Japan but none from their communities has attained high positions in American politics, not to speak of a Chinese or Japanese origin American becoming governor of an American state, though there are so called China towns and big Japanese enclaves.

Both Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley were brought up by Indian-American parents as Hindu and Sikh respectively. Both got converted to Christianity of their own as they grew up. Bobby Jindal embraced Christianity when he was too young and studying in High school while Nikki Randhawa became Christian at the age of 24 when she had experienced racial discriminated by white American against non-white Americans belonging to other religions than Christianity.

Bobby Jindal married an Indian-American girl. Priya Jolly when he was 24. Nikki married an American Christian Micheal Haley, after a Republican had called her ‘rag-headed’. Thus Amarita Nikki Randhava thereafter became Nikki Haley though she was daughter of Dr. Ajit and Raj Randhawa, hailing from Amritsar, the holy city of Sikhs like Vatican for Christians. But Nikki and Micheal Haley were married twice, once under Sikh rites in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib and again under Christian rites performed by a bishop.

Nikki Haley though has been nominated by Republican Party to be Governor of South-Carolina state will be actually sworn in November 2010. There are bound to be jubilations amongst American Indians, particularly amongst. American Sikhs, besides her relations in USA and India.

Governor Bobby Jindal is now 39 years old, while Nikki Haley is only 38 years old. To be Governors of American states in their thirties is really a big achievement. To be Governor of American state has the status and powers of an Indian states Governor as well as Chief Minister, as Governor of an American state appoints his own Cabinet and other officials, they don’t have to be elected or nominated while in India Governor is mostly figure-head and is to act on the direction of President or Central Government while all power rests with the Chief Minister who is a political party’s nominee and has to follow the instructions and guidance of the Party.

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India Pakistan and USA

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s latest meeting with President Obama of USA seems to have been quite successful. On Manmohan Singh’s insistence Obama has promised to restrain Pakistan from sending terrorist of Al Qiada Taliban etc to India. PM has also got assurance of 9/11 bombing of Mumbai. Further, President Obama was serious in preventing Pakistan government’s access to nuclear missiles. Our Prime Minister has also suggested formation of a wider organization to control the spread of nuclear energy and weapons. There are few achievements of Manmohan Singh’s US visit on April 12 to 14, of this year.

USA is more concerned with its own problems in Iraq Afghanistan and even Talibans of Pakistan. USA and President Obama are rather worried because even after a decade, Afghanistan and Iraq problems do not appear to be over despite US and NATO allies armies using their best armies and weapons and in addition bombing by Drone planes. During last decade or so more than one lakh insurgents in Iraq Afghanistan and Pakistan have been killed besides many thousand civilians because of suicide bombing by insurgents, in addition to USA and NATO armies attacks on their hide outs in Afghanistan and tribal areas of Pakistan in NWFP and Baluchistan.

Recently Afghanistan President, Hamid Karzai criticized US military attacks on the hide outs of Taliban killing many civilians and Talibans. All this has led to intensive retaliation by Talibans even on the Afghan capital Kabul and embassies located close by even Indian embassy. USA is, since then more worried about Afghanistan.

President Obama is more worried about insurgencies continuing in Iraq and Afghanistan as America is not in any way near a victory or solution though the US President has virtually announced to withdraw US Army from Afghanistan and Iraq by the end of 2010. Because of thousands of Americans having been killed and wounded during a decade of fighting, Obama is losing his popularity which is on decline.

Thus it is evident that USA cares much more for Pakistan by giving billions of dollars as financial aid as well as latest arms so that Pakistan Army tackles Taliban particularly in the tribal areas of NWFP and Baluchistan, by following dictate of USA and attacking Taliban in their hide-outs, killing not only Talibans but the civilian population too, which is displaced. Because of all these attacks by USA and Pakistan Army, Pakistan Government is facing occasional suicide bombing in Lahore and Peshawar and areas adjoining the Pakistan Capital.

