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Common Wealth Games- Wounds Healing Honour and Punishment of Guilty

Kalmadi and his associates in organizing committee of CW Games had inflicted many wounds on CWG preparation and complex upto June 2010 when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh woke up and realised the pain that these wounds were giving not only to CWG but to whole of India. As a doctor though of economics, he took up the responsibility to heal these wounds and saw to it that no more wounds are inflicted and our India will not cry with pain. Thus most of the wounds were healed in next three months and PM had also declared that those responsible for inflicting these wounds on CWG like indulging in corruption and causing inordinate delay, will be punished after the Games are over and so India heaved a sigh of relief. But falling of Foot Bridge, on 12 labourers two of whom were seriously injured, caused another deep wound. So Army was called and its disciplined soldiers and workers put a strong bridge in that place. It was India’s good luck that the bridge fell down before the CWG’s inauguration. Otherwise this wound would have hurt and pained India the most, if it had fallen on participants or foreign guests and visitors.

Healing took a month. India got the world wide acclaim on the excellent and unprecedented inauguration of the games which was watched by 2 billion people all over the world. Incredible India was shining because of the splendid inauguration that had never been witnessed before in any CWG since the games started. The world press and the two billion people who watched the opening ceremony were all praise for India’s efforts and achievement.

But unfortunately for India and Delhi CWG of 2010, after couple of days there was once again pain because of many shortcomings, that came to light and were noticed and exposed in world wide media besides India. It demonstrated once again failure of organizing committee and even Delhi and central government. Criticism started with swimming pools, faulty boxing scales, shortage of food and water for visitors, blocked, scoreboards, striking workers and officials and finally many empty stands which were visible to all in India and abroad, though tickets were sold or stolen by corrupt officials and workers. Height of all this was that another wound was inflicted when three Uganda officials were injured in a freak accident and Uganda Sports Minister wanted apology from government and OC of the games though the Sports Minister was prompt in offering apology but OCchief Kalmadi was hesitent. Besides all these shortcomings there has been corruption which cost India thousand of crores of rupees.

 It is significant and praiseworthy that athletes from Haryana and Punjab have won more than 60 percent medals at CWG 2010 with the population of these two states is just 5 crores out of 110 crores of India population hardly, 5 percent. Haryana atheletes won 40% of Gold Medals. Pakistan with population of 15 crores has won only two medals. Haryana Wrestlers and women from remote desert villages have won many medals. Gagan Narang a Punjabi has the record of winning 4 god medals. Thus specially Saina Nehwal and Gagan Narang healed many wounds inflicted by Kalmodi and his associates, as for the first time in CW Games India won 2nd position pushing England to 3rd position.

 Had major Indian states like UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Maharastra, M.P and Tamilnadu contributed to CW Games in Delhi in accordance with their population, India would have got number one position leaving Australia far behind by winning more than 200 medals, instead of 101, and upto 100 gold medals instead of 41 . Thus despite shortcomings and corruption outlined above incredible India was shining the most in CW Games 2010 since the inception of CW Games. Closing ceremony, like opening ceremony of CWG 2010 brought greater honour to India, making all Indians proud.

 During the fortnight after closing ceremony of CWG 2010 there have been IT raids by over 300 IT Officers. Number of IT raids has gone upto 60 on the premises of officers, contractors and other organizations like DDA found prima facie indulging in corrupt practices. Many files of CWG deals of various types have been seized from offices of CO Kalmadi, his aid Gautam, BS. Lalli of Parsar Bharti and others. These files and documents will be scrutinized and then submitted to government for necessary action. It is to be seen after the expiry of time for investigation, whether government official including Kalmadi are punished in accordance with law though PM had openly said that guilty will be punished after the end of CWG-2010. On 9-11-10 Kalmadi has been asked to quit meaning that he has been found guilty. Names of other corrupt officers and contractors are yet to be announced. It will take time. But it is more important to know what punishment is imposed. Simply asking to quit is no punishment where thousands of crores of rupees are involved.

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