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Kashmir Crisis and Solution

It is months that Kashmir Valley is passing through one of the worst prolonged crisis. The present crisis started with the death of one Kashmiri youth on June 11, when during an agitation in which he was ahead, a teargas shell hit his head and he died. Thereafter the disturbed conditions got worsened almost every day because of hard liner Huruyat’s instigation, pelting of stones on police and CRPF personnel started and went on for days. In self defence and to curb violent agitation police and CRPF had to fire which resulted in the killing of 13 persons including a nine year old boy and 25 year old woman. As the situation was getting out of control Chief Minister Omar in consultation with Central Government of India called the Army a fortnight back. Curfew had to be imposed a number of times so that there is no agitation and Army troops won’t be required to use force, leading to killing of anyone. The Army personnel maintained utmost control while marching through streets of Srinagar and other disturbed areas of valley like Avantnag and Baramulla. During the relaxation of curfew, which was essential, so that citizens could come out and purchase essential commodities like rice, wheat, pulses and vegetables etc. During relaxation of curfew there was no disturbance.

However on Sunday the July 18, a class XII student of Gurunanak School Baramulla, north of Srinagar got drowned, because it is said by the locals that Army cops chased him. So that once again situation does not get out of control in Baramulla, hundreds of troops started patrolling streets as a preventive measure in some areas of Srinagar.

Now question arises as to what is the root cause of sporadic crisis in Srinagar and in many parts of the valley though, Jammu area has been peaceful throughout the present crisis though, Jammu area is part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In brief it must be stated that Kashmir problem is as old as India’s Independence and creation of Pakistan. Even before the accession of Kashmir, newly created Muslim state of Pakistan equipped and transported from NWFP area militants to capture Srinagar. When these Pakistani militants captured Baramulla India had to airlift the Army troops to reach Srinagar in time before the intruders from Pakistan capture Srinagar airport. Thus Kashmir crisis for the last 62 years is Pakistan’s creation. Tension and sporadic crisis continue despite Indian Army’s heroic efforts to throw out the Pakistani Army and temporary settlement of LOC (Line of Control) and despite limited wars between Pakistan and India. This is in short the cause of Kashmir crisis, engineered financed for sending Pakistani citizens, now more from Pakistan occupied part of Kashmir.

What is the solution? What is the way of ending Kashmir crisis once for all? Now that when Pakistan is in the words of US President Obama ‘cancer of terrorism.’ Because of upsurge of Taliban militants and terrorists in not only NWFP and Baluchistan but whole of Pakistan by suicide bombing upto Lahore, Pakistan cannot be expected to control the Taliban and other militants from entering Kashmir valley and cause unrest, agitations and instigation.

India has to show it determination as a strong country to prevent crossing of LOC from Pakistan. Station more Army units in areas like Baramulla and Srinagar. Curfew may have to be relaxed often for long, for the citizens of Kashmir, who are Indian citizens so that they can be engaged in useful activities like harvesting fruit particularly apples and transport to India and also the other activities like making wonderful shawls and handicrafts so that they are proud of their hard work and good earnings by their own labour.

At political level in Kashmir, Omar Abdulla should consult frequently and impress the opposition parties, which have to be there in a democracy and elected government. Kashmir has been integral part of India since times memorial, even during Muslim and Mughal rule, British rule and shall ever remain as paradise of India.

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