H C Singh

India and China

Growth rates of India and China 1980 – 2004

India is number 4 in GDP and over all development after USA, China and Japan. But in another 20 years or so India will be number 3 only USA and China will be ahead. In information technology India was ahead of China in 2004. China is trying to go ahead. According to Subramanium Swammy’s findings “China and India have become front runners in cutting – edge technologies: IT, mass communications, bio technology, pharmaceuticals and nuclear and space sciences. The two have a vast part of scientific personnel and technologists with proven capacity for original research …… but” Chinese telecom facilities are atleast 10 years ahead of India.”

The vast difference between India and China is that while India is a democratic federal government China is, in contrast, still a communist dictatorship though it has conceded some private enterprises and some liberal measures. As China’s birth rate has become much lower than India, the population of two Asians giants is almost equal.

In India there is corruption almost in all spheres, politics – infa-structure , economic development, administration, police and municipal work of all types while in China there is insignificant corruption. Corruption is retarding India’s progress in all fields. As a result Indians who migrate to foreign countries particularly USA, specially as in information technology and as doctors, are doing much better than even the local citizens.

India is multilingual, multi religious and multi-cultural country while China is by an large unilingual with one Chinese culture and virtually no religion except in Eastern part where there are Muslims in majority with language of their own.

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