Thus, so far as India is concerned, despite half a dozen visits by Manmohan Singh and talks with President Obama and US officials, there can not be much support by USA to India. India unlike Pakistan, can not ne subservient to USA. India is the biggest democracy and second most highly populated state with diverse cultures and languages. No Prime Minister or Government of India can take a decision, unlike Pakistan, to support and help USA, as Pakistan has been doing for the last 50 years or so under different governments and dictatorships.

Even India-US nuclear deal is being reprocessed despite American pressure, sometime, for immediate approval or agreement by India. Manmohan Singh and Government of India can not approve this deal without approval of Parliament. There was heated debate in Parliament and lot of opposition by BJP and Communists in and outside Parliament. It is therefore not possible for Manmohan Singh to get Parliament’s approval to nuclear liability bill in the present form. Accordingly USA, too, has understood Manmohan Singh’s difficulties and has toned down its requirements. US Ambassador to India has said on March 29 that “arrangement and procedure” for reprocessing US origin spent fuel have been made. He further added “This instant step is part of the great win – win narrative of US India Global Partnership.

On relations with Pakistan and resumption of talks PM made it clear in his after Security Summit press conference “If Pakistan takes credible steps to bring perpetrators of horrible crimes of 26/11 bombing in Bombay, to book that is the minimum we expect. If Pakistan does that, we will be very happy to begin talks once again”. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh further said that he would not enter into argument with Pakistani PM Zardari on this subject as India had given all evidence against them and the LeT hand.

USA and Russia, biggest nuclear powers of the world, signed a protocol to get rid of 24 tons of plutonium each equivalent to 17000 weapons. The protocol was hailed as full success. This is the greatest achievement of the Nuclear Summit.

It is noteworthy that President Obama has expressed and even eulogized Indo-US friendship. He said after the conclusion of Nuclear Summit. “There is no country where opportunities for a strategic partnership are more important to me personally and to the US than are with India.” India hails this friendly gesture towards India by President Obama of USA.

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Controversy Over Nuclear Bill- Implications of Civil Nuclear Liability

 It is surprising that neither the PM or a senior Minister has tried to explain the nuclear liability bill. It was Shivshankar Menon, National Security Advisor who briefed a group of Congress MP’s claiming that this Bill “would introduce a transparent, orderly and predictable system of compensation to victims and fix responsibility for nuclear incident” He has not said that the liability of an Indian operator will be insignificant compared to liability, because of an incident, in USA to an American operator which will be 20 to 25 times more than in India or compensation for an Indian citizen. Payment of compensation to a victim of nuclear accident will be on the basis of a complex formula which has not been explained by Menon or the PM in Lok Sabha.

The government favours the passage of the Indo-US Nuclear Bill, as of high priority. But its retreat indicates its worries over its smooth passage. Mamta Banerjee has opposed the bill and is ready to play spoiler. As in 33 percent reservation for women’s bill Sonia Gandhi’s prestige is involved, so in the Nuclear Bill Manmohan Singh’s prestige is much more involved.

BJP the main opposition party is vehemently apposed to nuclear bill. BJP’s Yashwant Sinha, former Union Minister, has even gone so far as to say that BJP will never accept this bill which favours USA and “transfers a large part of liability to the government in other words to tax payer”. Sinha further elucidated that the bill violates Article 21 of the constitution, right to protection of life and personal liberty and is also violation of Article 14 ‘Right to Equality’ as the liability under Price Anderson Act of the US is 12.5 billion Dollars (Rs 49,266 crore), while that of India is Rs 2,142 crore, which is 23 times higher than the liability fixed for an Indian operator. That means an American life is valued 23 times more than that of an Indian.

