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Some wise sayings from Socrates to this Day

There is lot of unhappiness in the present world because of lust, greed, anger, hatred and selfishness. All these lead to misery, sometimes depression and in many cases crime. The idea of bringing these wise words and sayings of wise men since Socrates is to bring happiness, peace and harmony, so that there is more happiness in our lives.

  • The nearest way to glory is to strive to be what you wish to be, thought to be. (Socrates)
  •  Listening is a wonderful gift we can choose to open everyday. (Anan)
  •  By appreciating in others, we make excellence our own property. (Voltaire)
  •  What is Moral is what you feel good after and what is unmoral what you feel bad after. (Earnest Hemingway)
  •  Act as if every event has purpose, and your life will have purpose. (Andrew Mathews)
  •  Knowledge and courage take turns at greatness. (B Grosian)
  •  Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers. (Tennyson)
  • It is easier to wise for others than for ourselves. (La Roche lured)
  • I regret often that I have spoken, Never that I have been quiet. (Syrus)
  • Self is the only prison that can bind the soul. (Henry Van Dyle)
  • The most sacred place isn’t the Church, the Mosque or the Temple. It is the temple of the body. That is where the spirit lives. (Susan Taylor)
  • Nothing can dim the light which shines from within. (Maya Angelou)
  • A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. (Phyllis Diller)
  • Love possesses not nor would it be possessed. For love is sufficient unto love. (Khalil Gibran)
  • We shall know the state of love only when jealousy, envy, possessiveness, domination come to an end, And as long as we possess we shall never love. (Krishnamurti)
  • The secret of love is performing some little act daily to give happiness to your beloved, an act of science, perhaps a small gift, or word of appreciation, a smile of affection. (Donald Walters

 Discovery of Happiness

We are worst enemy of our own

We forget the creator and worship stone

Silver, Gold, Diamond all are stone

Mad of lust and have become slave of stone


Happiness is only an art of arts

This art makes us smart and smart

This art never finds any fault

This art is cosmic power watt


Happiness ever leads to win

Happiness never leads to sin

Happiness is ever happy chin

Happiness is only next to kin

Happiness is to enjoy smiles of good fortune

Happiness is ever good luck and good fortune

Happiness is matchless beauty of serene smile

Happiness is limitless beauty of happy style 

Happiness is tensile strength to counteract miseries of life

Happiness is living strength to face stresses and strains of life

Happiness is mutual friendship of mind and soul

Happiness is actual harmonious state of mind and soul


A woman with beautiful manners is only beautiful woman

A woman with noble character is a beautiful woman

A beautiful woman is paradise for eyes


Source of happiness hides itself in human heart its real place

Source of happiness ever shines in its own harmonious palace

Let us forget everything to achieve happiness

Try, work hard, struggle hard to achieve happiness

Time to enjoy happiness is today

Enjoy happiness today and do not dismay

If we fail to achieve happiness

We are worst enemy of our own

Happiness is ever free from heat

Happiness is ever Heavens seat

It is happiness which never cheats

It is happiness which never beats

For happiness grows by whatever it feels

Feel the mind with good thoughts and good deeds

It is hoped that all those who go through these saying of wisemen will benefit. If they try to follow some great sayings, they will make them their and their families lives happier than before.


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