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Is India a Scam Country or Scam is tan?

Large scale and nationwide corruption which is deep seated at every level in government at centre and states from cabinet ministers and secretaries down to Clarks and peons. It has led to scams staring with scam of A Raja of 2G from year 2002 when BJP was in power to UPA government particularly from 2007 onwards till he was put behind bars. Since then more and more scams have come to light. On July 25, A Raja was bold enough in the court of Judge OP Saini to name Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and senior cabinet minister P Chidambram. He said before judge Saini that whatever illegal and corrupt actions he committed, all were with knowledge of PM in particular. Most startling to press and people was A Raja’s statement in court that sale of spectrum in 2008 at the price of 2001 was with the knowledge of PM.

First letter by A Raja to PM was undated but letter from PM to A Raja was dated August 18, 2007. Since then 19 letters in all PM exchanged with A Raja on 2G during 4 years upto middle of 2011, when Raja was finally convicted and put behind bars- obviously it does not behove PM to be in correspondence with a known highly corrupt person like A Raja. As nationwide corruption was continued for years, Ram Jethmalani has said, “If the Sweedish Academy had a Nobel Prize for successful concealing of corruption and the corrupt, it would have gone without competition to our Prime Minister and his cabinet”. About corruption and scams in the country, Jethmalani said “Mired in corruption of all kinds; it was in no hurry to terminate it. The nation was helplessly watching shameful disclosure of scams including cabinet ministers and crucial leaders of ruling party. It is possible that other corrupt politicians and bureaucrats were involved. But the main responsibility can only be of the ruling government and the Prime Minister, an impeccable white knight of political integrity” as a result regime of scamsters protects the corrupts.

Cabinet Minister who knew about illegal actions of A Raja in the price of spectrum sale were P Chidambram, Parnab Mukherjee chairman of GOM on spectrum, Han Raj Bhardwaj the Law Minister, Montek Singh Ahluwalia Deputy chairman Planning Commission and Goolam Vahanvate Solicitor General during UPA I, Among the civil servants who had a say in scam are Sidharth Bphura Telecom secretary who has been charged with criminal conspiracy, forgery and using faged documents and cheating. He has been convicted and has spent more than 175 days in jail. Sanjay Chandra former MD Unitech Wireless has also been charged and has already spent more than 100 days in jail for the same crimes as of Sanjay Chandra.

It is unjust for Jethmalani to blame only PM who had, till recently, never taken any decision himself. He had always been guided even directed by Sonia Gandhi, UPA Chairperson, who was guided by a coterie of ministers. That is source of all corruption, particularly since 2007-2008 and all scams and even steep decline in popularity of UPA II Congress.
Latest scam which has come to light and has even rocked the Parliament on 8th and 9th August 2011 is about Sheila Dixit Chief Minister of Delhi. She played an imported role in CWG Scam along with Suresh Kalmadi. She was herself found guilty and corrupt by CAG. Thus there seems to be no end of scams in our Country.

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