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Crisis In BJP Deepens

Jaswant Singh, senior leader of BJP who had been Foreign Minister, has created more problems for himself as well as for BJP by not only praising Jinnah as Secular leader, as Advani did, but by writing a book with picture of Jinnah on the Jacket, praising Jinnah and blaming Gandhi, Nehru and Patel for partition of India. Jaswant Singh has since been expelled from BJP and is meeting Press and TV to justify his stand. He has even met Atal Bihari Vajpayee at his residence on 23/8. He is propagating and emphasizing that if he is guilty of praising and justifying the stand of Jinnah, L K Advani, who was Deputy PM and hoped to be PM in 2005 elections, was equally guilty. It is because of Advani and his henchmen like Rajnath Singh that BJP lost the elections badly.
Since then more leaders of BJP are being accused for ‘Kandhar’ episode, particularly Advani and other leaders who are either quitting BJP or their image is being tarnished.
In his interview in Indian Express of 24/8 with Shekhar Gupta Editor in chief of Indian Express. Jaswant Singh says he “greeted him (Vajpayee) on Ganesh Chaturthi and seek his blessings. I now have his blessings”. But Lalji Tandon, Lucknow MP considered to be confident of former PM said “Anyone can go and meet Vajpayee”, meaning there was no question of Vajpayee blessing Jaswant Singh.
About ‘Kandhar’ where 166 Indian passengers were in danger of being killed if there were no negotiations with the hijackers. Jaswant Singh went there to get these ill-fated 166 passengers who were there in a plane for seven days. Advani says he did not know that but Jaswant Singh says he did so as Ministers of External Affairs in the Cabinet. To quote Jaswant Singh’s words in the interview: “I am astonished. I announced it in the Cabinet Committee on Security. And he (Advani) was there.”
It is a blame game. BJP as a party, headed by Advani and Rajnath, has expelled Jaswant Singh for his apparent pro Pakistan and anti Indian, blamming Nehru and Patel for Partition of India. And he blames Advani for praising Jinnah in 2005 and courting defeat in the 2005 elections.
Jinnah who was instrumental for Calcutta Killings and indirectly killing of lakhs of Sikh, Hindus and Muslims in retaliation being Governor General of Pakistan he could not or did not prevent killings of Urdus and Sikhs in lakhs and their dead bodies being sent to India in trains from Pakistan. In addition Jinnah watched many millions of Hindus and Sikhs being forced to leave Pakistan in caravans, on foot, most of them in clothes they were wearing. If Jinnah was ‘Secular’ as Advani and Jaswant Singh have emphasized he would not have encouraged Muslim League in Bengal to start Direct action saying goodbye to rules and provisions in 1935 Act and instead saying “we have now to fight and get Pakistan.”
Jaswant Singh’s controversial rather anti Indian and pro Pakistani book on Jinnah, India’s Partition and Independence was released on August 17 at Nehru Memorial Auditorium, New Delhi and where at the time of release not even one BJP leader or BJP senior was present. He should have realized that his book was creating crisis for him and for BJP and also for some other national leaders of the Freedom Movement as well as Ministers and high ups under Nehru’s Prime Ministership.
Now it is said that Jaswant is going to Pakistan to release his book in praise Qaide Azam. Surely his book in Pakistan will sell like hot cakes and is will earn crores of rupees from Pakistan and from Pakistani Muslims in UK, USA and other countries. Doesn’t it mean that Jaswant Singh in his old age, has written such a book praising Jinnah and condemning Indian leaders like Gandhi, Nehru and Patel to pocket crores of rupees? This is a big question.

Sudheendra Kulkarni is said to be co-auther of June 2005 Script of Advani about praise of Jinnah as a Secular leader has been persuaded by BJP to resign from the party. So he has done, perhaps to help Advani agianst Jaswant Singh. Mr. Kulkarni says that he has resigned from the Party so that he could express his views without fear or favour. However to implicate Advani and put him in the same light he has said that there is virtually no difference between “Mr Advani’s Jinnah appraisal and the views expressed by Mr Jaswant Singh on the Quadi-e-Azam (Jinnah) in his book.” Thus in his view both Advani and Jaswant Singh are equally guilty. This may pave the way for Advani to quit voluntarily from the leadership of BJP before things become hot for Advani. Kulkarni has condemned BJP for expelling Jaswant Singh, a former External Affairs Minister in Vajpayee government without giving him a hearing to explain his view point and the reason for writing book on Jinnah without consulting BJP leadership or even Shri Vajpayee who was his Prime Minister and even today is most respected leader of BJP. Kulkarni has gone out of the way to call the BJP a “Stalinist” party, controlled by Stalinists, accusing Advani and Rajnath Singh.
Apte committee report in the causes and those responsible for defeat of the BJP in 2005 elections was virtually dumped. Apte had put the blame in electoral defeat of BJP squarely in Advani. It also blamed Jaitley who was responsible for campaign strategy which instead of bringing victory to BJP gave crashing defeat.

