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Required change in constitutional position of governor in view of Partisan politics of Bhardwaj

Mr. Bhardwaj was Law minister in central government of Congress before being appointed Governor of Karnataka. It was expected of him that being well versed in law he well fallow legal and constitutional procedure in dealing with Yeddyurappa government of Karnataka of the opposition BJP. But Bhardwaj started playing partisan politics, bringing bad name to himself and causing worry to Monmohan Singh government of UPA II by carrying out persistently campaign to oust Karnataka government of Yeddyurappa. The entire BJP has marched to Rashtrapati Bhavan to dismiss Bhardwaj for his unconstitutional and partisan efforts over a long period. Bhardwaj after failure to oust Yeddyurappa government of Karnataka,continued his campaign against Karnataka government which had 120 out of 224 members in Karnataka Assembly and BJP government of Karnataka could easily win the vote of confidence if and when the issue of voting was taken up.

There have been many governors even for decades like Shri SS Barnala who have not interfered at all in the working of state governments when he had been governor of one state or another. No government ever raised a finger that Barnala was partisan. In SR Bommai case the Supreme Court had passed the verdict that the state government can’t be dismissed without a floor test in the state assembly. Was Bhardwaj who was law minister unaware of the decision of Supreme Court? Then why he had been insisting for the ouster of Yeddyurappa government.

UPA II government should have silenced Bhardwaj long back to set a lasting example so that in future no governor works in partisan manner but sticks to only constitutional provisions. Secondly it will be better that governor are non political and non partisan. Accordingly retired judge of High court and Supreme court may be appointed as governors of states. If need be there may be
constitutional amendment to this effect.

On 18th May 2011, Bhardwaj all of a sudden changed his attitude and became friend of Yeddyurappa whom he had considered his enemy and had been trying his best to oust. All this has happened because the government felt embarrassed because of BJP’S parading all the MLA’S before the President of India so Bhardwaj was advised to be friendly with Karnataka C.M even to save his own position as governor. This could have happened atleast 10 days earlier but it is better late than never so that the UPA II can maintain some rise in its popularity, despite Bhardwaj partisan behavior as Governor of Karnataka for many years.

With Bhardwaj becoming friendly with Karnataka CM, the crisis is over and UPA II can continue to rise . Other important feature is that with the arrest of A Raja and many corrupt minister and officials the corruption in government has declined very much thus there is possibility of India becoming corruption free democracy. All this will lead to rise in popularity of UPA II and virtually no fall at all in its prestige. Thus there will be substantial rise instead of some rise to the benefit of UPA II and enhancement of its popularity.

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Rise And fall of Sharad Pawar

At the age of 37 Sharad Pawar entered politics and became MLA for the first time. It is not known what amount of money and property he had at that time. But it appears that he had moderate amount of assets, not in hundreds of crores of rupees. How in 40 years of politics he amassed lakhs of crores of property, lakhs of crores of gold and hundreds of lakh of crores Shares and prime property? His lust for money property and power made him almost richest of politicians in India. In recent times this very lust for power and money has become a curse for Sharad Pawar just as it had become for 2G ‘ A Raja . That is the life story of Sharad Pawar’s rise and fall which is explained in details. It must be said at outset that all those who have lust for money invariably adapt foul means because with fair means one can only be moderately rich by his honest efforts over decades or even in one’s life time.

Sharad Pawar became the richest politician but in fact had become one of the richest within 20 years and thereafter broke all limits today after being in politics for 40 years. To his credit during the process of attaining unprecedented heights in politics and property he triggered agricultural revolution and had he concentrated on his unique achievement he could be Prime Minister of India. But that was not to be. He fizelled his energies.

Sharad Pawar during his political career extending to 40 years became CM of Maharashtra a number of times. Similarly by joining Congress he became Minister in Central Government for many years. He even joined Manmohan Singh government when congress returned to power in 2004 and continues to be so till today despite his indulging in unprecedented corruption known to not only congress but all political parties, politicians and ordinary workers and citizens. It was Anna Hazare who had taken first step to tarnish his image and had named him corruption personified. He for the first time in 40 years of his political career realised that his days as politicians are numbered and that soon he will be charged for massive misappropriation of public money running into lakhs of crores of rupees. Thus, though Pawar got so much worried and conscious of his follies over 40 years, he declined award for social justice which he was about to receive on April 17, 2011, the function for award was postponed hurriedly as Pawar now had become conscious that dark cloud of corruption were encircling him all over and that there seemed no escape for him, for his wife Pratibha and his causion Ajit Pawar who had looted the exchequers of lakhs of crores of rupees unaccounted and were now becoming evident as never before.

