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Nira was born in 1959 in Nairobi, Kenya, where her parents of Indian origin Iqbal Narain Manan had settled. Her adopted name NIRA RADIA or before marriage Nira Menan suggests that she is a Keralite but she is daughter of Punjabi parents and had contact with a Gujarati after her family had shifted to London. She married that Gujarati young entrepreneur Janda Radia and come to be known as Nira Radia and worked with her husband initially but, being more ambitious than Janda, she entered in to airline business as adviser. She made quite a success. While her husband had got the bad name by liquidating or dissolving 8 trade companies. In 1994 she came to India where her father had negotiated a job for her in SAHARA Airlines. That was the turning point in her life. Though she had three children from marriage with Janada Radia, she abandoned them and after a few years had illicit relations with Dhiraj Singh with who she remained close from 1994 to 2002. When both want to open a bank account in Swiss bank, she had become so close to Singh that she was Mrs. Singh when both went to USA. But despite such closeness for almost a decade when they were living together as a family, she broke up with Singh and changed living for kidnapping her 16 year old son, for which Dhirag Singh spent two years in jail. This was the character of Nira Radia that she could be close to one for her selfish business purpose and dump him when she no longer needed his help or association.

As Nira Radia had assets of more than 300 crores in short span of a decade, Income Tax authorities as well as Finance Ministry got suspicious about her clandestine, even antinational, activities as she had been called a foreign agent, though not substantiated From 2007, because of her contacts particularly with Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani, her conduct, movements and association with business tycoons, IAS Officers and ministers of States and Centgre, her 14 telephone lines were being trapped on the direction of Finance Minister, However it took almost a year to find out the truth. Though allegations against her came to light only after the Nira Radia tapes when on November 2009 it was decided by CBI and Income Tax authorities to depart someone to collect her tapes.

Now, in brief, names of persons and organizations in business and government who were using the influence Nira Radia for their personal purposes of collecting wealth and with influence and association of Nira Radia, knowingly or unknowingly. First of all comes Ratan Tata almost the richest and most talked about and influential business tycoon. How he got close to Nira Radia and what he gained for some years and what he lost (status and respect as most intelligent entrepreneur). Nira Radia had met Ratan Tata in 2001 which was the most significant year of her life when she was working for Tata Airlines & Singapore Airlines a joint venture. She impressed Ratan Tata so much that within a couple of years she was handling public relations of 14 Tata companies and by 2009 she had so much influence on Rata Tata that she was controlling public relations of about 90 Tata companies.

Because of Radia’s closeness to Tata and her influence in 2008 and the business tycoon, richest Indian, Mukesh Ambani thought of similar rise with the influence of Radia with publication and bureaucrats. Thus Mukesh Ambani gave to Nira Radia virtually entire control of Reliance Industries. This sudden rise of Nira Radia also disturbed the central government. UPA-II whose communication minister ‘A’ Raja was also in close contact of Nira Radia and through her was indulging in more corruption as he was till then unchallenged. But Nira Radia-Raja alliance had also tainted the image of Prime Ministger and UPA-II government in general. This led in a year or so to investigation in Nira Radia activities and finally the Nira Radia tapes disclosures. Nira Radia was to expect in getting hold of right men to achieve her object both in industry and government, without being herself in front live. So she had, what is called a ‘Fixer’ for this purpose. She chose Tarun Das who was eminent organizer of Indian Industry, was not simply in good books of the government but had untold influence even on PM Manmohan Singh on whose recommendation he had been awarded Padma Bhushan in 2006. Nira Radia’s conversation with Das virtually shows that Das was willing to influence the government to get what she wanted, of course at a price to Das. Besides many fixing done by Das, Nira Radia got two important approvals made by the government viz appointment of Kamal Nath as minister of surface transport, to support ‘A’ Raja and appoint Sunil Arora as Chairman of Indian Airlines. To all these suggestions by Das, the fixer, PM agreed and lost his prestige, particularly by defending for long Raja and also by opposing JPC, so that Raja, whom he had defended for a long is not exposed.

To conclude, Nira Radia was educated in London, was very intelligent, particularly impressive in conversation. As a result she could impress in first meeting business stalwarts like Ratan Tata, but she being over ambitious and determined to achieve her objective by fair, more after by foul means. Her conversation on tapes and her almost a dozen telephone numbers, when got in possession of government and got publicity in media people all over India, many bureaucrats and ministers and even UPA-II got into trouble along with Nira Radia. Her rise and fall during two decades proves that no one, businessmen, politician, bureaucrat or even common man or woman, should never adapt foul means to attain their object, howsoever right it may be.

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