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UPA II- No JPC, After Dismissal of Raja, Dismissal of Thomas

It was to defend the then Telecom Minister A Raja who was and has been proved, as he is already in jail, that he was corruption personified. UPA II resisted the appointment of JPC in 2G for such a long that entire winter session of Parliament was lost. UPA II and in particular Congress was more concerned to save A Raja and not to displease Karunanidhi’s DMK, so that alliance with DMK remains intact, than to save the winter session of Parliament and avoid wastage of hundreds of crores of rupees and loss of their own prestige in the eyes of public and media. When A Raja’s corruption was exposed fully by our vigilant media Karunanidhi, not so much to save UPA II but to save his own and DMK’s prestige, agreed to dismissal of Raja. Accordingly, no JPC at any cost came to end UPA II prestige, as well as PM’s who had defended Raja, came down.

UPA II, opposition BJP and Communist and the entire nation heaved a sign of relief as Budget session of Parliament was not to be boycotted but would function as usual. In no time JCP was formed and shortly it started functioning without any hitech. Thanks, ultimately to both UPA II and opposition parties for saving the prestige of Parliament as well as of the greatest democracy of the world- our India.

Just as UPA resisted, for no valid reason dismissal of corrupt spectrum Raja, is has ignored Sushma Swaraj, leader of the opposition in Lok Sabha, pointing out criminal charges against A Thomas in the case of import of Palmoline oil. UPA II just noted her abjection to appointment of Thomas, a tainted politician of Kerala as Chief vigilance officer CVC of government of India. It is stated that appointment of Thomas as CVC was insisted by Home minister Chidambram. Manmohan Singh, being the weakest PM, as pointed out by BJP chief Advani, bowed down. It is also said that A Thomas was appointed CVC mainly to save most corrupt minister in UPA government, A Raja.

As is well known, CVC is custodian and guardian of vigilance against unfair practices and corruption all over India, whether it is by ministers, civil servants politicians. Despite resistance by UPA II, appointment of a tainted Politian with criminal record in Kerala, where he was minister long back matter was referred to the Supreme Court of India, which delivered its long awaited judgment on 3rd march 2011, which is a landmark in India’s judicial and political history, recommending dismissal of A Thomas CVC. Honourable Supreme Court made detailed recommendations which questioned his very appointment as CVC. S.C indicted the government for appointing a person against whom criminal charge is pending. It directed the government to take prompt action against CVC Thomas, adding personal integrity is secondary to institutional integrity, especially “when the institution is anti- corruption watchdog.” SC verdict brought shame to the national government of India (UPA II). It was also a big blow to PM Manmohan Singh and Home Minister P Chidambran. Thus within an hour or two, to save honour, government dismissed Thomas. Such a verdict by Honourable Supreme Court is rarest possible and equally rare is such a prompt action by government, on the direction SC.

Still worse indictment of government is on the black money in thousands of crores amassed by to Hassan Ali and kept in foreign banks. It is not known whether SC of India has ever used such strong words; “what the hell is going on in this country”. Commenting on the delay of lethargic investigation against Hassan Ali the Honourable Supreme Court indicted the investigation agency: “we are deeply disturbed by the ongoing investigation. This is not a normal investigation. Is it like a friendly chat.”

It is hoped that Sonia Gandhi- Manmohan Singh government will follow the directions of SC and will never shield corrupt ministers like A Raja, appoint criminals like Thomas as CVC and defend or look to other side in cases like that of Hassan Ali who have deposited thousands of crores of India’s money in foreign banks, instead, promptly chargesheet them and punish them.

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