H C Singh

Corruption in India

A person has been held for sale of tainted blood. This is one of the worst crimes. He was supplying HIV affected blood to local nursing homes. He was owner of a medical laboratory in a small town about 500 km north west of Jaipur. Accused Hetram Goyal was also charged with collecting blood from donors and supplying to nursing homes without verifying whether these bloods of donors were infected or not. This has happened in Congress ruled Rajasthan.

In Rajasthan also, two days after a Congress MLA has been charged for getting blood from donors who were school children and most of them minors. Congress MLA against whom FIR has been registered on orders of the court is Bhagwan Saini from Chomu town about 35 km from Jaipur. It was Blood Donation camp on Rajiv Gandhi Birth anniversary. Out of 27 school children 20 were minor. MLA allegedly forged documents to show that the children were not minor. Getting blood donated by minor children by tricking them. Among the accused is the Principal of the school.

The above two instances of corruption are unique. Such incidents do not seem to have happened before or have gone unreported or have been silenced because of corruption which is prevalent in India in every department everywhere in every state. Bit this seems to be first time that a Congress MLA has been caught red handed and FIR has been registered against him, though sale of HIV tainted blood is more serious and demands exemplary punishment. It is hoped that both the above cases will not be closed because of pressure of politicians or Ministers in Rajasthan or from central Government.

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