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Libya- Curse of Dictatorship- Whether Communist, Military, Hereditary or Democratic


First Egypt now Libya- It is curse of dictatorship

 Up to 19th century’s end almost all over the world there was hereditary ruler ship whether Hindu, Muslim or Christian. It was only in 20th century that democracy or peoples rule came into existence. The only exception was USA where democracy got roots, grew up in 18th century and flowered in 19th century. As a result in USA aboriginals and imported Africans who were treated like slaves got steadily human and democratic rights of equality with the white rulers. As a happy consequence Mr. Obama was elected first black President. In UK, too, though there was and is even today hereditary monarchy but slowly and steadily British monarchy lost all powers to people. But UK, unlike USA continued to be imperialist colonizer till the end of Second World War when India got independence in 1947 and other British colonies, too, fought for and got independence. But autocratic hereditary dictatorship of Kings and so called royal families like Saudi Arabia and most of the Arab countries continues till today.

In 20th century , so called democratic dictatorship was in USSR from 1914 onwards. German, Italian and Japanese dictatorships flourished after the First World War. In Czarist Russia there was absolute dictatorship which was overthrown by the communist followers of Karl Marx after heroic struggle. Under Lenin it was dictatorship of the proletariat i.e. of the workers but not of one person. It transformed the social and political structure of Czarist Russia and its colonies into communist democratic USSR in which all the colonies of Czar in Eastern Europe, Asia and part of Arabia got though not freedom, but substantial equality. But Stalin though was instrumental in winning Second World War by crushing Hitler’s Germany, changed communist dictatorship of USSR into personal dictatorship and became a curse. Accordingly USSR disintegrated in 1989. It was a triumph of modern democracy and first defeat of communist democracy cum dictatorship. It was once again Russia, not Czarist, but like a western democracy. Most of the Czarist Muslim colonies and east European (communist) countries got independence.

Now about the curse of Arab military hereditary or so called democratic dictatorships. Protests in Arab world against dictatorship started about three month back in a small country Tunisia in North Africa on Mediterranean coast, between Libya and Algeria. The success in Tunisia encouraged, practically younger generation to rise against dictatorship, first in Egypt then in Libya. First major casualty was Egypt where 82 years old Hosine Mubarak dictator for 30 years had to accept defeat after resisting peoples uprising for 3 weeks when more than 500 determined agitators in Egypt Tahrir square got killed and thousands were wounded. This can be considered first victory of people in Arab countries against dictatorship. It is yet to be seen whether real democracy takes roots in Egypt after the election scheduled later this year.

Now another Arab Muslim country Libya is burning. Gaddafi dictator for more than 40 years is so far adamant and says like Hitler he would die than surrender. More than 6000 citizens of Libya have perished. It is yet to be seen how long Gaddafi resists and how many people lay down their lives. Though ultimately he will have to go, live or dead.

Amongst Muslim countries except Turkey and Indonesia, which are democratic, there is revolt in various stages against dictatorship of autocratic rulers from Algeria in Africa to Iran in Asia US and UN Security Council have already slapped sanctions against Gaddafi family’s assets and even of Libyan high-up’s. UK has followed suit. Libyan ambassador in UN, after the unanimous resolution of UN against Gaddafi and Libya virtually wept and was seen wiping his tears. But Gaddafi still seems adamant. After Egypt, all dictatorship in Arab countries are worried that it may be any of them to face a revolt or revolution like that of Egypt and Libya.

Equally worried or much more worried is Israel, which is a very small Jewish country, implanted in Arab world and is encircled by big Muslim countries. It is quite natural because Israel is occupying for the last 30 years or more West Bank as well as Galan Heights. To save itself, it is high time that Israel amends its ways and instead of being aggressive tries its best to improve relations with neighboring Muslim Countries and vacates forcibly occupied Golan Heights and West Banks. Egypt’s and Libya’s uprising is also a warning to Pakistan against allowing once again a dictator to rule.

Pro-Gaddafi army has moved into eastern Libya so as to occupy the oil refinery there which is one of the biggest oil refinery in the Arab land. Thus Gaddafi has not learnt lesson from Egypt’s Hoisni Mubarak who was responsible for the death of 400 to 500 protestors while Gaddafi has been already guilty of killing though his puppet army units more than 6000 and many more. In addition, every day lakhs of Libian citizens are crossing over to neighbouring country Tunisia and now even to Egypt. If Gaddafi is determined to die like Hitler instead of stepping down, he should remember that Hitler got killed 6 million German Jews in gas chambers. How many thousands or lakhs Libian Muslim citizens he would see dead before he dies?

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