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Wither Pakistan- Two Assassinations of Notable Politicians in two months of 2011? – Implications

Though Pakistan, India’s neighbor, has been in turmoil for almost a decade, worst seems to be happening or might happen in 2011 onward. Two high profile politicians have been murdered within a short span of two months. First tragic happening was the killing on 4 January, 2011 of Salman Tasear Governor of Punjab in Lahore by the killer bodyguards. It is evident that they had been influenced by Taliban or other jehadi outfits of Pakistan. On 2 March 2011, the only Christian cabinet minister of Pakistan was assassinated obviously by Islamist or Talibans of Punjab. Yet another tragic attempt on 6 March was on –provincial minister of Sindh. Though there was close firing but miraculously M&M minister Zubaia Khan escaped and did not die. M QM Chief, Altaf Hussain condemned the second attempt on MQM provincial assembly adding that last year MQM member Rana Haider was shot dead and there was large scale violence in Karachi. There has been large scale killing in NWFP since long both by Taliban’s and Pakistan Army. Now the remaining two provinces of Pakistan are facing violence and death at the hands of local as well as Talibans from NWFP.

Assassination of two high profile politicians and another from MQM in Sindh, as outlined above, has caused more worries to India particularly because of killing of moderate Governor of Punjab in Lahore which is 100 km or so from Indian border with Pakistan. Pakistan has been financing, arming and sending terrorist and Talibans from NWFP to create unrest in Kashmir since Kashmir’s accession to India. The worst ISI backed terrorist attack on India’s Taj Hotel was in 2008 in which more than 200, including some American and some foreigners perished.

Relations between Pakistan and USA have been strained since the arrest of US National Raymond David for killing two Pakistanis on January 27 2011. Though Davis is in jail despite US insisting earlier that he is a s diplomat and has diplomatic immunity but on protest from Pakistan that he has never been associated with US embassy or otherwise referred to as diplomat; USA changed its stand. It has sent special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan to negotiate with Pakistan at highest level to get David’s release. The special envoy Grossman met Pakistan Prime Minister Gilani on 7 March 2011 in Islamabad. He is now carrying on negotiation with Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir. Pakistan fears that Davis might be killed by the guards, so he is rather protected by unarmed guards because if Davis is killed it will create more bitterness in USA which will not be in the interest of either Pakistan or USA or even Afghanistan.

Pakistan should learn lesson from violent protest in Egypt and Libya, besides other Arab countries in North Africa and Middle East. Autocratic dictator of Egypt has been ousted after three weeks of violent protest causing death of more than 600 Egyptian citizens. Libya’s dictator for 41 years even after four weeks violent protest and killing of more than 6000 Libyan citizens and now by adding fuel to fire as Libyan rebels, in retaliation on 9 March, 2011 attacked oil facilities in oil rich area of east Libya causing huge explosions. Gaddafi has to go dead or alive. Pakistan has had dictatorship and knows well the evils of dictatorship. The Pakistan should endeavor to curb rise of Talibans and Islamists of various categories. Once Talibans come into power as Islamist dictator, Pakistan’s condition may be worse than that of Afghanistan.

It is in Pakistan own interest that Pakistan becomes a democracy like Turkey, a Muslim country which has been liberal democrat since Kamaal Ataturk realized its benefits in comparison to fundamentalist Islam. As in Turkey so in Pakistan, under democracy people will rise, will have more education, even women will taste equality with men. It will also enhance good neighborly relations with India and certainly will get more financial aid from USA even after 2012 when either Obama gets a second term or another US President of Democratic Party comes to power.

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