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Startling Disclosures by WIKILEAKS on Iraq

Whether it goes to the credit of American Democracy or against the American Government of the time, wikileaks are significant. Recent wiki leaks on torture by American soldiers fighting in Iraq war as huge number of Iraqi civilian deaths during this war amounting to 1.5 million is startling. Never before such a disclosure of torture and atrocities during more than 5 years futile and uncalled for attack on Iraq have come to light. News of torture of Iraqi civilians one or two at a time has been pouring in and exposed by American Newspaper like Washington Post in the past. But never before, as in 4,00,000 US classified documents and papers, as disclosed by wikileaks such atrocities have come to be known, though number of times US government admitted some atrocities and tortures of Iraqi civilians and even punished the concerned American soldiers found guilty.

In no other country of Europe Asia or the world such leaks of classified document amounting to even a thousand have been heard. How can wikileaks a private US organization can have access to lakhs of US classified documents and papers? It is not the first time but it is the longest ever leak about American Army’s atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now about some details of the latest wikileak on Iraq about the largest ever.

Wikileaks earlier exposure had leaked out American Armys atrocities in Afghanistan where besides militant Talbans many civilian men, women and children had been killed by their attacks on Talban strongholds as well as Drone attacks extending to part of Pakistan, an independent Sovereign country, in NWFP and Baluchistan, both provinces of Pakistan. Wikileaks has said sometimes back that it is going to disclose 15,000 more Afghan war documents. These secret documents on Afghanistan have been held back, because of their sensitive nature, says Kristinn Hrafnsson of wikileaks. Wikileaks Julian Assange said that thousand of document leaked by the website showed the “truth” of the Iraq war. This disclosure is bout the truth, the emphasis. A top US official has said that though torture of Iraqi civilians took place before Obama became President of USA. “President Obama has an obligation to deal with past cases” as there is an obligation to probe whenever ‘truth’ about atrocities are exposed.

Wikileak is working with Iraq organisation named Coupt (a group of Iraqi accamedics and peace activists that try to find out and documents on Iraq cosualties and tortures. In this connection website founder, Julian Assanges statement is noteworthy. “We are now able to say that more than 1,50,000 people have been killed in total since 2003 of which about 80% were civilians. On the other hand America government is quite upset because of these leaks about atrocities and deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq. US Press Secretary, Geoff Morell said “we deplore Wikileaks for inciting individuals to break the laws, leak classified documents and then sharing the secret information with the world” There are likely to be more Wikileaks about atrocities in Iraq and even Afghanistan in 2010 or 2011. How will America either stop atrocities or take wikileak to task? It does not seem possible for president Obama to solve this problem which has been passed on to him by his processor US president George Bush. It must be said that American democracy is Unique. It tolerates the leakage of classified secret documents though afterwards it deplores. But significant feature of democracy in USA is that, it does not punish openly or secretly those who leak the classified documents and those, like organisers of Wikileaks, publish it for the world to know.

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