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Religious Intolerance- A Threat to Democracy

Hinduism has been tolerant of other religions since ancient times. There was no conflict between Hinduism and Buddhism, between Jainism and Hinduism. These three religions were peaceful throughout centuries or ages. There were no conflicts and question of a conversion did not arise. But with the coming of Islam to India the country was divided for the first time in history, into two communities – Hindu and Muslim. K M Pannikar has explained this separation of two religious communities ‘ the main social result of Islam as a religion into India was the division of society from top to bottom”. Both Hindu and Muslim were irreconcilable and hostile which never happened before in India between any two or three communities.
Vaishneys comments are also realistic and significant “ The Hindus still feel in one way or other that they were treated unfairly ( in fact millions of Hindus were killed or converted during Muslim rule) by their Muslim rulers. Partition of India created Pakistan as a Muslim country (with Muslim law and sharia) but our nationalist leaders did not create India as Hindu Rashtra. In fact the Muslim fundamentalism created Pakistan.” It is thus unfair to blame Indian leaders like Gandhi Nehru and Patel for the creation of Pakistan as stated by Jaswant Singh and some others.
In India there is democracy though not perfect and without blemish despite some unfortunate happenings like demolition of Babri Masjid (which even Advani has regretted and has felt sorry) and Dal Khalsa that came into existence because of demolition of Golden Temple by Indira Gandhi and genocide of Sikhs under Rajiv Gandhi and some Indian Muslims participation in terrorist activities sponsored by Taliban and Killing of some Christians in Orissa.
India continues to be a multicultural multilingual and multi-religious pluralist democracy. No country in the world is perfect democracy whether it is USA, UK or Australia. There are mishaps in every country , 26/11 attack on India and attack on Parliament of India has awakened India to deal with Muslim terrorists from Pakistan and some from India itself, financed and trained by Pakistani terrorist organisaions.
As explained above Indain leaders after Partition of India did not make India a Hindu Rashtra. So India continues to be secular and the biggest democracy in the world. That is India’s pride because majority of Indian’s are tolerant and believe in democracy.

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