All the left parties, CPM, CPI, Forward Bloc and RSP in a joint statement have condemned haste to pass this bill with unjust liability to government of India and Indian operator. These parties have written an open letter to all MPs to oppose the Bill. The left parties have “questioned the government’s rationale to put a cap on liability at Rs 2,142 crore out of which amount Rs 1,642 crore would be borne by the government and the rest by nuclear operator.” Considering the damage that was caused by nuclear explosions i.e. dropping atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in 1945, the damage caused is million times more in lives and property. Who will bear the cost, unfortunately if it takes place? There are many loopholes in the Bill which USA is insisting for India to ratify. PM and the government of India have not clarified in detail the implications.

There seems lot of confusion as well as lack of clarity. That is the reason for the opposition parties to declare strongly rejection of the nuclear liability Bill. The government of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh should not forget that 33 Percent reservation for women Bill could only be passed in Rajya Sabha because of complete and wholehearted support by the opposition parties. Neither 33 Percent women representation Bill nor the nuclear liability Bill can get through in Lok Sabha as Congress and UPA do not and can not have two third majority for the passage of these two important and rather historic Bills.

Indo-US Nuclear agreement has brought hope for nuclear development in India for peaceful purposes. Nuclear energy is to provide in due course, maximum share of the electric energy required in the country, demand for which will be manifold in coming two decades. It will reduce pollution in India as well as reduce global warming which is posing danger to our planet. Hydro electric power, wind energy as well as solar energy can meet the demand marginally though progress in these sectors, too, will be there. Production of nuclear energy even for peaceful uses has many problems to name a few like heavy cost of construction of nuclear power stations as well as safeguards against incidents, radio activity and disposal of nuclear waste.

Article 2-4 of Indo-US agreement gives India freedom to use nuclear material available in India that has not been supplied under the Indo-US agreement. But the crises in India as outlined above, is strong criticism by left parties and BJP about the details of civil nuclear liability which require to be clarified by the Indian government so that opposition to the Bill is diluted. Whatever modifications in the nuclear agreement in India’s interests are required should be done and taken up urgently. Infact detailed clarifications should have been given long back.

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Islam its Origin and Teachings

 About 600 years AD i.e. after Christ, came Hazrat Mohammad. He was born in Mecca in 570 AD. All those who consider Mohammad as their prophet and believe in Allah (God) are known as Muslims. To begin with his teachings had annoyed the people of Mecca. Many Muslims were ‘prosecuted’ as his followers grew in numbers and “rejected idol worship”. So, in 622 AD Mohammad and his followers emigrated to Medina. His and his followers emigration to Medina is known as Hijra and Muslim calendar starts from this year. When Mohammad and his followers had become strong they returned to Mecca victorious and “destroyed all the idols” in the shrines of Mecca, known as Kaaba. The inhabitants of Mecca accepted Mohammad as prophet and accepted Islam as their religion. Thereafter Islam spread to Arab and adjoining countries like Iraq, northern Africa and even some areas of Spain. Muslims encouraged learning, in medieval times, as part of their religious duty. The Muslims of those days translated into Arabic, the ancient knowledge of ancient world available only in Greek and Syriac languages.

After Mohammad died in AD 632, Abu Bakar his close companion was elected caliph (successor).

However the basic tenets of Islam, which have been ignored by many Muslims and others, are for harmony with followers of all religions and their prophets as the following extract from Quran will elucidate:

Say, we believe in Allah and in what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Issac, Jacob and the tribes of Moses and Jesus and the other prophets. We make no destination between them and to Allah we have surrendered ourselves (2-BC)

“O mankind, we have created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes, that you might get to know one another. The noblest of you in Allah’s sight is who is most religious. Allah is all knowing and wise (49,13)

Christians are living in Christian or Christian dominated countries in peace and harmony with followers and worshipers of all religions, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jewish religion. To this day there are insignificant number of non-Muslims in Muslim dominated countries of Arabia, Iran and North Africa. There are millions of Hindus Sikhs and Muslims in USA, Canada, Britain and virtually in all the so called Christian or Christian dominated countries including Australia and New Zealand and now in Latin America, too.

