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How To Be A Writer

It is old saying that writers, painters and artists are born: they only strive and struggle to earn their livelihood though they are gifted and very many die as poor and unrecognized. The most important example of a writer of eminence is of Karl Marx who devoted all his adult life to reading and writing and but for his friend and associate support he might have died before completing his monumental Engles world famous work Das Capital of which millions of copies have been sold in many languages. Still Karl Marx had no money for medical treatment of his wife. Similarly Paul Gaugin a top ranking born artist died in poverty while today his each painting is sold for crores of rupees or million of dollars. 

But since 20th century there is dramatic and glaring change because of wide spread specific education in literature, in art, in music and dancing. New Indian Nobel Laureates like Rabindra Nath Tagore, Hargobind Khurana and Amratya Sen have been able to rise to eminence because of good education and hard work in their respective fields of literature, science and economics. 

How to be a writer and thereafter by persistence to be a writer of eminence. There are ways as elucidated in the book-Weekly Writes by sherry Ma Bella Arietta. The theme of this book is, how even an ordinary man by following the rules prescribed in the book can be a writer. If he is already a writer, how can he attain excellence and recognition in his country and the world. Here are some relevant interesting and useful extracts. 

 “All authors, whether they realize it or not, have a common theme running through their work, whether it is strength of love, the theme redemption, saving power of truth etc. Your theme is part of your finger print on your work and is part of what makes your writing sound uniquely yours” 

Themes can be, Rediscovering love, Forgiveness, Freedom, Finding strength on faith or love and devotion to wife, mother and sisters and Secrets. 

Sobriety “is a state of being moderate in temper or conduct, of forbearance, of self-denial, of calmness and steadiness—being unimpassioned, unexcited, not losing balance.”

Indecision “Indecision after times hinders as from achieving are goals we have set for ourselves. Indecision can cause regrets. How many times have you said to yourself.”

Sobriety is essential for a writer but indecision is bad and even harmful to mind and health and one’s work as a writer.

It is an important Para from Weekly Writer.

“When you understand fully, how your mind and heart work – You will be able to create a masterpiece from words. Your words will have more texture, more flavour, more truth. You will be able to write something with life. And you will write with honesty. It all begins with you.

 Pressures – When they take on an unbearable intensity, can wear us out. Leave us depressed and even render us de-motivator. There are times we might buckle under pressure and stop functioning altogether, but there are family pressures. And there is the kind of pressure. I knowingly or unknowingly give myself.”

Too much pressure is too bad for health, work and family life. One should be always careful in handling pressure lest it overpowers and creates problem for the individual, for the job and for the family.

It is a book aimed at encouraging new as well as old writers. It goads you to writer every week – “52 weeks of writing Bliss. For writers who want to develop the habit of writing Every Day, Every Month, All Year long.” If a writer who is nearly 80 years wants to write every week an article he will be inspired to keep on writing till last breath, till his hands eyes and brain works and health is not so bad as of a bedridden or hospitalized person.

 This book is designed to keep the reader or would be or already one who writes occasionally. For 52 consecutive weeks, one whole year. The writing activities are short and approximately take 5 to 25 minutes of writing time every day.”

Of course to be able to write daily for 5-25 minutes one has to read a particular topic for 2 to 5 hours. Then alone one can write something worthwhile. One cannot write simply from his head daily. If one wants to be a writer, not essentially a great writer, one must follow Aristotle- “To write well express yourself like a common people work like a wiseman.”

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