H C Singh

Equality of Man

It is enshrined in many constitutions.

All men are, or born, equal

Their rights are equal

Their opportunities shall be equal.

I ponder how can all men be equal when millions are doomed

Starve and die as they do not have right to work

No means of livelihood

No roof on their head

No medical care for them

For old and infirm there is no pension.

Thus man’s equality is a farce

If all men are to be equal,

Though born unequal,

They should have equal right to education

No destination between rich and poor

When they grow up,

They should have guaranteed job

Minimum decent wage

All should have access to similar health service

Not that rich go to Five Star Hospitals

And poor wait for admission in General Hospitals.

Unless such provisions for equality are enshrined

The constitution, to the uplift of poor, remains blind

Democracy is aristocracy

Mention of equality in constitution is hypocrisy.

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