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Interlocutors Outburst on Kashmir

Dileep Padgaonkar Chief Interlocutor on Kashmir and Arudhati Roy an other interlocutor have raised unprecedented controversy that would help the separatists in their stand instead of pacifying them on the basis of the fact that they are Indian citizens, like that of any old princely states that had acceded to India. Padgaonkar’s statement that Kashmir dispute is as old as 1947 and Pakistan is a party to dispute since then. Booker prize winner another, Arudhati Roy and Syed Ali Shah Geeleni the separatist Kashmir leader, have made speeches in a seminar into Delhi which were so anti national that both could be booked under section 12G(A) which incited the hatred and disaffection for India as these justified the demand for J&K accession from India. Police are convinced that the speeches of Geelani and Roy came under act of sedation under which the culprits can be imprisoned even for life. BJP’s Arun Jeitly has recently criticized the speeches of Geelani, Roy and even Padgoankar. Congress is also upset and in a fix.

These uncalled, unbearing and unrealistic statement and speeches by Arundhati Roy have created problem for them, for Kashmir government of Omar Abdulaha for UPA government and even for India. Vast majority of Kashmir people, entire population of Jammu and Ladakh, vast majority of Kashmir people of the valley, which is known as paradise are helpless. Earlier they had been instigated by separatists like Geelani for almost six months in the name of ‘Azadi’ but infact for their own popularity and got hundreds of innocent students and women killed and injured for no fault of theirs while Gulanni and other separatist leaders were enjoying in their power and even feeling satisfied by the result of their instigation of innocent and peace loving Kashmiris of the Vally.

Dilip Padgaonkar and Arundhati Roy though one a top ranking journalist and latter a renowned and prize winning Novelist and writer do not seem to have read history of Kashmir throughly since India freedom in 1947. It is well know that Pakistani jehadis from remote NWFP who were armed, financed and transported hundreds of miles of Kashmir to create unrest and even to capture Srinagar and after entire Kashmir for Pakistan which had no right at all as there was standstill agreement and Kashmir had not acceded to India.

Meha Chand Mahajan, Chief Minister of Kashmir had come to New Delhi with Instrument of Accession duly signed by it ruler Hari Singh for accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India. But Mountbatten now Governor General of independent India waited for instructions from Churchill who had appointed him Governor General to watch over British interest in India before and after 1947. But when after a few precious days had been wasted, sheikh Abdulaha popular leader of Kashmir before independence rushed to New Delhi with the same instrument of accession almost crying that Pakistani Jehadi intruders were close to Srinagar airport and that they were killing, looting and molesting butt Muslims and Hindu, Sikhs peaceful men and women.

Thus instrument of accession of Kashmir to India was accepted and signed by governor general Mountbatten as head of state India. But unfortunately for India and people of Kashmir, Mountbatten as British agent mischievously added a clause which accepting the instrument of accession that in due course well of the people will be taken into account afterwards” Pandit Nehru as PM of independent India should have objected & this close but did not have the will or courage as he had been influenced by Mountbatten family as if he was their family member and not holding the powerful and prestigious office of Prime Minister of Independent country like India. That was Nehru’s blunder and Mountbatten’s success as Churchill’s agent. Ordinarily Prime Minister of India should have asserted that accession of Kashmir to India now was legal and final and there was no question of will of the people” Even MJ Akbar in his book on Nehru adds that “Mountbatten suggested an immediate temporary accession to India” MJ Akbar further added. He was in two minds in flying troops to Srinagar but then was confronted with determined resolve of Nehru and Patel (Particularly Sardar Patel) who ordered British to send at once the Indian Army as he would not hear of any excuse for delay or in action. There are eye openor comments of MJ Akbar. He further adds “Mountbatten went to Lahore on Nov. 1st 1947 and of his own introduced the idea of a reference to War” Finally MJ Akbar said “By referring to United Nations. Nehru allowed what was legally a domestic Indian problem to become an International issue.”

Both Padgoankar and Arundhati Roy should have read the Raddiff award in detail as ‘no princely state has right to independence.’ There is also no provision in the Award for division of any state on the basis of religion or for joining or not joining India or Pakistan in the basis of majority of Hindus or Muslims.

From the views expressed above on the basis of facts not an imported journalist like MJ Akbar, it is evident that the government of India has not done justice to Kashmir or India by appointing interlocutors like Dileep Padgoankar and Arundhati Roy. It would have been better of the government had appointed retired CJ or CAG known for their impartiality , as Chief interlocutors, asserted by other retired judges SC or AC as other interlocutors. It doesn’t seem desirable or practical to change interlocutors.

India is proud of Arundhati Roy as Pultizer Prize winning worker of international fame but that does not entitle her to speak against Kashmir being integral part of India to challenge India’s unity as a secular state of many religions and cultures being treated respectfully Govt. way not take action against her but she should as a renowned Indian ponder over it. Finally Geelani leader of separatist and Arundhati Roy and Dileep Padgoankar should read and follow what Faroq Abdullah, former CM of Kashmir and now minister in central government who said “There is so much freedom in India that people are misusing it.

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