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Sania- Shoaib Marriage

 On Monday the 12th April Sania-Shoaib got married predating by two days because of another Fatwa by Sunni clergies against their living together before marriage. It is a sign of relief to both the newly weds, their parents and to an extent India’s Media and Indian public. It is learnt by a survey that 63% Hyderabadis consider it would have been better if Sania Mirza a first tennis Icon who had won many international awards and recognition both in India and the World, had married an Indian Muslim.

Had Sania Mirza been born in Pakistan or any Muslim country in particular, she could not dream of becoming a tennis player because of religious restrictions on Muslim women’s dress. It is India a democratic country, an open minded multicultural country that sponsored her. In the beginning many Muslims disliked and even opposed her wearing tops and shorts, like other players of the world. But because she was in India and an Indian citizen, she had the same liberty to dress as Saina Nehwal one of the top Badminton players. She therefore despite the criticism of orthodox Muslims went ahead by her efforts and determination winning one international prize after another. India and all Indians irrespective of the religions encouraged her and congratulated her for bringing good name to herself and India. India was and is and shall ever be proud of her.

If the relations between India and Pakistan had been friendly and had Shoaib Malik not been a divorcee, India and Indians would not have felt but considered such a union between an Indian girl and Pakistani citizen as good omen for farthing and strengthening Indo-Pakistan relations. Even majority of Hyderabadis feel though whole of India feels much more that it had been better for Sania to marry an Indian Muslim instead of going for marriage with a Pakistani though a great cricketer, who was already married and continued to conceal this fact by telling lies. It was only when Ayesha Siddiqui came out openly and claimed that she was first wife of Shoaib Malik, filed an FIR against him, and there were legal proceedings against him and Police had taken his passport etc then he confessed to his first marriage with Ayesha, another Hyderabadi Muslim girl.

Quazi Abdullah Jaffery had made it clear that Sania Mirza could not marry Shoaib Malik unless criminal cases against Shoaib are not withdrawn.

Negotiations between Sania Mirza’s family Ayesha Sidiqquis family,Shoaid and middle men of Hyderabad who were close to both Sania and Ayesha’s families had prolonged negotiations lasting the whole night. It was only in morning that news of Shoaib’s divorce with Ayesha was announced before going for marriage as Scheduled for 15th April. It was then said that only Rs 15,000 (Rs Fifteen Thousand) had been offered to and accepted by Ayesha’s family for this historic divorce. But, a few days after that it was said, as appeared in press that the amount settled for divorce was Rs 15 crores.

 More hurting to India is that India’s groomed Tennis Icon is not only marrying a divorcee Pakistani but will go to Pakistan for marriage celebrations and after that would settle in Dubai.

Sania Mirza was so popular and so healthy beautiful, charming, intelligent and so fluent in English that she could select best of Indian (may be Muslim) bachelor from a top most family even of Hyderabad and remain in India with pride. Most of Indians, Sportsmen, Sportswomen and others feel sorry for the decision of India’s Sania Mirza marrying a divorcee Pakistani national.

However, as the marriage or Nikah has been quietly performed and Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are now married, we, all Indians and perhaps all Pakistanis wish them happy married life and we wish that Sania Mirza continues with her tennis and shines more and wins more awards and even become world’s topmost tennis player.

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