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Widespread corruption in Adarsh- Involvement of CM, Ministers, Bureaucrats, Generals, Admirals and Others

Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan, who was prima facie found guilty and had tendered his resignation, was finally sacked on 09-11-2010 and his resignation has been accepted by the Governor and in his place Prithviraj Chavan an engineer and central minister appointed. Ashok Chavan is the fourth CM of Maharashtra asked or forced to quit for the alleged charges of corruption or nepotism. Blame game started as soon as Ashok Chavan tendered his resignation in connection with India’s perhaps biggest and most widespread scam. Chavan has blamed three former CM’s of Maharashtra in Adarsh Society’s scam, saying his involvement was comparatively less than that of his three predecessors, namely Deshmukh, Shinde and Rane. There has been corruption involving many states, congress ruled or opposition ruled states but never to the extent of Adarsh Scam involving four CM’s of one state besides many bureaucrats, Generals and Admirals facing charges of such magnitude. Meanwhile the congress High Command has gagged its ministers of past and present as its image was being tarnished. For the last three days Parliament had to be adjourned time and again as the entire opposition joined in demanding strict action and exemplary punishment to all those found guilty.

The trouble started when CM Chavan asked the Adarsh Society office bearers to allow the inclusion of non services persons which led to allotment of flats to CM, Ministers, their relatives and many other by proxy. For instance Ashok Chavan and Vilasrao Deshmukh have three flats each: Narain Rane, Nilangekar and Ajit Pawar two flats each and some biggies one flat each. Ashok Chavan now says that if he is asked to quit so should Deshmukh and Shinde and other responsible for deviation, as Adarsh Society, was meant for Army officers martyrs and widows in particular. All the guilty should be charged and face action for corruption and nepotism.

On the other hand Congress, to silence the BJP’S outburst against Chavan and Congress, has concentrated on BJJP’S cabinet of 1999 to 2003 and other corrupt practices of BJP, totally keeping mum about CWG corruption as well as Adarsh Society’s misuse and corrupt practices in allotment of dozen of flats to congress ministers and their relatives by proxy. Instead Sonia Gandhi has concentrated on environments loss of green belts and forests in her address to Congress in AICC session. Supporting the Aam Admi considerations and uplift she said from a written speech “Destroying forests and habitats through indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources does not necessarily bring them out of the abject poverty in which they are languishing” This AICC meeting was to boost the status and position of Sonia and her son Rahul Gandhi. PM and other congress working committee members were virtually ignored.

Now about the origin of Adarsh scam. 31 stories Tower at Colaba, in Mumbai was to be built by Adarsh Housing Society for Kargil war veterans and widows of Kargil martyrs of Army. It was more than ten years back. Congress has accused NDA minister Prabhu Chawla for giving environment clearance, but he has denied, saying that T R Ballu of DMR was environment minister in UPA government. It’s a fact that Adarsh Society before starting the building at Colaba Tower did not get environment clearance. The case of violation of environment rules has been pending since then. It is now understood that the case of violation of environment rules would now be taken up, after a decade and after the Tower has come up and allotment of many flats has been made to influential high up in government, defense, either by proxy or straight away. Jairam Ramesh Union Minister of State for Environment will decide after thorough investigation. This has been confirmed by Valsa Nair Singh of environment society of Maharashtra. She is also chairperson of Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority (MCZMA). But why the investigation by Congress minister and why so late?

As the Adarsh Society scam, besides politicians and burocrats involved Army and Naval Senior Officer are involved. Some details have been given as under. Recently the present Army Chief has said that Adarsh related scam has “caused embarrassment and SHAME to the whole Army, not just to me” He added that few blacksheeps will not affect “Army’s character and morale”. Investigations are afoot against former Army Chief Deepak Kapoor who owns a flat in Adarsh 31 storey tower. In addition he owns a flat in Dwarka, three houses in Gurgaon, a penthouse in Mumbai and 448 meter plot in Gurgaon costing 35 lakh purchased in 2009. Adarsh scam has also tarnished the image of Indian Navy. Among the naval officers who own flats in Adarsh Society are former Chief Admiral of Western Command Madhanindra Singh and Vice Admiral Madavjit Singh. In addition Commander Rajiv Pilae who was the Command Quartering Officer in Mumbai, owns a flat in Adarsh Society.

Besides congress politicians and members it is said that BJP Chief Gadkari’s driver owns a flat in Adarsh Society that by proxy it is Gadkari’s. This has been strongly contested by BJP saying that it is congress tactic to divert the attention from unprecedented scam of Adarsh Society in which dozens of congress ministers and biggies are involved. More facts about Adarsh Society scam are coming to light including that there was a move to have another Adarsh Society for which land in Colaba was asked for. Full investigation will take many months before the matter goes to Comptroller and General and Supreme Court.

It is hoped that Adarsh Society scam will be investigated by an impartial body with the assistance of High Court or even Supreme Court judges so the truth comes to light and all the guilty are named and eventually punished.

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