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Jinnah and Creation of Pakistan

Mohd Ali Jinnah the creater of Pakistan, who instigated communal riots, Muslims killing Hindus in Calcutta in 1946 and when he became the Governor General of Pakistan not only endorsed but encouraged the Muslims of West Punjab, in particular, to terrorize and even kill Sikhs and Hindus particularly the Sikh farmers and land owners in Lyalpur and Montgomery Dist which the Sikh farmers from East Punjab had turned into ‘Wheat Bowl’ of Pakistan by their hard work in two to three decades, so that Muslim farmers could occupy these fertile lands.
At the time of partition of India and creation of Pakistan only two states with Muslim majority were being ruled by Muslim League, Bengal and Sindh. At partition time Bengal and Punjab were divided, If NWFP had been offered the choice of independence or Pakistan it would definitely not joined Pakistan as is seen by the turmoil in NWFP and Baluchistan to this day after more than 60 years.
The great Calcutta Killings provoked by the Muslim League and its leader Mohd Ali Jinnah and Bengal Chief Minister Suhrawardy were responsible for the great and unprecedented Killing in peaceful Calcutta. Jinnah had said that to achieve our aim of getting Pakistan, ‘today we bid goodbye to Constitutional methods’ and August 16, 1946 was declared, Direct Action Day to instigate Calcutta Killing, a public holiday to give free hand to Muslim League hooligans to Kill Non-Muslims, Hindu and even Sikhs. Police and administration were absolutely inactive, non visible for the whole day so that Jinnah’s Words were put into action. That was the beginning of Partition Riots in which Lakhs of Hindus and Sikhs from West Pakistan in particular were killed and forced to leave their homes and farms and property and in retaliation Lakh of Muslims, too, were killed mostly in India, Punjab and mostly by Sikhs so that Killings of Hindus and Sikhs by Muslims of Pakistan come to an end.

Jinnah’s above Speech is in glaring contrast to his Speech of August 46. As it was too late and followers of Muslim League continued with their Killings for which Jinnah can not be absolved. In Contract Gandhi Ji Nehru and even Sardar Patel never instigated Hindus and Sikhs to Kill Muslims.

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Origin Of Two Nation Theory

British and Syed Ahmed Khan were co-founder of Pakistan as British preferred to rule by the policy of Divide and Rule, So they encouraged men like Sir Syed who was just a sub-judge but well versed in English and Knighted by British Government on the obvious recommendation of British rulers of India, to perpetuate and strengthen two nation theory initiated by their policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ ie divide Hindu’s and Muslims so that they unitedly do not create problem for British rulers demanding, in due course, independence, but instead fight among themselves.
I reproduce below extracts from Speech of Sri Syed Ahmed from the book ‘Great Speeches of Modern India’ by R. Mukherjee.
This fiery speech was delivered by Syed Ahmed in Meerut in 1888, just three years after the creation of Indian National Congress by Octavian Hume in Bombay which was meant by the British Rulers that it would remain Loyal to British Government of India. Thus it will be seen that foundation of two-nation theory in India was laid down by the British with the help of men like Syed Ahmed Khan.
“I will treat in regular sequence of the political questions of India, in order that you may have full opportunity of giving your attention to them. The first of all is this, In whose hands shall the Administration and the Empire of India rest? Now, suppose that all the English and the whole English army were to leave India, taking with them all their cannons and their splendid weapons and everything, then who would be rulers of India? Is it possible that under these circumstances two nations- the Mohammedans and the Hindus- could sit on the same throne and remain equal in power?

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