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Introducing work Culture- in West Bengal by CM Mamata

It will be lasting contribution of West Bengal with Mamata as CM that for the first time in the country and that too, in West Bengal, where communists ruled for 35 years and did nothing for the working class who were more lethargies than most of states work culture has been not only introduced but put into action within first two days. All ministers including CM all senior officers from DG of state downwards were asked to attend office in time and that too on Saturdays which has been a holiday, thus for, throughout India. To set an example CM herself reached office in time and even worked in office on Sunday. Every worker in West Bengal has started reaching office in time and remains there doing work till the closing hours.

This introduction and implementation of work culture in West Bengal will have far-reaching impact, in due course, in all the states and centre. Central government of UPA II had been most lethargic during last two years, particularly during 2010 because just of shielding 2G A Raja, most corrupt central minister. But this inefficiency and corruption has not only continued in the central government but most of the states with few exception. Now west Bengal has scored all over the country as already six days working week has commenced there.
Perhaps Mayawati’s UP is the worst state so far as misuse of government money and work culture are concerned. Mayawati has been all these years CM of BSP ruled UP more interested in spending government money on the erection of thousands of statues at government cost including her own was erection of statues in state government land with state’s money in the interest of workers of the state, thousand of whom have no work or are working privately under contractors with 20 to 30 rupees per day instead of minimum wage which is about ten times.

Even UPA II which is in alliance of Mamata’s Trinamool Congress and is sharing power as it has minister in Mamata’s cabinet of West Bengal is yet to introduce in Central government for all ministers and official of highest status down to class III and class IV employees. It may require discussion and even consultation with leaders of other political parties which are allies of UPA II. If congress is determined to implement work culture and six working days a week, it will bring great respect to congress and UPA II which has been silent spectator to corruption and virtually no work during 2010 in particular.

If Congress and UPA II accept and adopt work culture, may be in a month or a year, it is likely the other states, particularly Gujarat and Bihar will do so. In due course other states like Tamil Nadu will not be left behind in the march towards adaptation of work culture.

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