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Dynastic Rule in India-its origin and possible end

Since India’s Independence and Pandit Nehru becoming Independent India’s first Prime Minister from 1947 to 1964 possibly the largest ruling Prime Minister in entire world, particularly in democratic countries, dynasty rule with small gaps commenced. After Nehru for a few years Shastri ruled though Morarji Desai was the aspirant. But again Nehru’s daughter Indira was chosen as PM setting aside Desai’s claim, though inexperienced as a minister. Thereafter as Sanjay Gandhi who was exercising the powers of PM but had suddenly and at young age died in plane crash that he himself was piloting, was expected to succeed Indira Gandhi in due course as was being groomed by Indira herself. After Indira’s assassination in 1984, as dynastic rule demanded, Rajiv Gandhi, absolutely in experienced in politics and government, was sworn in as PM. Unfortunately he too met the fate of his mother as was assassinated by Tamil Tigers as, in support of Sri Lankan President, he had sent Indian Army to finish Tamil Tigers, in which he failed. Present ruler is president of UPA, though Italian by birth and not PM. But she is recognized by congress (I) as the real ruler of India with the help of her coterie of ministers, over-ruling and dictating PM. Dr Manmohan Singh was appointed P.M. as he was not a politician but an economist and had never won an election even to this day, thus he could not be assertive and never a challenge to the authority of Sonia Gandhi and rise of her son Rahul Gandhi, last aspirant of dynasty.

Now the dynasty rule is spreading and in evident in many states. In Punjab, Badal family is ruling and Prakash Singh Badal’s son has already been made Dy C.M. and some other members of Badal family are ministers. In adjoining state of Haryana, there is dynasty rule of Hooda family. In Tamil Nadu there is dynasty rule of Karunanidhi family which rules Tamilnadu and has half a dozen ministers in Central Government. In Bihar there was dynasty rule of Lalu Prasad Yadav’s family as when he had to resign as Chief Minister, he appointed his wife Rabri Devi as CM though she had neither education nor experience. There was going to be dynasty rule in Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and even Maharashtra.

With the decline of Congress and its worries about the 2G scam and many other scams making Parliament non functional for more than 15 days in a row, as never before, it seems that ineffective government of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh will not last long as Congress has earned bad name as never before.

Recently Dr Aziz Qureshi, who has been elected as member of AICC for 38 years, was minister in his home state MP and even member of Lok Sabha, has now been disgusted with the Congress because of its coterie. In his words “a coterie and money bags have replaced genuine workers” The proof of congress decline is its pathetic performance in recent elections in Bihar. Though Rahul Gandhi had campaigned and addressed dozens of meetings, Nitish Kumar and his party in alliance with BJP wiped out Congress as well as Lalu Prasad Yadav, it seems forever. Time was when Dr Rajendra Prasad a Bihari congress stalwart was first President of Indian Republic. One cannot forget contribution towards India’s freedom moment and his contribution for development of Bihar, his home state.

Because of decline of dynastic rule incapable persons like Narsimha Rao and selfish leaders like Morarji Desai tasted power for few years and paved the way for rise of BJP to have majority and rule India for a full term. Victory of Congress and UPA in 2004 demonstrated that in India rule of one party either congress or BJP is over. Hereafter there will be coalition at the centre and even in states like Maharashtra. Where Congress had to share power with Sharad Pawar who was the one who vehemently opposed Sonia Gandhi, as Italian born and founded a separate political party to oppose congress (I) and its leader Sonia Gandhi. Though he swallowed his pride and for the sake of power joined congress led UPA both at centre and in Maharashtra, which has been ruling the state because of Sharad Pawar’s support, Because of dynasty supremacy congress had earlier lost Gujarat, Punjab, even Haryana for some time, as well as UP, MP, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. It is on the way of losing power in Andhra because it had no guts and firm policy to concede separate state of Telengana for which agitation and demand is perhaps the oldest since Sri Ramulu’s fast unto death decades back and his ultimate death for the cause of Telangana.

To sum it up, it is evident from brief survey that both congress and dynasty rule are on decline. In 2014 elections or even before, congress may lose power as in no populous and important state congress is now a ruler. In contrast 20 years back congress was ruling, without any other party’s support, virtually whole of India. Though congress party, it’s coterie even PM and of course Sonia Gandhi are grooming Rahul Gandhi as next PM of India but, in the eyes of congress stalwarts as well as workers, he does not deserve to be PM. If at all Rahul Gandhi becomes next PM, which will be thrust on him just like his father Rajiv Gandhi from being a pilot who entered politics because of sudden death of his brother Sanjay Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi may be or may never be last PM of Nehru Gandhi dynasty at will, or may herald the end of congress rule it.

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