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Charges against Spectrum Raja and his dismissal under 2 G Scam

Finally spectrum Raja, Communication Minister, who has been charged with massive unprecedented loss to the nation, has been forced to resign. But his resignation alone has not silenced the opposition because he is still adamant that he has done no wrong and has resigned because Karunanidhi had advised him to do so. But in fact grave charges of corruption and resulting loss of more than one and a half lakh crore of rupees to the exchequer, almost confirmed by Comptroller and Auditor General of India. After long silence PM’s advice to DMK chief brought Raja down to earth. However AIADMK has been waiting for an opportunity to challenge the aging DMK chief who had got half a dozen ministers in Central Government of Congress led UPA and was well enthroned in Tamilnadu itself. She has openly said on TV interview a number of times that AIDMK which has 9 MP’s in Lok Sabha plus CPI-CPM would not let the UPA government fall, as Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh feared. She has also organized mass agitation against her rival DMK in Chennai and elsewhere in Tamilnadu and AIDMK followers finally convinced both Sonia Gandhi UPA Chief and Karunanidhi that Raja’s continuation as central minister will lead to irreparable loss to the political status and power in Union Government as well as in Tamilnadu. This realization or writing on the wall was enough to oust Raja.

But still, naturally enough, the opposition was not pacified so there was again hungama in Parliament and both houses had to be adjourned, during last week. Opposition parties are fortified. Dropping Raja from ministership was not enough. It is no punishment for such an unprecedented fraud and loss to the nation. Not accepting the CAG report and not placing the case of Raja before joint parliamentary committee were other important factors. Opposition has been emboldened by Karunanidhi ultimately ‘advising’ Raja to step down as in the eyes of opposition both DMK Chief and UPA Chief Sonia Gandhi did not accept the findings of CAG and also did not accept reported charges in Media and by the opposition for such a long time.

For the first time Supreme Court of India had reported that Prime Minister of the country remained silent for such a long time about unprecedented corruption charges amounting to more than One lakh fifty thousand crore in spite of findings by CAG and submission of report with all the relevant proofs and papers.

Supreme Court on 22-11-10 also raised objection to the appointment of PJ Thomas as Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) as there was a criminal case against him since year 2000, when he was in Kerala as secretary Food Dept, for import of Edible oil and the case was still not closed. The Supreme Court bench headed by CJ asked the Attorney General representing the UPA government. “Without looking into the file, we are convinced that ‘if a person is an accused in criminal case, how can he function as CVC’. In view of Sushma Swaraj’s dissent the SC may consider that there was lack of consensus in the appointment of Thomas as CVC, and come to the conclusion that Thomas was defending A Raja, his communication minister in 2 G Scam. Before Thomas was appointed CVC in September 2010 he was Secretary in the Telecom ministry under which 2 G spectrum scam occurred. A Raja who was minister was under attack for a long time for the biggest scam which had cost the exchequer or India Rs 1,75,000 crores. It is also noteworthy that leader of opposition in the Lok Sabha had raised objection to the appointment of of Thomas as CVC but her objection was ruled out. The petition before the SC alleges “The PM and Home Minister recommended Thomas’s name despite the fact that Leader of opposition objected to it. So the leader of opposition was forced to record her dissent. Hence her presence was rendered meaningless in the appointment”.

Another aspect which is the most Important relates to opposition demanding meeting of JPC on 2 G Scam and Congress has been opposing Joint Parliamentary Committee. This has resulted into Parliament not functioning for 10 consecutive days so far Even Mamta Banerjee has joined the opposition in demanding JPC meeting. From Oct 25 Mulayam Singh Yadav has been on Dharna outside Parliament demanding JPC meeting on 2 G Scam. A solution must be found and PM and UPA should ponder over it. What is wrong in holding a JPC to let the Parliament function? Investigation in 2 G Scam, particularly the role of A Raja, who is no longer a minister must ne expedited.

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