For the peace in ever –changing world, which is now worried about climate change, all people of this planet must join hands, irrespective of their religions, to save this (planet) or the world otherwise entire humanity and all living beings on earth, in rivers oceans, and in air will suffer.

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HAITI- Its origin and Recent Tragedy

Almost a month back one of the worst tragedies occurred in Haiti, a small country with less than 10 million population. The disaster of January 12, 2010 killed more than 2 lakhs inhabitants, mostly poor farmers and workers. It is reported that for almost one week there was no food and medical aid from anywhere from Spain, USA and France, in particular, as they have been ruling directly or indirectly over Haiti. France ruled Haiti for a long after Spanish control. Accordingly the official language of Haiti is French.

Aid has trickled thereafter. But many thousand unfortunate remained under debris for more than a week. Instead of direct and substantial help to Haitians, particularly the orphans, there was attempt to take away or kidnap, many orphans by missionaries for adoption at a price or conversion. Some missionaries were even caught and jailed for sometime. Even after a fortnight of disastrous quake there were “Thousands of criminals on the loose and reports of rape and violence” and all types of crimes. USA could send hundreds of soldiers and volunteers to help in all spheres. But USA did not. Had USA or UN taken emergency measures and aid, there would have been some immediate relief to the poor victims of worst earthquake.

It will enlighten many to know the origin and history of Haiti in brief, as Haiti though founded in 1492 by Columbus, is now “oldest black republic in the world and second oldest independent in the world.”

Columbus, as is well known, was trying to reach India, but reached Haiti in 1492 a part of West Indies. Columbus thought that he had reached West of India, i.e. Haiti and adjoining areas, south of Cuba and touching Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea. Haiti is an Indian word meaning high ground. There are two chains of rugged mountains in North as well as in South, so it was named as Haiti and is known as Haiti since the time of discovery by Christopher Columbus.

During 500 years of its known existence, Haiti has met with many tragedies because of greed of Western Powers, particularly Spain, France and USA. Haiti was conquered, destroyed and re-conquered a number of times.

Columbus himself discovered gold and built a small fort of timber in Haiti. He left behind some of the crew, to guard the fort and get gold from the gold mines. But the aboriginals known as ‘Arawak Indians’ destroyed the fort and killed all those whom Columbus left behind. Haitis estimated population in 1991 was about seven million and it would be about 10 million in year 2010 before the worst tragedy struck killing as per latest estimate more than 2 lakhs inhabitants.

Because of the discovery of gold, many more Spanish settlers came to Haiti. “They forced the Indians to mine gold and raise food for them. They treated the Indians so harshly that by 1580 only a few hundred Indians were alive. The Spanish settlers brought slaves from Africa to “work for them” Spain continued to control Haiti and Dominican Republic till the French, English and Dutch pirates stationed in small island of Taruga made the life of spainiocals miserable. Accordingly king of Spain ordered them to leave Haiti and Dominican Republic and go to Mexico and Peru where Spain established new settlements. Haiti in due course, became a French settlement. French became the official language. France had brought almost 5,00,000 slaves from Africa in contrast to 60,000 French. French made Haiti more prosperous than even their colony in part of Canada.

However during French Revolution of 1791, the so called slaves became conscious and rebelled against the French. Though Napoleon had sent French soldiers to recapture Haiti and make it French colony but it was short lived. The rebels defeated the French and General Jean Jacques Diesoline, leader of rebels, proclaimed Haiti an independent country, thereafter recognized all over the world.

In Haiti more than 80% are farmers and live in villages. They grow sugarcane; coffee which are processed there and exported to USA and other countries. Besides Haiti grows cotton. There are cotton mills and craft workers handicrafts that they have woven. Only 5 to 10 percent know French and rule the country, Republic of Haiti.

