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Miracle in CHILE – Rescue of 36 Miners Trapped for 69 Days

In India and even in East and South East Asia, development and happenings in Chili are almost always ignored. But the safe rescue of 36 Chilean miners after 69 days got world wide publicity and media coverage, as never before. 69 miners were trapped on August 5 when a cave fell closing all possibility of their safe exit. Chilean government realizing the gravity of the problem got into action after due consideration of their safety and safe rescue. So on August 19, after some drilling, the drill reached the site where miners were trapped and after a few days their first video images were also got. Then food water and medicines were lowered by the supply staff. This news was heartening for the impatient and some crying relatives. Then as fast as possible, technically and physically, on Sept 17 drill reached close to the miners and steps were taken to widen the Hole. Rescue workers complete the drilling and prepare an escape shaft for the trapped miners. The escape shaft was about 820 meters long which naturally required many days and lot of care so that there was no damage near the escape passage for the trapped miners. It still took four days more when on 13th October the first miner was brought out quite safe and without any injury or harm. That is really a miracle which has happened for the first time.

Contrast it with India where often a child falls in an uncovered hole and many times his dead body is brought out inspite of military help and the relatives start crying. The blame game goes on for a week or so but again in a week or a month another such tragedy occurs. Imagine if in India or any Asian country or even a European country so many miners are trapped for 30 days, even, what to speak of 69 days! There seems to be no possibility of their rescue, as the conditions are particularly in a country like India, the greatest democracy in the world. Even in China many times Chinese miners get trapped and quite often the government of China is unable to rescue them.

We should learn from Chili. If the government considers that in India there should be no tragedies even of death in uncovered manholes and in coal mines and other mines which are many and spread over many states, a team of experts may be sent to Chili to get the full report and learn the technique and the equipment required to rescue trapped persons in mines or manholes. It seems necessary so that there are no minor or major tragedies in India.

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