Now about Pawar family assets to this day, While Sharad Pawar is reputed to have collected by foul means more than 800 gram of gold while Pratibha is reputed to have more than 250 gram gold and besides many kg of silver. Thus Sharad Pawar family possess 15 acres of non-agricultural farmland. Family usurped commercial property of about 12000 sq ft in Pune and Malegaon. The most startling assets are deposits. In Sansad Vihar society New delhi deposits are worth Rs 10 lakh, While in Lap Finance and consultancy deposits to Rs 66 lakhs. In addition more than 2 lakh shares are owned by Pawar family of Namrata Film Enterprise Ltd. Just to name a few more companies in which Pawar family had shares, Viz Panchsheel Hotels more than 3 lakh shares, Baramati Agro and Katha Developers and Miners. Even in Reliance, Birla, Tata and Wipro companies the Pawer family had shares.

In recent times one does not hear about Sharad Pawar’s achievements particularly his concept of agricultural revolution but one only hears about kind of fake that Pawar has. Almost everyday the so called mighty Marathi is involved in unprecedented and innumerable controversies. How AG Mercantile, a company partly owned by Pawar got prime land on 99 years lease of 93,000 sq feet. Also how in 2008 the company got additional 97,000 sq ft land for building road and a bridge in Mumbai-Pune highway ? Acquisition of prime land has become Pawar’s political agony today. Inspite of the fact the controversies swirled around Pawar, which was tarnishing further the image of UPA II, Pawar could not be ousted or toppled as that was likely to lead to fall of government, both in Maharashtra and at centre though government is putting pressure on Pawar by occasionally leaking information against him, his corruption and scams. Pawar’s known contact with Balwa, associate of A Raja, Nira Radia and his daughter’s husband Sadanand Sule associated with automobile giant Mahindra and Mahindra has become talk of the day. Pawar is now suffering humiliation and does not appear in public view because of his passion for becoming the richest politician of India, which has become his life’s biggest curse, and has led to his fall.

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Crises in BJP

In June 2005, Advani visited Karachi and first thing on reaching Karachi he did was to praise Jinnah’s speech in the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on 16th August 1947 which Advani described as classic exposition of secular state, gaurantees every citizen’s freedom to practice his or her religion. Advani in his speech in Karachi quoted at length from Jinnah’s speech.

While praising Jinnah’s speech in Pakistan Advani forgot that it was Jinnah who had propagated two nation theory and instigated Hindu massacre in Calcutta in July 1946 under Muslim League Chief Minister of Bengal H.S Subrawordy. And it was again under Jinnah’s rule as Governor General of Pakistan that lakhs of Hindus and Sikhs were killed in August-September and trains full of dead bodies of Sikhs and Hindus sent to Indian Punjab. It was under Jinnah that lakhs of Hindus and Sikhs were forced to migrate to India, mostly from Punjab in return Muslims too, were killed and forced to migrate.

The praise of Jinnah’s speech and of Jinnah as a secular leader was thus uncalled for and even unbecoming of Advani who had been Dy PM and hoped to be Prime Minister of India. This praise pf Jinnaha has lowered the prestiege of Advani in the entire country. I think Advani himself must be feeling sad and depressed because of praise of Jinnaha and his secularism. Even though Advani is quite old he should, it is better, like his mentor Vajpayee voluntarily and finally retire from the active politics of BJP which is already in crises.

With virtual retirement of Vajpayee ji from politics because of age and indifferent health, there has been none in BJP heirarchy to match in status, caliber, intelligence, oratory and longest service to Jan Singh and BJP. Neither L K Advani who was earlier Dy. Prime Minister, nor Raj Nath Singh former chief Minister of UP nor Murli Manohar Joshi nor Jaswant Singh nor Yashwant Sinha could or would get as much applause as much following as the founder of BJP and first BJP Prime Minister of Government of India. This has led to steady decline in popularity and in a number of MP’s and also MLA’s in state legislatures. As a result, because of 2009 debacle of BJP under L K Advani’s leadership as Prime Minister-in-waiting there is a crises in the BJP leadership as it has never witnessed before. There is mini and latent revolt in the Party and the blame game in top leadership is going on between Advani, Rajnath Singh, Jaitley, Jaswant Singh and even Narinder Modi. Though Narinder Modi as CM of Gujarat has kept his flock together.

If the BJP is to rejuvenate and think of winning 2014 general elections it has to overhaul the Party, find new talent and assign to younger generation more power and responsibility. As a national party, if it is to win it has to improve its secular image by inducting more Muslims and even Christians besides Sikhs. But so far Advani and his associates of top BJP are unable to take a decision without the support of RSS Chief and without consulting him as is evident from the fact that Advani consulted RSS Chief Bhagwat so as to appoint Sushma Swaraj as his Deputy in Lok Sabha and Jaitley as opposition leader in Rajya Sabha. It seems difficult for BJP to sever completely from RSS and become truly secular. It is a dilemma for Advani and BJP.

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