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Kirgizstan after Ethnic Riots of June 2010 – Timely evacuation of Indian Students

Millions of Indians had not heard the name of a former USSR state, now independent country, after dismemberment of USSR. Kirgizstan is a mountainous country, on its north is Russia and on its South is Afghanistan. Indians came to know of Kirgizstan because there were Indian students when ethnic riots broke out and they were confined to their houses, witness to large scale burning of houses of ethnic minority, Uzbeks and their continuous massacre. Indian Ambassador in panic immediately got in touch and informed the Indian government in consultation with Kirgiz government so that Indians are evacuated as early as possible without being victims of riots. Luckily Government of India woke up in time and got the Indian students, without any of being physically harmed, rescued to the joy of students, their families and even whole of India. It was commendable effort by government of India to airlift them. But for their being Indian students trapped there India would have ignored the ethnic rioting there and Indians would not have bothered about ethnic riots.

The civil war in Kirgizstan in june 2010 resulted in large scale rioting and merciless killing in streets and in their houses which were set on fire and residents of ethnic minority Uzbeks were even burnt alive. It is reported that more than 400 Uzbeks were killed and 4,00,000 were forced to flee to save their lives. Russian government was called by Uzbeks and the government of Uzbekistan to intervene by sending its army to save the Uzbeks who, too, were citizens of erstwhile USSR. But Russia just looked across the border and did nothing to stop the rioting and killing. But after the restoration of peace in Kirgizstan, Russia attempted to set up a base in Oshi, close to Afghanistan with a view to halt drug trafficking from Afghanistan to Russia through Kirgizstan. Militarily also Russia is aware that USA has virtually lost war against Taliban in Afghanistan and American Army will have to quit by the end of 2010 or early 2011 as America has suffered heavy cost in men and money in this 10 year old futile war which has affected American economy and prestige all over the world. Though Russia did not intervene in civil war Russia is concerned with happenings there as both Kirgizstan and Uzbekistan, like Afghanistan are Muslim countries. Russia wants to keep as eye on developments there.

After the civil war which ended in July 2010 there had been overdue elections which were held on 10th of October. The very fact that election could be and were held and that too, successfully is significant. There are likely to be problems, on Kirgiz had two coups in the last five years. President Askar Akayer who was President for the last 15 years was forced to quit in 2005. His successor Bakiyer was ousted after June 2010 bloodshed. As in the first ever particularly elections no single political part Parliamentary was in a position to form stable government, it is a coalition government which includes nationalist party from Southern Kirgizstan which had been secure of ethnic violence. Even then it is hoped by all the Kirgizstan citizens, including the southern part divided from north with high mountains and that is close to Afghanistan that there would be in peace because the new interim President was proponent of parliamentary elections and is committed to peace and harmony in Kirgizstan for its economic development.

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