Arun Shourie, who was a minister in BJP Cabinet and is now BJP member of Rajya Sabha has come out with most severe and unpalatable remarks about his parent organisation saying BJP has become a ‘KATI PATANG’ meaning it is flying aimlessly and can be caught and harmed by anyone.
Arun Shourie, too like Jaswant Singh wants to be expelled from the BJP for anti Party statements and activities. He wants to be unlike Jaswant Singh who was just cast aside for his book on Jinnah praising him out and out at the cost of Indian leaders like Nehru and Patel. But Arun Shourie though very critical of BJP has not indulged in praise for Jinnah or even present leadership of BJP should be ousted. Comments of Arun Shourie are reproduced below:-
“BJP is being run like a private company in which top leaders are indulging in mutual projection and mutual protection.” Again he says “My perception is Jhatka (Swift description) not halal (slow Bleeding)” He quotes Mao of China who let lakhs of Chinese got killed in the long March and other orders to consolidate with back to wall. Shouri said “ Like Mao once said, bombard the headquarters, clean up every body from the top”.
After quoting Mao Tse Tung’s strong unprintable words Shourie advocates total clean up of top leadership ie Advani, Rajnath Singh, Jaitley and others, Shourie said “bring 10-15 people from the states who are competent and honest and dedicated and reconstruct (the BJP top immediately.)
Shourie has also praised RSS and called it to take charge of BJP saying “Sangh had been too democratic” and had given too much latitude to the BJP leadership. RSS should keep an eye on the moral conduct of the party like an eagle.”

To bring out BJP from crisis RSS chief Bhagwat has ordained that Advani’s exit from BJP will be towards the end of year 2009. If it had been immediate as was originally thought and circulated by TV and Press, it would have tarnished the image of Advani besides BJP’s reputation as a national political party. It means that crisis in BJP, which was getting from bad to worse during lost work or 10 days. After the publication of book on Jinnah by Jaswant Singh will be over perhaps by the end of this year when new President and other leaders to represent BJP as Lok Sabha leader of opposition and Rajya Sabha BJP leader and save others to hold prominent positions.

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Crises in BJP

In June 2005, Advani visited Karachi and first thing on reaching Karachi he did was to praise Jinnah’s speech in the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on 16th August 1947 which Advani described as classic exposition of secular state, gaurantees every citizen’s freedom to practice his or her religion. Advani in his speech in Karachi quoted at length from Jinnah’s speech.

While praising Jinnah’s speech in Pakistan Advani forgot that it was Jinnah who had propagated two nation theory and instigated Hindu massacre in Calcutta in July 1946 under Muslim League Chief Minister of Bengal H.S Subrawordy. And it was again under Jinnah’s rule as Governor General of Pakistan that lakhs of Hindus and Sikhs were killed in August-September and trains full of dead bodies of Sikhs and Hindus sent to Indian Punjab. It was under Jinnah that lakhs of Hindus and Sikhs were forced to migrate to India, mostly from Punjab in return Muslims too, were killed and forced to migrate.

The praise of Jinnah’s speech and of Jinnah as a secular leader was thus uncalled for and even unbecoming of Advani who had been Dy PM and hoped to be Prime Minister of India. This praise pf Jinnaha has lowered the prestiege of Advani in the entire country. I think Advani himself must be feeling sad and depressed because of praise of Jinnaha and his secularism. Even though Advani is quite old he should, it is better, like his mentor Vajpayee voluntarily and finally retire from the active politics of BJP which is already in crises.

With virtual retirement of Vajpayee ji from politics because of age and indifferent health, there has been none in BJP heirarchy to match in status, caliber, intelligence, oratory and longest service to Jan Singh and BJP. Neither L K Advani who was earlier Dy. Prime Minister, nor Raj Nath Singh former chief Minister of UP nor Murli Manohar Joshi nor Jaswant Singh nor Yashwant Sinha could or would get as much applause as much following as the founder of BJP and first BJP Prime Minister of Government of India. This has led to steady decline in popularity and in a number of MP’s and also MLA’s in state legislatures. As a result, because of 2009 debacle of BJP under L K Advani’s leadership as Prime Minister-in-waiting there is a crises in the BJP leadership as it has never witnessed before. There is mini and latent revolt in the Party and the blame game in top leadership is going on between Advani, Rajnath Singh, Jaitley, Jaswant Singh and even Narinder Modi. Though Narinder Modi as CM of Gujarat has kept his flock together.

If the BJP is to rejuvenate and think of winning 2014 general elections it has to overhaul the Party, find new talent and assign to younger generation more power and responsibility. As a national party, if it is to win it has to improve its secular image by inducting more Muslims and even Christians besides Sikhs. But so far Advani and his associates of top BJP are unable to take a decision without the support of RSS Chief and without consulting him as is evident from the fact that Advani consulted RSS Chief Bhagwat so as to appoint Sushma Swaraj as his Deputy in Lok Sabha and Jaitley as opposition leader in Rajya Sabha. It seems difficult for BJP to sever completely from RSS and become truly secular. It is a dilemma for Advani and BJP.

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