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Advani and Kandhar Crisis

On 27th August 2009 there was interview on T.V of Brajesh Mishra who was National Security Advisor in BJP Government when Kandhar crisis took place. An Indian Airlines plane carrying 166 passengers was hijacked to Kandhar. For seven days the passengers remained as hostages in the plane till the NSC meeting decided to send Jaswant Singh who as External Affairs Minister at that time left. Thus Jaswant Singh took the risk or showed extreme boldness and patriotism that he with three terrorists in a single plane left for Kandhar to negotiate and get the release of 166 passengers. One of them had already been killed, the remaining passengers were warned about their fate. NSC meeting was attended by Advani who was then Dy Prime Minister and Home Minister. But it is strange that Advani claimed that he was unaware of the terrorists for passengers swap, carried out in January 2000. Advani has said before and even now in the interview on T.V. But Brajesh Mishra in the same T.V channel emphasized that Advani was present in the NSC meeting, and he was fully aware of the unanimous decision taken in the meeting to send Jaswant Singh then External Affair Minister to Kandhar for the release 166 passengers. Advani says Jaswant Singh might have consulted PM Vajpayee but “I was unaware. Initially I was against swapping terrorists for 166 passengers.” Advani’s denial of his knowledge about Swap has created a storm in political circles, not only BJP but congress too is then to get from Advani truth about his knowledge .
If Advani’s denial of any knowledge about Kandhar crisis that could, if not solved by swapping with terrorists to get release of 166 passengers, lead to blowing of the Plane and killing all the 166 passengers. Advani, the Home Minister and Dy PM in Vajpayee BJP Government in 2000, being present throughout the National Security Council Meeting how could he say that he was “unaware” of the decision. What type of Home Minister and Dy PM he was who could be indifferent to such a crisis. He should rather have taken initiative and given clear directions to Brajesh Mishra and Jaswant Singh to save the lives of 166 passengers. That is why Brajesh Mishra said he was ‘astonished’ that Advani had no knowledge of the proceedings and decision taken at the meeting. To set the matters right and save his own honour Advani must come forward and tell the truth ie he was aware of decision.
Kandhar crisis of 2000 has further tarnished the image of Advani when read with his praise of Jinnah being secular while he had become extremely communal as explained above and time again said Pakistan is a Muslim State and will be governed by Islamic Sharia rules.
RSS chief Bhagwat has made no comments on Kandhar problem saying it is for BJP to solve it. With the boost to BJP made by Bhagwat, it seems the controversy of Kandhar crisis which is almost 10 years old will fizzle out.

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