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Anti National Stand of MNS and Shiv Sena


          Raj Thackeray’s outburst’s and actions during last 4-5 years, with his MNS not allowing SP MLA Abu Asim Rizvi to take oath in Hindi and even creating condition of rioting and hooliganism inside and outside the Assembly, this act is very unfortunate as Hindi is the National Language and the only, SP member tried to take oath in Hindi and was prevented. Raj Thackeray had earlier declared that all MLA’s must take oath in Marathi, which is the state language of Maharashtra. Sachin Tendulkar, greatest cricketer of India and even world had said that he is proud of being a Maharshtrian but he is an Indian first. To this not only Raj Thackeray but even the Shiv Sena founder and head, Bal Thackeray objected saying Tendulkar should play cricket and not politics. There were comments in Media against Raj Thackeray and his MNS to understand what is wrong in saying that I am Maharashtrian or Kerelite or Bengali or Punjabi etc and also saying that I am Indian? Literally some Maharashtrians like Chavan Chief Minister of Maharashtra have objected to Raj and Bal Thackeray’s attitudes and expressions. How it will be erased? How it will be solved? How soon? How before it spreads to other states?

           All political parties and their eminent leaders have expressed their concern and annoyance. Here are comments of some of the leaders of National Political Parties.

 Ashok Chavan, Maharashtra CM of INC

“We are proud of what Sachin has done. I am surprised some people are criticizing him”


Arun Jaitely, BJP leader

“Sachin is entirely correct. India is proud of him and he is proud of being an Indian”


Brinda Karat, CPI (M) leader

“Sachin believes Mumbai belongs to whole of India. So do the majority of people in Mumbai”


Bihari’s CM, Nitish Kumar and former CM Lalu Prasad Yadav, too have condemned the statements of Raj and Bal Thackeray.

 Now about Sachin’s exact words and also that of Bal Thackeray.

 Sachin Tendulkar’s statement to Media Persons in Mumbai.

“Mumbai belongs to India. I’m a Maharashtrian and I’m proud of that, but I am an Indian first.”


Bal Thackeray in his open letter SAAMNA wrote about Sachin Tendulkar “You are free to hit fours and sixes, but keep off the political pitch. With that statement you are ‘run out’.”


          Years back, for instigating his party members, who were joined by hooligans, many Bihari’s were beaten and many more threatened. So many, to save their lives left Mumbai. There was an FIR against Raj Thackeray for instigating, people of Mumbai to commit crimes against non Maharashtrian. The case went on for some months but nothing came out. At that time Bal Thackeray remained quiet. Had Raj Thackeray been put behind bars along with other criminals matters would not have reached this stage. Raj Thackeray and Bal Thackeray, though unintentionally, have created a situation which tends to divide Indians which Sachin Tendulkar, he, too, unintentionally has made statement which tends to unite all Indians.


          82 years old Bal Thackeray had been worried since in the last elections to Maharashtra Assembly his Shiv Sena lost a number a seats while his  nephew Raj’s party MNS gained quite much. In his open letter in his own paper Saamna, he has written against Sachin. For this purpose he has taken the command of Shiv Sena after 5 years rising from reclining chair  and dumped his son Udhay Thackeray to be one up against his nephew has said much more which many intellectuals and congressmen, in particular, think that what Bal Thackeray said it is worthy of throwing into “Dust bin.”


          In an open letter in Saamna, Bal Thackeray vehemently condemned Sachin’s few words that is “Indian first” though proud of being a Maharashtrian and for saying “Mumbai belongs to all Indians” Shiv Sena left no stone unturned to put Tendulkar to shame and prompt him to issue a rejoinder or something only in favour of Marathi and Maharashtra. But Sachin got bravos from all sportsmen, all political parties and all intellectuals even Maharashtrians, all over India. There seems no question of Sachin apologizing or even contradicting his famous statement that he is Indian first.  


If people like Raj and Bal Thackeray go ahead to make Mumbai for Maharastitrian only and ultimately force, non Maharashtrians  to save their lives, leave Mumbai what will be the consequences? What will happen in Kolkata where there are many Gujratis, Biharis, Punjabis and others? What will happen in Bangalore, where people from all states are almost settled because of it being soft-were capital of India. What will happen in Delhi which is capital of India but surrounded by UP and Haryana where there are millions of non Hindi speaking people from all states?


          All Indians when they go abroad for work and then settle in countries like USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany in Latin America and African countries are known and they call themselves Indians, not Gujaratis, Maharashtrian, Punjabis, Biharis, Bengalis, Karelites, Tamilians etc. USA in particular is proud of these Indians who have attained great success in many fields, particularly in Information Technology, and some Indians have become governors of certain states of USA. MLAs and MPs, even an Indian is a Minister in Obama government.


          Lakshmi Mittal, one of the worlds richest person who now lives in London, Molecular Biologist, Venkat Ramchandran, who shared this years Nobel Prize in chemistry is based in USA, Pranay Mistry, who works at MIT’s tech lab is the founder of futuristic techno invention sixth sense which may change the way we live. Indra Nooyi, who is pride of Indian women as she is Pepsi Co Chief. She lives in USA. There are more than a hundred thousand Indians settled in foreign countries many of whom have attained destinations in their field of work.


          As we started with Azmi let us conclude with what he says and means. Azmi is proud of having lived in Mumbai. After spectacular victory in two constituencies in last Assembly elections he has said. “I love Marathi just as I love my mother tongue” It is unfortunate I do not know Marathi even though I grew up and prospered in Maharashtra” He also says in interview with S Balakrishnan. “After the attack on north Indian students in Kalyan station by Raj’s boys….. when North Indians were beaten up for no reason….. Why has Raj Thackeray not been jailed despite his provocative statements?”   


          So all Maharashtrians, including Raj and Bal Thackeray and their followers of MNS and Shiv Sena, who are proud of being Maharashtrians, should also be, like Sachin Tendulkar, icon of cricket, and Marashtra’s Chief Minister Chavan, be proud of being Indians first…. It should not be ignored or forgotten that non Maharashtrians have contributed a lot in the progress and development of Mumbai as Mumbai is Business Capital of India and also of Film Industry because of Bollywood and earn for Mumbai and India lakhs of crores of rupees and billions of US dollars in Foreign Exchange. JAI HIND





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