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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar -Brief Profile

Commonly known as Sri Sri, He is very intelligent and very soft spoken. In India perhaps there is no Parallel to him. Sri Sri is unlike Baba Ramdev whom he convinced to end his fast, Ramdev is both a Yogi and a politician. Sri Sri and Baba Ramdev have different style of working though Sri Sri is against corruption and is also keen that lakhs of crores of black money must be brought back to India. Sri Sri favors Anna Hazare and is equally in favor of Lokpal Bill.

In Sri Sri’s own words “I want to resolve conflict wherever it exists. It has become Sort of my nature I can’t but stop”. About convincing Baba Ramdev who was admitted in hospital in very serious condition, Sri Sri says- even before going for my rituals, I first went to see babaji and he was in very bad shape. Then I completed my work and visited him again. And convinced him again to end his fast and thank god, it worked”.

About spirituality, Sri Sri has distinct and convincing views in his words. That is what spirituality does to you when you are in touch with the entire core of your existence, the self you know, I’m not the body. I’m the light the consciousness. Then grief does not touch you at all. You will see that happening not just with some but millions of people here. Because of faith in spirituality, people in India don’t mourn the death, they got deep in meditation. Sri Sri elaborates with his father’s death and his own example. This is the beauty of this land we don’t mourn death. In this country, we celebrate the death. If you see any dead body being carried you will see the celebration.

Sri Sri is all praise for Anna Hazare because of his past as a social worker in Maharastra for many years for the benefit of farmers and makes ideal villages in Maharatra. Where he was even jailed but he did not become hostile or arrogant. Here are some of the points and views of Anna Hazare which impressed Sri Sri because of their mutual friendship and working together. Anna has been coming and addressing our (Sri Sri’s organization) our youth workers and inspiring them about sacrifice and working with villagers. So this has been a long association in the social sector. We have never been into anything political. I want this whole movement to be apolitical. When it gets little bit political, “Sri Sri Emphasis despite his long friendship with Anna” it doesn’t suit me so much.

Sri Sri believed in democracy. He was opposed to any type of dictatorship. In democracy he believed in dissent between many politicians and political parties. But he was absolutely against corruption by politicians, civil servant and police officials. He stressed an understanding even between hostile political parties and politicians in particular. He advised everybody to be calm and not to be arrogant. He hated abusive language being used by any one of the political party. Even if someone had used harsh words, the solution was being quiet and not to answer by equally or even moderately harsh language. Sri Sri is a spiritual leader or as some called, spiritual guru. That is why he traveled abroad and had a following in other countries than his motherland India.

It is apt to reproduce, in Sri Sri’s own word his benefits and advice and his contribution. “My main contribution is, we have to have a social movement in the country. Then people from every spectrum can join in and make the country better. We to be divided and communal.” Sri Sri was clear and even emphasised that without politics and political parties there can be no democracy and no scope for fighting for the well being of the people and good of the country. He was opposed to use unparliamentary language or even words. In Sri Sri’s Words different people have different lifestyle and their behaviors are very different. If you are getting stuck with what that person said and how this person believed, you will go nowhere. When the cause is the prime thing in front of you, you should ignore that. About fasting Sri Sri’s advice is lasting. “If fasting works you should go for it but life is more important”.

Our country is indebted to intelligent men or spiritual leaders like Sri Sri. As explained, in brief above, spiritual and selfless intelligent persons like Sri Sri will make India great. Educating people is the prime contribution as well as persuasion for the benefit of the country and civil society. Thus all Indians are proud of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. We wish him long spiritual and dedicated life.

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