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American Failure in Afghanistan and Iraq Imminent

It is not Obama alone the current President of USA, but chiefly his predecessors, particularly George Bush who is to be blamed for imminent failure of USA’s intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq. It seems to be writing on wall. America is almost committed to withdraw its and NATO troops fighting in Afghanistan and possibly in Iraq before the end of 2010. American intervention to finish violent Taliban had become necessary because the very Taliban who were creation of USA with the assistance of Pakistan, to push out Russian Communists who had converted Afghanistan into a communist state. Withdrawal and expulsion of Russian troops was mainly due to courage and fighting capacity of dedicated Talibans. Thereafter Taliban turned to capture power in Afghanistan and push out the Americans, too. With a view to establish pro-American and Anti Communist government in Kabul American intervention got intensified. Talibans did not and could not tolerate that in place of Russian dominance there should be American dominance in Afghanistan.

Talibans not only resisted American and so called NATO troops, they started killing all those Afghans who were pro-American or had become power hungry to rule Afghanistan with American support and without Taliban participation or help. Thus besides thousands of US and NATO troops having been killed, lakhs of Afghans, many women and children, have perished in this fratricidal war of Talibans against their own Afghans, through suicide bombing and other war like attacks.

Even when Americas war of intervention in Afghanistan was going on, George Bush, US President decided to intervene in Iraq on the plea that Iraq was preparing nuclear weapons. Though this view of George Bush had no validity. Even the UN sponsored team that was sent to Iraq did not support this view of George Bush. Yet George Bush in 2003 sent American Army to Iraq to destroy their military and nuclear capability. As a result in 2003 USA sent its troops to finish Iraqi President Sadan and establish a pro American Government in Baghdad. America succeeded in their aim but the war in Iraq has continued for seven years.

Consequences of both the interventions of USA under the aegis of NATO, earlier in Afghanistan and in 2003 in Iraq, seem to have been utter failures in achieving American purpose of establishing with American help so called democratic governments. Both the attempts have failed and so USA is facing imminent failure.

It is surprising that USA has not learnt lesson from its gigantic failures in China and thereafter in Vietnam. In China, against Mao Tse Tung’s communists, America supported Chiangkai Shek who ultimately ran out of mainland China and with American support became ruler of Chinese off-share island of Taiwan.

Similarly Americans refused to learn lesson from their utter or worst failure for intervention in Vietnam against Ho Chi Minh’s government. For quite a long time America used all types of weapons and scratched earth policy, and carpet-bombing but ultimately USA had to quit when eighty thousand American soldiers had died. The humiliating end was marked by America taking away its last soldiers and diplomats through Helicopters from the roof of American Embassy.

 The above review points out that though, as a last resort Americans are trying to integrate with Karzai Government in Kabul the so called, comparatively non-combatant Talibans. This policy of dividing Talibans is likely to meet with failure. Thus American intervention in both Afghanistan and Iraq faces imminent failure.

On January 30, 2010, Hillary Clinton US Sec of State gave a disappointing statement about possibility of good Taliban getting integrated. She said “we are not going to really (get) bad guys, because really bad guys are not going to renounce violence and agree to re-enter society.” Such a firm statement is likely to discourage even those who were expected to leave Taliban Al-Quaida and join Karzai.

 Washington Post and ABC News had asked a simple question as to how much confidence they had in President Obama for making right decisions for the American nation. ‘A majority 53% gave two dismal of the four responses. “None at all “had tripled in just one year from 9 percent to 27%”. In addition democrats had lost Kennedy’s seat in senate after almost 70 years. These were two bad omens for Obama and his Presidency, after one year.

Thus in Afghanistan America’s hope of dividing Talibans and getting a section integrated in Karzai’s government in Kabul has been falsified. In Iraq, too, there is no hope of America succeeding and firmly establishing pro-American democratic government in view of almost daily suicide bombing. Latest being in Karbla where a woman suicide bomber killed more than 50 and injured more than 150. Thus failure of American intervention both in Afghanistan and Iraq seems imminent.

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