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Global Warming – Its Cause and Effect

Now every country and its every educated citizen knows that there is global warming going on and affecting the glaciers melting, untimely rains and floods and fear of further rise in temperature of earth affecting all living beings. Now there are serious attempts through international conferences to control global warming so that our planet is saved from disaster after disaster.

It is also well known that fossil fuels are causing global warming to the utmost. The other ‘culprits’ are petroleum fuels and the extracts from all types of vehicles and motors.

Major cause of pollution by fossil fuels is use of coal in industries all over the world and excessive use of electric power produced by fossil fuels, for Air conditioners of all sorts particularly the AC’s which are used for the entire building for all the 24 hours of the day.

Till today, highly industrial and richest countries like USA, Canada, European countries and Russia are causing maximum pollution or global warming. The poor countries of Africa and Asia came last while middle level developed or developing countries like China, India, Singapore, Malaysia are also causing pollution because these countries, because of their economic development as well as the life-style of their citizens, particularly the urban gentry, using millions of vehicles and air conditioners in their homes and offices.

In brief global warming is due to ozone depletion which has been 3 percent per annum during last 20 years. Ozone depletions worst effect is on Polar Regions particularly Antarctica, leading to melting of ice, reduction of ice cap causing floods, rise in temperature, uncertain rain and rain storms and latest is even volcanoes.

Ozone is nature’s protection of earth from excessive sunlight. It is like a blanket on earth between 10 to 50 Km above earth, protecting earth, it “filters out harmful ultra violet radiation of the Sun and protects human beings against skin cancers, cataract problems and DNA damage”. Because of excessive use of fossil fuels and emission of smoke and gas from vehicles the nature’s blanket’ for safety of humans is getting damaged.

Still, it is heartening to note that since Montreal Protocol 1987, world has become cautious and has determined to deal with damages due to global warming to entire humanity. Accordingly by 1996 almost entire world, to be exact, 161 countries were participating in the Montreal Protocol. This historic protocol allowed 3 years grace period to developing countries like India, China and some Latin American Countries upto July 31, 1999, to adopt new technologies instead of fossil fuels, for producing electricity as well as other industries.

Because of implementation of recommendation of Montreal Protocol by USA and European countries, in particular and other developing and underdeveloped countries in general, it has been confirmed that depletion of Ozone layer has slowed down “due to international ban on Chlorofluoro carbons, Chemical compounds containing Chlorine, fluorine and Carbon.” In simple language because of lesser use of fossil fuels and petroleum products in industries and motor engines, there is improvement in atmosphere. It is hoped this improvement will continue. Increase in population of entire world during last 100 years has been unprecedented because of industrialism and advance in agriculture. It is estimated that in 1900 the earth’s population was 1.6 thousand millions. Further increase was unprecedented and alarming. In 1950, ie in 50 years, the population rose to 2-5 thousand millions and by 1990 6.00 thousand million. It is estimated that by 2050, 40 years from today the world population will be between 9.4 to 10.8 thousand millions”. The rise in population since 1900 is startling. The growth of population now estimated is “90 million per year” though there is some slowing down particularly in European Countries.

India’s population in 1947 at the time of Partition of the country and independence was 35 crores while in 60 years by 2007 it was estimated to be 110 crores i.e. three times increase in 60 years. It is the same story in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and some Middle Eastern, African and Latin American countries. It is essential that these countries take steps to control the rise in their population.

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