H C Singh

Economic crisis in Shoe-Making Industry

There is also great set back to shoe making industry in Agra and Kanpur particularly in Agra. It is said in an article by Trepathi and Chaturvedi “it is biting that Agra artisans began by making boots for Emperor Akbar’s infantry and graduated to fancy shoes before getting hit by rising costs and shrinking markets”

There are many factors leading to decline in the manufacturer of, particularly hand-made, shoes. Decline in the demand in India and abroad because of recession, rise in prices of leather and other raw material, competitions from China that is exporting cheap footwear of all types for men, women and Children mostly made from synthetic material but looking fine. USSR had been importing bulk of shoes and boots from India. But after its dismemberment, there is a steep fall in the import. The slowdown has affected 25-30% of the market which has made more than 2 lakhs of workers in great difficulty.

In Kanpur there were 500 tanneries even 30 years back but now there are only 100 because of restrictions of government besides the general decline in demand for leather.

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