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Decline in Obama’s Popularity- Cause and Effect

It is reported in American press that now after almost two years of Obama being first non-white elected as US President, his popularity in US has gone down. Sixty percent of Americans are now not happy with Obama and his policies at home and abroad, economic policies because of steep decline in economy because of uncontrolled recession and in foreign affairs apparent failure of USA both in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan there are at present 1,50,000 soldiers more than 50 percent being US soldiers. Despite such an armed intervention in Afghanistan for the last more than 10 years Taliban threat to American soldiers and Karzai Government has not and does not seem to be over in the near future. Despite Drone attacks in Taliban hide-outs in hilly tracts of NWFP and Baluchistan, Taliban suicide attacks in Lahore and latest one in busy market of Peshawar killing more 150 innocent unarmed citizens, men, women and children is horrifying. What has America achieved by fight against Taliban in Afghanistan and NWFP and Baluchistan. American intervention has created worst ever suicide bombing in Pakistan killing thousands.

The question arises. Is Obama only to be blamed for American decline in international relations as well as in America? No, certainly not. Obama unfortunately, for him, became President of USA when both Afghanistan and Iraq were on fire. In contrast America was having no problems at home and abroad before George Bush became the President of USA. Taliban problem was initially created by America as to evict the Soviet Communist from Afghanistan and end the Communist rule there. America encouraged so called Talibans in Afghanistan and NWFP and Baluchistan in Pakistan by giving them money and arms in abundance. Though America succeeded in ending communist rule in Kabul but failed miserably to control Talibans which was America’s own creation with the help of Pakistan.

 Similarly in Iraq President Bush’s attack on Iraq though it was verified by Americans themselves that Sadam Hussain did not have and was not in a position to have nuclear bombs. Despite the proof given by the American Scientists and nuclear experts George Bush launched an absolutely unnecessary attack on Iraq when American troops were already engaged in a war in Afghanistan to end the Taliban dominance in Kabul and introduce in Afghanistan democratic rule.

This is the legacy that unfortunately Barrack Obama had when he assumed American Presidency as first non-white American elected peacefully with majority of Americans all over America feeling happy that America has really become a democratic state where all Americans are equal whether they are whites or coloured or even if they are immigrants from India and rest of world. That is why Bobby Jindal, an Indian American became the first Governor of an American State and another Indian American woman, Nikki Haley is likely to take oath and become governor of another American State.

All this shows and confirms that it is not Obama who is to be blamed for failure of American policy at home and abroad. Though there is just now fall in Obama’s popularity it is hoped that after American and Nato troops get out of Afghanistan and Iraq, too, is left alone by the end of 2010, America and Obama will again shine in the comity of nations.

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