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Pakistan supplied nuclear technology to China – Revelations by A.Q Khan – Pakistan Relation at Lowest.

Already US- Pak relations have been strained to the breaking point. The latest exposure by A Q Khan Pakistan topmost nuclear sciencetists for decades, rather nuclear architect, to Hendson who is custodian of many secrets of Khan for many years will finally break US-Pak relations. Khan’s supplying nuclear secrets and even nuclear weapons to china was revealed to Hendson because of insurance against harassment or even worse by Pakistan government. Khan has even implicated Pakistan Army and the Chinese government in the proli feration of nuclear technology and weapons between Pakistan and China. For almost a decade Khan and Pakistan government were having close relations with Chinese government and Chinese minister who were often coming to Pakistan and staying there for weeks to learn nuclear technology and knowhow so that they can manufacture nuclear weapons in China and are able to use these weapons without Pakistan’s help.

In his letter to his wife Henny in December 2003 Khan tells her all the secrets in very strong words saying so that Pakistan government does not play a mischief with me tell them “the bastards” first used us and new playing dirty games with us Khan asked his wife to contact British Journalist Simon Henderson his confidant for many years. It is apt to produce details about Pakistan-China cooperation for nuclear technology and nuclear weapon. Khan’s letter to his wife makes it clear. “You know we had cooperative with China for 15 years (prior to 2003) we put up a centrifuge plant. We sent 135C -130 plane loads of machines, inverters, valves, flow, meters, pressure gauges. Our team stayed there for weeks to help and their teams stayed here for weeks at a time. Late minister Li Chew, VM (Vice-Minister
) Li Chew vice vice minister Jiang Shangfie used to visit us? How can America which considered till recently Pakistan a close ally, tolerate all this. It is thus natural that US- Pakistan relations, if not already broken, are at breaking point.

After getting so much nuclear technology and weapons, China, to maintain good relations with Pakistan reciprocated, as Khan also reveals. The Chinese gave us the drawings of nuclear weapons, gave us kg 50 enriches, uranium, gave us 10 tons UP6 (natural) and 5 tons of UFS (3%) Chinese helped PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission) the rival organisation to the Khan Research Laboratories in setting of UF6 plant production reactor for plutonium and reprocessing plant’

Inspite of USA’s insistence that Pakistan should by all means controls and even eliminate terrorism from everywhere from NWFP and Baluchistan in particular, Pakistan has made it clear that it will not attack Haqqani extremists. Washington has accused Pakistan of ISI involvement in the Sept 13, 2011 attack on US embassy in Kabul.

In view of revelation by A Q Khan and recent attack on US embassy in Kabul, there seems to be no possibility of improvement of US-Pak relations but in fact further deterioration Present Obama refused to meet Pakistan delegation at recent UN Assembly meeting. Last week Admiral Mike told the US senate that “Pakistan has committed act of war against the US”. He also called Haqqani network a veritable arm of Pakistan’s intelligence the ISI. Thus there is going to be further deterioration or even caplete breakup US-Pak relations. India should, therefore, deal with Pakistan carefully as India USA are now fast friends.

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