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Common Wealth Games- Problems and Corruption

India is hosting CW games in October 2010. Preparations have been going on for more than a year. Organization Committees Chairman Suresh Kalmadi has been in picture for last three months. For quite some time Kalmadi refused to comment on corruption in his organization of which he was Chairman. He also refused to appear on T.V but when recently he appeared in T.V he tried his level best to deny any charges of corruption though three members of OC had been forced to resign indirectly accepting their guilt , his close aides T.S. Darbari and Sanjay Mohindroo and another.

Most disturbing was Kalmadi’s persistent denial of any knowledge about payments made to a London based company AM Films. Now the proof of this dubious payment made to this firm has come to light as the file is signed by him. This proves beyond doubt that Suresh Kalmadi authorized the payment to A M Films though earlier he had asserted a number of times that as Chairman of Common Wealth Games organizing committee he took “no financial decisions.”

Kalmadi had asserted that Indian High Commission in London had recommended payment to A M car and van, sister organization of A M Films. But infact payment was made much earlier in August 2009 for a fleet of cars and signed by Kalmadi’s close aides Darbari and Mohindroo. Facts about unauthorized payments are slowly coming to light with the help of Media. Accordingly opposition is demanding clarification about so called loot deception and corruption in OC and its Chairman. There is resentment or displeasure by Queen British government for reported delay in completion of a member of projects relating to CW Games and often reported in Indian media about corruption particularly in relation to Indian’s owned London firm A M Films. Indian High Commission in London is also perturbed.

Recently there has been in Parliament, by the entire opposition of Left and Right political parties. BJP, in particular, demanded probe to find out the main causes of corruption and the persons responsible and involved in it. When minister of sports M.S. Gill, said that the BJP could file RTI to get complete details, these remarks of Gill provoked BJP and all its MPs stormed out, because Gill refused to explain or skirted about the delays in completion of work which was also shoddy and also about corruption. Though Gill in his speech in Parliament agreed to a thorough enquiry in all the allegations but only after the CW Games were over. This made the opposition restless and even some congress ministers and members felt let down by Gills explanation. Gill also said that the Enforcement Directorate had been asked to probe charges against Organization committee of CW Games headed by Suresh Kalmadi, in view of doubts raised by Deputy High Commission of India in London. Gill claimed that sacking of T.S Darbari, a close aide of Kalmadi, was at his instance. Shri Akhilesh Yadav, an MP even want so far as to say that so called thorugh probe, about corruption and shoddy work, after the Games, will meet the same fate as Bhopal tragedy probe. It has been reported, and has been shocking, that because of filth and water lagging due to digging in many areas for Common Wealth Games projects, the area has become breeding ground for mosquitoes and is the main cause of spread of Dengu fever which has already claimed a number of lives. 19 new cases of Dengu had been reported by doctors on Wednesday August 11,  2010.Opposition parties in Parliament both of Left and Right want immediate action against the OC members and others including its Chairman Kalmadi and other guilty to be at least removed and replaced immediately though they may be punished after the Games. But the UPA II and the Sports Minister MS Gill, in particular, do not agree, as it will tarnish the image of ruling UPA, the congress in particular.

It is only after about three months that Prime Minister, on 14th August 1947, woke up to say that there will be thorough probe and promised severe and exemplary punishment to those guilty of corruption in

Suresh kalmadi led organizing committee of Commonwealth Games organization. Prime Minister reiterated this pledge in his speech on August 15 at Red Fort, It is now hoped that effective steps will be taken to complete in all spheres the structures required for Commonwealth games in time to bring honour to India.

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