H C Singh

Crisis of Dyeing Tradition

There was a time about 60 years ago when more than one hundred families were engaged in dyeing business, now there only three brothers continuing this tradition and keeping it alive. Three brothers are known as Chippa Brothers, Farooq, Ellas and Yasin with the only factory in Pipar City, 60 km from Jaipur in Rajasthan. It is the only factory where hand block printing is done with natural dyes. The natural dyes are made from turmeric, alum and indigo mixed with various other natural colous. Making such natural colors is a technique that has been passed on to the three brothers from generations for over 200 years.

As the three brothers own the only factory of making hand blocks with natural dyes, they have made lot of money though they started with living in Kucha home, now all the three brothers are educated and are living in banglows with each having his own car. But they are optimistic that they will continue to earn enough from this traditional business. Yoscen who markets the products of the factory on behalf of all the three brothers has switched to computers saying “we had to do it, otherwise we wouldn’t survive the market” he further says “People are finally beginning to understand what it means to own a hand – block printed natural dyed dupatta or sari.”

The whole country wishes them good luck as they are keeping 200 years old tradition alive with their hard work and modernizing with computers, where necessary. It is hoped that others who have been associated with dyeing with natural colors will also get encouragement and may start or join them to increase the output.

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