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Comments and Observations on Ruchika’s Case

So far the police in all states and centre has been reluctant and even often refusing to file FIRs. But now as per fresh instructions to Police, it has become compulsory to file FIR as and when a complaint is received. This will bind the police and not leave a choice with it, by delays and other ways to immediately file an FIR. This will at once initiate the process of law and justice. The delays and refusal to file FIR was a weapon with police to approach the other party for bribe and other gratifications.

CBI is now convinced, under pressure of public and also of the government, that there is a need for enhancement of punishment to DGP Rathore. Six month imprisonment was just a joke for such a molestation case and abetment to suicide of Ruchika and many false charges, at DGP Rathore’s  instance, against her 14 year old brother and his subsequent imprisonment. The CBI has done all this because of intervention of the Home Minister Shri PC Chidambaram who expressed his unhappiness at the way this case was prolonged for 19 years. CBI also wanted to avoid further protests and harassment by public, in general, and Ruchika’s parents in particular. CBI has also consulted, as rules demanded, Law Ministry with a view to open the case and if all the new facts that are bound to be brought before the court to enhance Ex DGP’s punishment from six months to any number of years as now complaint of abetment to suicide by DGP Rathore has been filed . Infact during last days of December 2009, three FIR’s against DGP Rathore were filed on 29th, 30th and 31st December 2009 other two FIR’s related to DGP Rathore’s attempt to murder, forging documents, illegal confinement and a number of others. Ruchika’s molestation, by Haryana DG Police SPS Rathore which has awakened India’s conscience as it has been prolonged for 19 long years and had led to Ruchika’s suicide as she could not bear, her molestation and her innocent brother of 14 years being arrested on false and fabricated charges of repeated thefts and had been flogged and imprisoned while her parents were being continuously harassed. There have been similar crimes and cases of all sorts, molestation of young girls, misappropriation of hundreds of crores, by Lalu Prasad Yadav, who had to resign from Chief Ministership in view of Fodder Scam case and that of Paswan and Soren who had been in and out of central government as ministers despite proven charges and even imprisonments. But despite all these and hundreds of other cases in states and centre, the State governments and Central government were not moved because what the politicians wanted was their own governments to continue at any cost. This has led to absolute failure and misuse of law as well as justice. It required a case like that of unfortunate, promising, intelligent and beautiful young school teenager like Ruchika to awaken the public and to an extent the government and the whole country. Here, the Media played a significant role. But the persistence of Ruchika’s parents as well as her close friend and her parents the scale of justice to some extent, has bent towards fairness. As a result government has directed to open the case of DGP Rathore fresh with a new FIR. It is therefore appropriate to reproduce statement before media by Ruchika’s brother Ashu who reached the office of SP Panchkula along with his father and family counsel Pankaj Bhardwaj as under:

“I was beaten mercilessly in the presence of Rathore in various police stations. Ruchika could not see the brutality meted out to me and was forced to end her life,” said Ashu.

In his complaint, “Ashu stated that on October 25,1993 he was picked up by the police and was taken to different police stations, including the building of the CIA staff. There he was subjected to a third-degree torture in Rathore’s presence. “I fell unconscious and only got up in the morning. In the evening, Rathore again came and I was again badly beaten up,” he added.

“After some days, I was brought out of the police post and was paraded half naked with handcuffs on, in the lane I stayed. Police officials asked everyone to see me. My father and my sister were abused and they were asked to come out. I could not see my sister, but I could hear her cries as my father had stopped her from coming out,” said Ashu, adding that after some days he came to know that my sister had died. S P Panchkula Maneesh Chaudhary said they would take action on the complaint after seeking legal opinion.”

As DGP Rathore’s lawyer wife Abha was trying for anticipatory bail for her husband, Ruchika’s brother, Ashu made a conclusive statement in few words: ” He was ready to be hanged in the case even a single word uttered by him was found wrong.”

DGP Rathore has got interim relief and was allowed interim bail upto January 7,2010 as two new cases have been slapped on him by the local police on the basis of complaints by Ruchika’s father and brother. Former DGP has also been directed not to leave the country.

Rathore’s wife Abha who is an advocate is trying her best to save her husband and her family from humiliation. Accordingly she has taken the stand that “filing fresh FIR’s in the case, which has already been decided, is illegal.” She has also said that her husband is an old man and will not run away. So he should not be arrested. But when new facts come to light despite the influence by DGP Rahtore, it is essential, for doing justice, maybe so late, to file fresh FIR’s and take action against him as per law.

Finally the court and the centre have taken a firm stand and as a result Ex DGP Rathore has been arrested, despite attempts by his advocate wife to save him from arrest and filing of fresh FIR’s. It is now hoped that Rathore and many other police officers and police men who obeyed him and did wrongs in this historic case will also get the punishment due as per law. Hereafter, there is likely to be more justice and speedy action in, particularly, the molestation cases.

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