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Old Demand for Creation of Three New States-Positions Today

Demand and periodic agitation for creation of three new states viz, Gorkhaland, Talengana and Vidharba has been three or more decades old. While during last decade or so new states of Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Uttaranchal Pradesh have been carved out though there was no upsurge matching the demand for creation of, particularly, Gorkhaland and Telangana.

Demand for separate of Gorkhaland has been the oldest, since the demand for separation of Gujarat from Maharashtra and creation of Punjabi speaking state of Punjab and separate Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Though States Reorganization Commission had erred in clubbing Maharashtra and Gujarat as well as in keeping Haryana and Himachal with Punjab. The mistake of SRC was rectified after prolonged agitation in Punjab and Gujarat-Maharashtra.

There has been right from beginning resistance to conceding state of Gorkhaland though linguistically there is nothing in common between Gorkhas and Bengalis, though Gorkha dominated areas have been part of Bengal during British times. So many agitations and after many meetings, it now seems that there is imminent possibility of compromise and conceding of Gorkha interim authority as proposed by the Central government and West Bengal government. It is reported that on July 24, 2010 Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) agreed to the proposal of Centre. Negotiations on the jurisdiction of proposed Gorkha interim authority will commence on August 17. It is hoped that the proposed tripartite meeting between representatives of Central government, West Bengal government and GJM will be fruitful and useful. It will make Darjeeling once again a great tourist centre for both Indian and Foreign tourists.

Demand for separate Telengana state, too, is very old. Though because of fast unto death by Telangana’s present day leader, K Chandrashekhra Rao, to break his fast and avoid unrest as after the first Telengana leader Sriramalu’s fast unto death and his ultimate death, government virtually agreed to concede to creation of Telengana. But because of Andhra Pradesh capital going to Telengana there were second thoughts. B N Srikrishna committee was appointed to consider the feasibility of separate Telengana state. The committee is to submit its report on 31 December 2010. If this Committee does not recommend separate Telengana state, Rao threatens to launch massive agitation. There are by-polls on July 27 on 12 Assembly seats which became vacant as TRs supporters had resigned. The results of these by-polls will show whether people of Telengana area are for the creation of separate state of Telengana. However if Telengana state is not conceded the issue will remain alive as it has been for last more than 30 years.

Demand for separate state of Vidharba out of Maharashtra is also very old but there has not been much agitation. Because of INC leader and central cabinet minister Chavan, the demand remains latent. But a time may come when Chavan, who founded INC to oppose the Congress, particularly in Maharashtra wants, the demand for vidharba will once again become strong. Will the central government wait for agitation to concede to their decades old demand?

Finally, still it is pertinent that centre should intervene and have tripartite meetings for Telengana and Vidharba also just as for Gorkhaland, so that these 30 years old problems are solved once for all.

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